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Zachary hugged me and avoided the meteorites.



Seria was swept away by people and could not be seen, and only her voice echoed.

However, it was mixed with the screams and disappeared.

The shopping district was a mess.


There are very few people who can cast super high-level magic like meteor that is specific to the opponent.

Around me, Trigon, Veronica, and Juliet from Odis Academy would have barely been able to use it.

‘It is a temple.’

After hearing about me from Mina, the temple must have cast magic to destroy me.

‘Those crazy……!’

Are they out of their mind In front of the imperial palace, even in such a crowded shopping district.

The reason I was able to go to the shopping district was because I didn’t think they would come after me in a crowded place.

There is no person who does not know that Dubblede and the temple are engaged in a nerve war for our existence.

The center of the war is me and Mina.

In this situation, if I were sacrificed by this super-high-level magic, it would naturally be a temple to be pointed out as a criminal.

Zachary, who was running fast, took out a teleportation scroll from his arms.

“What are you doing!”

“But if we don’t go back to the mansion, we’ll die! How can we handle such a thing without hiding in the barrier of the mansion!”

“It’s not at a level that can be prevented by the barrier of the mansion.

And that meteor is falling towards me.

But if I go back to the mansion, everyone in the mansion will be in danger!”

A meteorite flew in once again.


Zachary hurriedly turned around and avoided, but the wind destroyed his balance.

It was when I fell from Zachary and rolled over the floor.


Pieces of meteorite flew toward Zachary.

Boom, boom, boom!

Zachary was crushed by debris that fell nonstop, and blood was dripping from his forehead.

“Come on, Zachary.”

I crawled toward him and he shouted.

“Run away!”

“But you…!”


He was in no position to move.

‘I have to go.’

A meteorite is falling toward me.

It was for Zachary’s sake that I moved.

Zachary threw something at me.

It was a teleportation scroll.

I hurriedly picked it up and ran.

I can’t go to the mansion.

I have to go far away.

To a place that even the meteor can’t chase.

‘The castle.’

The caster will be around here.

They wouldn’t be able to follow me without a long-distance teleportation scroll.

I hurriedly tore it.

A dazzling light enveloped the surroundings.

And when I opened my eyes, it was the castle.


After arriving in my room, I breathed out.

It’s quiet around here.

I seemed to have escaped from the meteor safely.

I breathed out again.

When I was relieved, I felt pain.

‘I must have sprained my leg.’

Just now, I was scared and was able to force myself to move, but after realizing that I was in pain, I couldn’t move.

‘Who’s in the castle’

Among the people who know that I have turned into a child, who is here

Other than my family, the three maids are in the mansion to take care of me, Veronica was also brought there in case of an unexpected accident.

The chairman moved to the mansion early, and now he is in charge of the hope mercenary guild on my behalf.

Lea would have led the army to the mansion by now.

It doesn’t take long because there is a long-distance teleportation scroll.

As I counted the people, I remembered Viscount Dubos.

‘That’s right, he’s here.’

I quickly rummaged through my pockets and pulled out the communication device.

‘Communication is not possible.’

Did it get ruined when I fell down

I sighed.

‘Even the temple knows I’m younger.

I don’t need to hide it any longer.’

I pulled the rope near the bed.

But it was weird.

Even after a long time, no one comes.

‘Are they not coming because they think it’s empty’

That’s not possible.

If there is a signal from an empty room, I will come even if I am wondering.

In addition, they know that we have long-distance teleportation, and they think I’m back for a while.

I tilted my head and headed to the door.

The hallway is quiet.

“Is there anyone”

The answer didn’t come back.

After leaving the room, I walked around dragging my legs.

Then I bumped into someone.

He was the butler of the castle.


“Are you here, lady”


“No, the way you look…… Is something wrong”



When I inadvertently took a step back, the butler grabbed my chin.

“Young people are quick to catch on.”


I haven’t told him yet that I’m Leblaine.

Since becoming a child, my body that has gradually changed into an ancient body has now become unrecognizable to even my family.

No matter how similar my ancient body is to what I am now, they will not think that I have become younger at once.


I was vaguely aware that there were traitors in the territory.

However, I never imagined that he would be the butler.

I hurriedly tore the teleportation scroll.

But far from moving, bang-! It exploded.

“Oh my, don’t take Dubblede’s barrier lightly.

 Veronica Dubos, who developed it, and the elite mage unit over 30 years of formulas were applied to the upper-level barrier.”

“Did you activate the first-class barrier without father’s order”

“Of course, I know that the loyal mage unit is under his command.”

It’s the work of the butler.

He issued an emergency order disguised as his father’s order.

‘Meteor was a trick to move me here from the beginning.’

Currently, the place seems to be empty.

He is trying to deal with me outside the reach of my family.

It was clear that the failure to communicate was because he spread wavelengths that interfere with communication throughout the castle in advance.

“What did you do to your employees”

“Don’t worry.

They just fell asleep.

Shouldn’t there be mourners who will shed tears at  your funeral”

“Don’t think about stupid things.

You only want me….!”

‘Wha, what’

The barrier doesn’t come to mind.

“Didn’t I tell you It is one of the highest level barriers completed over 30 years by Veronica Dubos and elite mage units.

You can’t use magic here unless you break the barrier.”

“If it’s my divine power, it’s like a barrier…!”

“Yes, you could break the barrier.

But will you be able to handle the aftermath”

“…… What”

“There are monsters around here.

As soon as the barriers are broken, a bunch of monsters will enter the land.”

Just then,


There was a sharp cry.

As I turned my head and looked out the window, I saw a flock of monsters in the sky.

‘Not one or two.’

If the barrier is broken like this, that monster herd will attack us.

Innocent people will die.

I’m just a child who can’t use magic.

There is no way I can deal with them.

I hesitated and stepped back.

But soon, my back hit the cabinet.

There was no place to run away anymore.

It was when he walked slowly and came close to me.

I threw out a candlestick on the cabinet.


A candlestick that fell off his face fell on the floor.

I ran quickly.

‘Seventh tower.

I have to meet the mages in the seventh tower!’

I should get rid of the wavelength that interferes with communication and contact dad.

I ran in a hurry, but my sprain slowed down my running.

The butler has been chasing closely.

“You bitch!”

He reached out to me.

I turned around and got into the room in front of me.

It was a room with a portrait of the first ancestor who had the amethyst.

I quickly hid in the closet.

I heard footsteps from around me.

‘It’s not just one.’

At least it’s the sound of two people’s footsteps.

“What about the bitch”

“She ran away, Benedict.”


It seemed that the butler had secretly brought him into the castle.

My cold hands and feet trembled.

Covering my mouth, I closed my eyes tightly.

Thud, thud.

The sound of shoes got closer and closer.

But it soon disappeared.

‘Did he leave He left…’


The door opened and the hideously distorted faced man smiled at me.

“I found it.”


Benedict grabbed me by the back and pulled me out.

The butler smiled at me struggling in Benedict’s hand.

“Smart rat.”

“Let me go!”

Benedict reached out to my neck.

“Let go of that hand!”

It was a familiar voice.

What I saw when I opened my eyes.


Lea jumped off the ground and fall down, kicking the butler in the head.

Then, after tripping over Benedict’s leg, she hurriedly ran to me and hugged me.

“Are you okay”

She had my coat in her hand.

“Cardigan is stuffy…’

“If you’re sick, Lea’s heart will be broken.”

“I’ll go back early if it’s cold.


It was my favorite clothes when I was young.

I remember wearing this clothes every day because it was warm and not stuffy.

Lea stared at Benedict.


“T- that freaking bitch.

Oh, you always disturb me.”

Benedict was strange.

His eyes turned black, and he trembled.

Soon after, his skin began to turn into an unpleasant shape like the skin of a bird.


His mouth protrudes and turns into a bird’s beak, his eyeballs become liquid and flow out.

In the empty space, new eyes were created that seemed to be made from hardened blood.

I’ve seen him transformed into a strange monster.

‘The monster I saw in the battle with Kuhelm!’

There was a flying monster that looked like that among the monsters that Elysiano Class was no match for.

At that moment, I remembered the “sacrifice” of humans I saw in the mock battle.

‘Maybe those monsters…… .’

Benedict, who became a huge monster, rushed toward Lea.

She quickly put a blade in its forehead, but the skin quickly regenerated and swallowed the sword.


Lea, who was pushed by force, hit the wall.

Soon the monster’s gaze turned to me.


Wailing, it flew toward me.

I closed my eyes tightly.

‘I’m dying!’


I don’t want to die.

Help me.


However, I couldn’t feel the pain over time.

It was because someone hugged me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Lea penetrated by the monster’s claws.

Another creepy cry burst out of the monster’s mouth.

“Ah, ah, Lea.”

“Are you okay”


When the monster pulled out its claws, blood soared like a fountain.

It pierced the heart and lungs.

The amount of blood flowing out is unusual

I got pale and hugged Lea.

 No matter how much I hold on the pierced part, the blood doesn’t stop.

In the midst of that, Lea smiled.

“Are you okay”

She kept asking if I was okay, even though none of it was okay.


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