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Nan Wan finally could not help but ask, “Why do you disagree to everything I say and everything Shi Xi says”

Professor Qiao asked in puzzlement, “Do I”

Nan Wan said, “Dont tell me you dont Manicures and amusement parks were all proposed by me.”

“Yes, thank you for your suggestion,” Professor Qiao added.

“Even though its useless.”

Nan Wan was struck again.

Shi Xi echoed, “These are just social interactions.

Theyre really useless.”

Nan Wan: !

Bai Cangyang said helplessly, “Sister Qiao doesnt talk to people often.

Sometimes, she might be a little more straightforward.”

“You mean to say that Im too calculative” Nan Wan asked back.

“Yes.” Professor Qiao nodded.

Bai Cangyang left the chat.

Shi Xi wanted to nod, but held back.

Chang Qiwen bought a ticket and came back.

“Lets go.

Lets go in directly.”

Nan Wan said angrily, “Go in what You guys go ahead and play.

I wont accompany you guys anymore!”

With that, Nan Wan waved her hand and left.

Chang Qiwen was stunned.

“What happened”

Gao Tingyu looked at the people present and saw that they were all watching from the other side.

She could only say, “Ill go and have a chat with Nan Wan.”

Shi Xi took the tickets from Chang Qiwens hands and said, “Then lets go in and play.”

Chang Qiwen: !

“Then what about Nan Wan and Tingyu” Chang Qiwen asked.

“Isnt there a QR code on it Just send the code to them directly.” Shi Xi smiled and said, “Since were already here, lets play to our hearts content.”

Chang Qiwen felt that Shi Xi was the one who would be permanently hosting this show.

Shi Xi: The guest is the host.

Bai Cangyang shrugged.

“I dont have any objections.”

No one liked to endure a missys temper all the time.

Chang Qiwen could only go in and start the amusement park tour with them.

Shi Xi took a bunch of selfies with her phone.

She even got the cameraman to take a few shots of her from different angles, wanting to go back and send a vlog.

It was only when she felt a little uncomfortable that Shi Xi stopped.

She used the mirror on the compact that she carried with her to take a look, and her face turned a little red.

Perhaps it was from the sun

Shi Xi used the compact to press down on her face, not taking it to heart.

Professor Qiao felt that the amusement park was childish.

As expected, they didnt really play much, and most of the time, they sat on the merry-go-round.

After sitting on it three times in a row, Shi Xi felt dizzy.

But Professor Qiao still wanted to sit on it for the fourth time.

Shi Xi said, “Lets change to another project”

“How about a roller coaster” Bai Cangyang suggested.

“You young people can really play.” Chang Qiwen was the first to raise his hand and withdraw.

“That project that relied on the thrust of the catapult or the chain to climb to the highest point, converting gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy, and then from kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy, has been doing nothing” Professor Qiao looked at the screaming crowd, she said, “Im not interested.”

Shi Xi suggested, “What about the ferris wheel”

Professor Qiao was silent for a moment, then said, “Ive been sitting in a narrow space with a stranger for a long time today.”

Bai Cangyang looked at Shi Xi in puzzlement.

Shi Xi said, “Sister Qiao, you mean on the way here by car with us.”

“Were strangers” Bai Cangyang could not believe it.

“This is the first time weve met,” Professor Qiao said matter-of-factly.

“And judging from our conversation today, we probably wont have any interactions in the future.”

Bai Cangyang finally understood Nan Wans feelings.

Professor Qiao did not rebuke him, but the words she said were not what he liked to hear.

Shi Xi immediately gave up on communicating and asked, “Does anyone want to eat ice cream”

Perhaps it was because it was too hot that her face was red and itchy.

She just wanted to eat something cold.

Other than Professor Qiao, everyone raised their hands.

Chang Qiwen asked, “We can buy tickets for the merry-go-round again.

Does anyone want to sit on it”

Professor Qiao raised her hand.


On the other side, after Nan Wan left, she got into the car.

She wanted to see if this show could still be recorded without her!

Gao Tingyu got into the car and began to comfort Nan Wan.

Nan Wan went in one ear and out the other.

She looked at the entrance of the amusement park and realized that they had entered!

They had entered!

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