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Before this, Cheyenne had never thought about moving to DC, let alone buying a house here.

But she didnt expect that Lucas had already arranged for Jordan to buy such a beautiful villa here.

It had a usable area of thousands of square meters and was adjacent to a scenic lake in downtown DC.

This villa was at least more than a hundred million dollars!

Lucas smiled.

“Didnt you say you want to expand the Brilliance Corporation to DC We should at least have a home of our own here so that we have a place to stay here at any time.”

At this moment, Jordan interjected, “Cheyenne, Lucas asked me to buy the best and most beautiful villa here.

Its best if it resembles your Pearl Lake villa in Orange County so that youll be used to it.

Although the size of this villa is far less than the castle-like palace in the middle of Pearl Lake, its still pretty good in DC, right”

“Cheyenne, if youre still not satisfied, Ill continue helping you look for a place.”

After hearing what Jordan said, Cheyenne looked at Lucas, feeling extremely touched.

Afraid that she wouldnt be used to it, he even found a villa similar to the one they were living in.

How could she not love a man like him

“Thats not necessary.

This villa is already very good.

Thanks, Hubby.

Of course, thank you for helping us find such a great house too, Jordan!” Cheyenne said seriously.

Jordan chuckled and touched his head.

“As long as you two are satisfied, all my efforts to find a house for the past two days have paid off.

Maddy almost got really jealous.”

“Hey, Jordan, what nonsense are you saying Since when did I get jealous” Maddy immediately pouted and pinched Jordan hard on his arm.

“Ah! Maddy, go easy on me.

My arm is almost swollen!” Jordan screamed and pleaded for mercy non-stop.

Seeing the loving exchange between them, Lucas and Cheyenne looked at each other with a heartened smile.

The few of them sat in the living room and laughed for a while.

Then Maddy took out two gold-embossed invitation cards and said to Lucas, “Lucas, my family will be hosting a cocktail party in a couple of days.

My father knows that you came to DC today, so he gave me two invitation cards.

He hopes that you and Cheyenne can come.

“But Im only responsible for handing the invitation cards over to you.

Its up to you if you want to come or not.”

Maddy was very open-minded.

She was friends with Lucas and Cheyenne, but she didnt want to use their friendship for other purposes or get Lucas and Cheyenne to do something against their wishes.

“Okay, Ill naturally go!” Cheyenne agreed with a smile before Lucas could say anything.

“I came to DC to expand the Brilliance Corporation into the DC market.

Since its a cocktail party prepared by your family, quite a few big shots should be there, right I might get to meet some powerful figures of the business world!”

But she only promised that she would attend and didnt agree on Lucass behalf.

Although the two of them were married, they greatly respected each others thoughts and wouldnt make decisions for the other.

Speechless, Maddy said, “Your husband is a big shot himself.

Very few people in DC would dare to call themselves big shots in front of him!”

The few of them looked at Lucas and burst into laughter.

Lucas would naturally accompany Cheyenne to attend the event.

But they had arrived in DC with very few belongings.

So they naturally didnt bring any formal clothes.

Since they would be attending a cocktail party and socializing with business people, they had to dress for the occasion.

So after lunch, they went to the most prosperous mall in downtown DC and started shopping.

Women seem to be quite talented in shopping.

Even Cheyenne, who rarely went shopping, and Maddy, who was usually aloof, were extremely enthusiastic about it today.

The two women walked happily in front while Lucas and Jordan followed behind them with large shopping bags in hand.

“Lucas, developing the Stardust Corporation probably isnt the only reason youre here in DC, right” Jordan suddenly asked softly.

Flynn had always been in charge of the matters of the Stardust Corporation, and Lucas gave him enough freedom to exercise his authority.

Thus, Jordan felt that he probably wouldnt come to DC specifically for expanding the Stardust Corporation.

Lucas didnt hide it from him.

He nodded and said with a grave expression, “Thats right.

I came to DC for another purpose.

Half a month ago, Jace brought his subordinates to Orange County and ordered them to abduct Charlotte and my father-in-law.

He almost killed Cheyenne too.

Fortunately, Stanley protected her.”

As soon as Jordan heard this, his expression changed drastically.

“That bastard Jace Hutton!”

He cursed angrily before quickly asking, “Are Miss Carter and Uncle William alright”

Since he was in DC, he didnt even know that such a big event had happened.

Hearing about it still left him with lingering fears.

Lucas nodded.

“Theyre fine.

Charlotte sustained a cut on her face, but shes recovered now.

My father-in-laws injuries are a little more severe.

There are two fractures on his ribs and arms, but hes alright now and has been discharged from the hospital.”

Hearing that they were fine, Jordan sighed in relief and said with hatred, “That bastard Jace Hutton! How dare he do such a thing! Lucas, you definitely didnt let him leave Orange County alive, did you”

At the mention of this matter, a sharp glint flashed in Lucass eyes, and he recalled the unknown old man.

He shook his head.

“He was saved.”

Lucas spoke extremely calmly, but Jordan felt as if he had been struck by lightning and froze right on the spot!

As Lucass best friend, Jordan naturally knew that Lucass strength had reached a terrifying level.

But the person who could save Jace from Lucas was definitely not ordinary.

At the very least, he should be on par with Lucas!

But did such a person really exist in the country

Jordan was astonished.

After a long pause, he finally asked, “Lucas, is that person an expert like you Who… exactly is he”


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