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Chapter 179 – The next points!!

I leave the room where Eve’s main body is sleeping, and go through the main office room where Shellrule is waiting.

“Master Rust! Master Halhammer is currently with Princess Lily.

We have prepared a reception room for visitors next to the main office.

Should we arrange for furniture to be sent to the new bamboo building that just appeared”

“Nice going Shellrule.

It’s a good thing you’re so quick.

Sorry about all this, I know you’re tired from exploring the dungeon.

Still, we don’t have enough furniture, do we”

I thank Shellrule for her efficiency.

“Members of the Kagero Institute have been providing spare furniture.

They all received expanded backpacks when they were chosen for the advance party, so some of them brought more than they needed.

Some got carried away due to how easy it was to store things, thanks to how much the backpacks were expanded.”

I did do that before we left.

I made backpacks while I was practicing, before I made the one I use, and handed them those…

Hearing it made them that happy actually makes me feel awkward.

“I-I see.

I guess you never know when things might come in handy.

Can I ask you to make a note of the names of the people providing this furniture, and a rough estimation of its worth I’ll repay them later.”

“Everyone was praising your incredible foresight, for distributing the backpacks exactly for a situation like this.”

I respond by laughing awkwardly and leave, letting Shellrule to handle the rest.


“Master Rust! Did you cause that big tremor”

I relieve Master Halhammer from having to deal with Princess Lily and step in to replace him.

I almost just left him here, but I can’t do that.

Usually this would be exactly the type of situation where Master Halhammer would make fun of me, but he just looks at me with a sympathetic look on his face.

“Yes, Princess Lily.

That was the sound of a new building being created for you.

We are taking care of its interior right now, but in the meantime, we have prepared a room next to the main office, so…”

“Oh, thank you.

But I am more interested in riding the dragon and flying.”

I unconsciously stare at her while the words ‘what is she talking about’ run through my mind.

Everyone around us looks just as confused.

Seilook on the other hand, has a cool-looking expression on its face.

It’s telling me through our bond that it’s fine, and that we can do that.

“It’s too dangerous, princess.”

Kalin has to step in, being unable to let this go on.

Nice, Kalin.

Say more! I look her way and silently root for her with all I have.

“Oh Legends tell that the person contracted to a dragon let the princess ride together as they soared through the skies.”

Princess Lily says nonchalantly, while walking towards Seilook.

I’m standing between Princess Lily and Seilook, and as she walks past me, she whispers…

“If we are in the sky… Maybe the next 『points』…”

That whisper was quiet enough that only I heard it.

She continues to walk towards Seilook, and gently pats its frontal legs.

She has a mean side to her.

She’s saying I need to let her ride Seilook with me if I want to know the location of the next points.

I stifle a sigh, and approach her, thinking that I have no choice but to accept it.



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