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Chapter 13: That’s Not the Attitude of a Nice Guy



“Are you going out with Sugito-san”

It was recess time.

A girl sitting next to me suddenly asked me a question.


I asked back calmly and without hesitation.

In the past, I would have concealed my feelings for Chinatsu-chan, thinking that I had no chance of winning.

I didn’t want her to hear about it and cause a rift in our friendship.

However, now was the time to go on the offensive, and there was no need to hide my feelings.

I didn’t have to be afraid that she would find out about my feelings for her, and I could stand proudly with my chest puffed out.

“Because~ today’s Masa is only looking at Sugito-san.”


“So, Sugito-san, are you also looking at Masa all the time”

I turned my head toward Chinatsu-chan’s seat.

It seemed that Chinatsu-chan was also looking at me, and our gazes met perfectly.


At that moment, Chinatsu-chan’s face turned bright red.

She was trembling, as if she was trying to turn her face away.

But she never looked away from me.

I wonder what it was.

…… Chinatsu-chan was pioneering a new cuteness.

She was trembling and looked so cute like a little animal.

It was cute that she stared at me with moist eyes as if she was complaining about something.

I wonder what kind of embarrassment she was fighting against, her face was as red as an apple, which was adorable.

“I’m going to hug Chinatsu-chan for a bit.”

(T/N: Man lost himself)

“Class is about to start, remember”

Damn, the break time was so short.

I sat down.

The girl sitting next to me was smiling at me.

“I didn’t expect Sugito-san to change so much.

She always had a sharp look in her eyes, but now she’s so soft and gentle, isn’t she Love really does change a person, doesn’t it”

“No, we’re not dating.”

“Don’t hide it now.

Your attitude already speaks for itself.

You look like you’re in love with each other.”

“…… but we’re not really together.”

“……, Really”


Just as the chime rang, the teacher entered the classroom.

“Well, it’s just a matter of time.

Sugito-san seems to have hope.

Masa is a good guy, so it will be fine.”

The girl sitting next to me whispered and cheered me up.

This girl was really a good person.

…… Good guy, huh

Yes, I want to be a good guy for Chinatsu-chan.That’s what I was thinking.


I decided to tell Osako about Matsuyuki’s misunderstanding of his confession.

If Osako realized his misunderstanding, she and Chinatsu-chan may become good childhood friends again.

That would be an inconvenient development for me.

That didn’t mean I was going to lose.

I was determined to confess my feelings and get to know her deeply.

Even if I was dealing with her first love, her childhood friend, I wouldn’t back down so easily.

(T/N: We need more Protagonist like him)

“What Ayano has no intention of going out with me”

With such firm resolve, I called Osako and told him the truth, but he gave me a look that said, “What the h**l is he talking about”.

“No, well, I know it’s shocking.

I don’t know if it’s the difference between the words or the difference between “going out” or what…”

“Wait a minute, Sano-kun! That’s just a little too vicious, don’t you think”

“Vicious No, no, no, I’m not lying.”

He glared at me sharply.

“I know you’re jealous that I’m dating Ayano.

You really want to switch places with me, don’t you”

He snorted and looked down on me with a condescending look.

I couldn’t follow the sudden change in attitude.

“But it’s unfortunate.

I’m Ayano’s boyfriend.

The girl everyone admires chose me.”

Osako, puffing out his chest, was brimming with confidence.

Love changes people.

I had felt this myself, and it seemed to be true for Osako as well.

But it didn’t always bring about positive change.

To call him confident was foolish.

I realized that nothing I said would make any difference to Osako’s ears.

“All right, all right.

If you say so, I won’t say anything more.”


No matter who gets in the way, the red thread of fate between me and Ayano cannot be severed!”

Ahhh, the red thread of fate.

I neither know nor care if there really was such a thing.

The relationship between Osako and Matsuyuki didn’t matter either way to me.

I sympathized with him, wondering how he could believe so much in a fate that he could obtain just by waiting.

He may suspect that I may be lying.

From Osaka’s point of view, he won’t know if I was lying or telling the truth.

But does Osako know enough about Matsuyuki to believe her without even the slightest doubt

If he doesn’t know anything and doesn’t want to know anything, then there was nothing I could do from the beginning.

“No one will get in the way of Osako.

I also intend to intervene only this time.”

“Good grief.

Sano-kun, you are more shallow than I thought.

If you understand, please put an end to this useless thing.”

With these words, Osako left.



It was an arrogant attitude, not unlike the usual Osako.

And yet, strangely enough, I was not angry.

Though I was quite tired.

On the contrary, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

I couldn’t help but stare at Osako’s back as he walked away, even though I was aware that I was looking at him as if I were looking at something pitiful.

“Well, it’s worse not to notice, isn’t it”

The childhood friend whom he had pushed away was truly in love with him.

The Madonna he thought he had gotten was not even aware of his love.

How will Osako turn out from now on I couldn’t get involved as I was busy attacking Chinatsu-chan.

I was told not to do useless things


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