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The day of the final exam was approaching.

“When are we going to the pool Maybe after summer vacation.

Or would you prefer after exams ….

Chinatsu-chan, do you have any inconvenient days”

“Masa-kun, we can think about those plans later.

For now, concentrate on your studies.”


The rainy season ended earlier than usual.

The blue summer sky was spreading, but Chinatsu-chan and I were in the library studying for exams.

No, I understand.

In order to enjoy my summer vacation to the fullest, I must not stumble over my final exam here.

Even though I understood that much, the temptation still hit me.

“…… Chinatsu-chan, we’re going to the pool, right It doesn’t mean you won’t go, right”

“D-Don’t make such a crying face.

The pool will come after our exams.

I-I’m looking forward to it too ..”

Okay, It’s a promise.

Now I have something to look forward to.

Since I publicly announced that I was dating Chinatsu-chan, I’ve been spending much more time with her at school.

Even now, I could have study sessions with Chinatsu-chan after school without hesitation.

Studying with her was fun.

I teach Chinatsu-chan what she doesn’t understand, and she says, “I love you, Masa-kun, you’re so smart.

Hug me….” because of my high intelligence.

Of course, I don’t actually do it, because she was smarter than me.

That reminds me of … I remembered the ranking list of my last exam.

“Chinatsu-chan, how about we compete in the upcoming test”

“A match”

Chinatsu-chan, who had been concentrating on her studies, looked up.

“How about the winner in the overall ranking gets to tell the loser whatever they want”


you say….”

Chinatsu-chan gulped.

… Gulp

The test results were posted up to 20th place, and Chinatsu-chan’s name was often listed there.

I remember the last time she was there, she was in 20th place.

On the contrary, I’ve never been in the top 20.

However, my last ranking was 21st.

Yes, that meant there was almost no academic difference between me and Chinatsu-chan, just because my name was not on the list.

… It should not be.

“I’ll take that match.”

I inwardly struck a guts pose.

Chinatsu-chan must not have seen my name on the poster.

That was probably why she accepted the match, confident of victory.

But the reality was different.

The gap was not as wide as she thought it would be.

I was in a position where I could turn the tables on her.

I have to win and make Chinatsu-chan, who is letting her guard down, fall in love with me all over again.

Then she will rely on me for her studies.

… I thought I could see a way to turn my fantasy into reality.

And if I win, I can say anything I want.

Anything ..

and I suddenly feel motivated.

“Since I’m going to do it… I’m going to win.”

Chinatsu-chan took out a hair band and tied her hair into a ponytail.

I was fascinated by the sudden makeover.

Her eyes changed color and she showed such concentration that I hesitated to call out to her.

A-Areh I thought you’d be more careless.

… Isn’t that something different from what I was imagining

Chinatsu-chan, who was showing me her cute ponytail, was so dedicated to her studies that she didn’t have a shred of pride in herself.

This was no time to think about what I could get Chinatsu-chan to do for me, thinking that I had won.

If I continue like this, I will lose.

I could feel that much spirit from Chinatsu-chan.

“I-I’m serious too.

Seriously… I’ll win!”

I ran my pen through my notebook.

A moment of silence passed.

We concentrated on our studies and there was no conversation.

We were lovers, but it was dull.

One might think so, but somehow the air of serious competition among each other was very pleasant.


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