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 Chapter 17



    Speaking of which, when he was in the Lu family, Lu Wen never beat or scolded him, but because of Du Hehua and his substitute marriage, Lu Gu still didn't want to run into him, and Lu Wen didn't pay much attention to him.


    After taking a look, Lu Gu narrowed his gaze, lowered his head slightly and said nothing.


    "Fortunately, it's better.

Don't forget to rest and recuperate in the future.

You are still young.

You have been short-lived in the past few years.

Fortunately, no serious trouble has been planted."


    And the words of Wang laozhong made Lu Wen's face changed slightly at the door, and thought that someone else words would fall on his mother's head, didn't Shen Xuanqing look over now


    Lu Wen clearly saw that Shen Xuanqing only looked over after Wang Langzhong had finished speaking.

The face of Shen Xuanqing, who had always been good-looking, seemed to be pricked by a needle point, but he never wanted to show embarrassment on his face , maintaining his elegance and composure.


    "pregnancy shouldn't be a big problem.

You two are still young, and it won't be too late to get a better baby.

It's good for both adults and those in your stomach." Wang Langzhong said, looking at the red marks on Lu Gu's eyebrows, and turned Joyfully said to Shen Xuanqing: "If you eat like this, it will be easy to raise, and it will not be a problem to give birth to a big fat boy."


    It was not easy for a countryman to marry a wife and have children.

Wang Langzhong was afraid that Lu Gu would have to rest and make others unhappy, so he picked it up.

If you said something nice, if you gave a hope, he could treat Lu Gu more kindly.


    Besides, he didn't just talk nonsense, the red mark between Lu Gu's eyebrows was a little redder than a few days ago, it must be possible to give birth, and this also made him saw that the Shen family seemed to be very kind to Lu Gu.


    "Then Uncle Wang, don't you need to take the medicine today" Shen Xuanqing asked, and he pretended not to see Lu Wen after looking away.


    "No, go back and relax, eat and sleep well, it's better than anything else, by the way, don't be a nonsense." Wang Langzhong waved his hand.


    People in the towns paid attention to medical treatment, but farmers didn't have so much spare money, besides, he had been diagnosed, and Lu Gu had no other serious problems, except that he often didn't eat enough to make his body weak, and he would heal after slowly raising it.


    "Thank you so much, Uncle Wang." Shen Xuanqing thanked, then Lu Gu got up and walked out with him.


    Wang Langzhong was not distracted when he was diagnosing the pulse, and explained the matter to Lu Gu, and only now he looked at Lu Wen in the courtyard.


    "Uncle Wang, my father has finished taking the medicine, so I'll grab a few." Lu Wen explained why he came without waiting for him to ask, and walked into the main room as he spoke, and moved aside by speaking, avoiding Shen Xuanqing and Lu Gu.


    Lu Daxiang finished taking the medicine yesterday, if he had known that Lu Gu was here today, he should have come yesterday, so as not to run into him.


    Facing Shen Xuanqing, Lu Wen was a bit guilty.

After all, he regretted the marriage first.

If he hadn't seen that Shen Xuanqing didn't move or speak, he would have just looked at him coldly without even paying attention to him , otherwise he would have just left.


    Out of Wang Langzhong's house, for some reason, he was obviously not familiar with him, but Lu Gu felt that Shen Xuanqing was not in a good mood.


    He knew that it must have something to do with Lu Wen, even when he saw Lu Wen, he remembered the bad things in the past.


    Lu Daxiang was clearly his father, since Lu Wen followed Du Hehua to remarry , gradually, before he realized it, Lu Daxiang looked like Lu Wen like a real father .


    Lu Gu was almost eleven years old at that time, although he was not young, but he lost his mother, and his father treated Lu Wen better than him, how could he not feel uncomfortable.


    Forget about Lu Wen, after that, Du Hehua gave birth to a son.

This year, he was only seven years old.

This was his own son, and it was not difficult for Lu Daxiang to love him.


    Lu Wen had been good-looking since he was a child, and his mouth was also sweet.

He called daddy and daddy all day long, and when he went out, he said he was my daddy, and even others praised him.


    This was exactly what Lu Gu didn't understand, he obviously called him father, and when people asked him when he was out, he also said what about my father, but Lu Daxiang liked Lu Wen even more.


    Later, he heard gossip from some people in the village, but it was such harsh rumors.

He was so shocked that he seemed to understand with a pale face.


    The gossip from that day was still in his ears, so Lu Gu still didn't dare to think about it.


    And Shen Xuanqing, who was walking next to him, hadn't been with the Lu family for a long time.

Seeing Lu Wen he was upset, he naturally had a bad face.


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