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 Although today was not a festival, but because the debts had been paid off, everyone in the family was happy, and it was the first time for Lu Gu to go to the mountains with Shen Xuanqing, so he should eat more carefully.


    Wei Lanxiang and Lu Gu were doing needlework under the eaves.

Seeing that Shen Xuanqing had nothing else to do, she found him another job.

She held the sole of her shoe and said, "Go prepare a bowl of mushrooms, and then kill that pheasant.

When it's over, go to your third uncle’s house, picked a winter melon, and today we will have a winter melon stewed chicken.”


    They were busy separately, and when the orange sunset glowed filled the sky, they gathered around the table and ate happily.


    Stir-fried black mushrooms with garlic slices, mixed with tofu and a pot of stewed chicken, these three items were quite hearty, homemade meals were large, and there were steamed buns, enough for six people.


    Lu Gu was no longer as cramped and cautious as before, he dared to pick up some food with his chopsticks and ate.


    The chicken soup was very fresh.

After the chicken was scooped up, Ji Qiuyue brought a few bowls over and divided the rest of the soup and finished it, otherwise it would be a pity.


    The whole family was well fed, and it was getting late after cleaning up.

The farmers followed the custom of working from sunrise to sunset, and went back to their houses to rest without even lighting the lamps.


    Wei Lanxiang still couldn't sleep, so before it was completely dark, she came to help Lu Gu packed his clothes.


    "It's cold in the mountains, especially at night, so remember to cover up with more quilts." Seeing Lu Gu's three clothes and two pairs of shoes, she pondered for a while and said, "Your clothes are thin and can't hold you up.

I changed it with jacket and brought it for you."


    "Mother." Lu Gu's eyes were timid, but after hearing her words, he didn't know what to say, and finally he called mother in a low voice.


    Wei Lanxiang saw that he was so obedient, she couldn't close her mouth with a smile, and hurriedly said: "I'll prepare the lamp for you and bring it tomorrow morning."


    But before going out, she said to Shen Xuanqing: "Go to the town to buy some cotton and thick cloth, and then make him two thick jacket to wear warmly."


    "Mother, you use this to buy, and then make more quilts." Shen Xuanqing knew what she meant, and from his arm, he took out a few pieces of broken silver.


    The door was open, and the two of them didn't deliberately lower their voices to avoid anyone.

The rest of the family heard it.


    Wei Lanxiang accepted it with a smile, it was only for Lu Gu to make clothes, and Erqing paid for it, so she could tell the boss.


    When Shen Yan heard her talking about changing the jacket, she lit a lamp in the room, and the dim candlelight was reflected on the half-opened window, swaying gently with the breeze.


    Wei Lanxiang dug out the jacket that had been washed before from the bottom of the box, and it was a little small compared to Lu Gu's figure.

It was cold in the mountains, so he shouldn't wear this to keep out the cold.

This one was actually not too thick.

The advantage was that the chest and back were filled with cotton, and it even had two sleeves, so he wouldn't be afraid of freezing his arms.     


Shen Yan didn't even ask about making thick clothes.

She went to the mountains once, and it was cold at night, especially in autumn, when there was more rain, it would get colder.

Lu Gu went to cook and do laundry.

Brother Erqing could eat delicious hot food, so hunting would be more exciting, right     


Even she knew it, how could Ji Qiuyue don't know, the clothes that should be made had to be made, besides , it took some hardships in the mountains, and it took a long time just to travel, so she naturally didn't care.


    In the room, Lu Gu was supporting the sack, and Shen Xuanqing stuffed the new quilt in the dowry box.

He had two quilts in the mountain for a long time.

The two sheets could be washed like new .


    He was busy hunting, and he didn't even know how to remove and wash the bedding.

At most, he took advantage of the sunny weather to dry it, and when it was too dirty, he carried it down the mountain and brought it back for Wei Lanxiang to help to wash.


    Fortunately, the scooter was big enough, and Shen Xuanqing was young and strong.

He was only eighteen years old, and when he was very strong, it was not a problem to pull a load of more than two hundred catties, but the road required more effort than usual.


   In the dead of night, the lights were turned off, the noise gradually subsided, and the moon gradually moved westward in the sky.


    A few stars twinkled, and it was almost halfway through the night.

Lu Gu, who hadn't slept well, woke up after noticing Shen Xuanqing's movement.


    They cleaned up everything that needed to be cleaned up last night.

The two of them woke up, washed their faces with cold water, rinsed their mouths with green salt hastily, and when they were resting on the road, they could eat steamed buns directly without thinking about whether their mouths were clean or not.


    "Erqing, Guzi, are you leaving now" Wei Lanxiang called through the window, she thought for a while and said, "I'll send you two off.



    Dahu had been released, and after Shen Xuanqing finished speaking, Lu Gu had finished reciting his bag and carried the egg basket, and he pushed the cart and went out together.


    Shen Yaoqing sent the two of them out, Lu Gu walked for a while and then turned back, there was no one at the door, under the night, it seemed that only he and Shen Xuanqing were left.


    The cart squeaked softly, Dahu followed Lu Gu, and the two puppies that had been tied to the backyard for the past few days, and as soon as they were let go, they ran forward, sniffing everywhere, and only stopped when they were far away.

Turned their head and waited for Shen Xuanqing to catch up.


    Gradually reaching the slope up the mountain, Shen Xuanqing reversed the cart, the wheels came to the back, and then put the cloth rope between the two handlebars on his shoulders, so that he could use his body strength to pull the cart up.

It was time to use your strength, just kept walking forward, otherwise it would be difficult to push it up with two hands.


    Lu Gu guarded behind the cart, because he was holding the egg basket in his hand, he couldn't help to push it for fear of breaking it, so he just looked at it so that nothing would fall.


    Shen Xuanqing was used to do heavy work with all his strength, and he could pull it without his help, so the two of them went up the mountain just like that.



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