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Chapter 940 Change of the Providence Divine Authority, Absorption of the Three Thousand Great Dao

The cultivators in the inn left with Lifes appearance.

Han Jue noticed that they were not afraid but went to watch the commotion.

After millions of years, the Life faction was no longer as notorious as before.

Because they had done many good things in this Chaotic Domain, they had left a good name.

Huang Zuntian stood proudly on the city wall.

Beside him stood Ancestor Xitian, Li Daokong, Shi Dudao, Jing Tiangong, and the other Calamity Life Controllers.

The street below was filled with figures looking at them fervently.

Huang Zuntian glanced around and smiled.

“Today we will only recruit ten people.

Other than refining the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit, you also have to have the Chaotic Merit.

At most a hundred thoughts, I will lead the Life faction to the next land of karma and spread the karma of the Calamity Life Controller.

I will open peace for the Chaos and inherit the Great Dao!”

His voice was very loud and echoed in the city.

This city was not simple.

The cultivators who could come here were at least at the Deity Realm.

Most of them were at the Zenith Heaven Realm, and the City Lord was a Freedom Sage.

The entire city cheered after Huang Zuntian finished speaking.

Although Han Jue didnt see it with his own eyes, his will saw Li Daokong smile.

It had been a long time.

Life had already transformed.

At first glance, they looked like a group of good people working hard to save the world.

Han Jue didnt go out.

He watched for a long time until the Life faction left.

He still didnt walk out of the inn.

He could tell that Li Daokong had completely submitted and did not want to return to the Heavenly Dao.

Li Daokong was already a Freedom Sage and was not far from attaining the Great Dao.

Perhaps this was his fate.

The Calamity Life Controllers were actually not absolutely evil.

It was just that the philosophy of the First Life Black Sovereign was wrong.

The Calamity Life Controller was the Great Dao Providence Divine Authority and was deduced by the Supreme Rules.

Previously, it was not accepted by the Chaos because it was not qualified.

This was also good.

Everyone had their own path.

Shi Dudao was the same.

His smile was the same as Li Daokongs.

Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

Then, he stood up and left.

He would visit them in their dreams in the future.

He would help them again if they changed their minds.



To some people, fate was very difficult to change, but to Han Jue, he was the one who determined fate!

For the next period of time, Han Jue continued to travel the Chaos and visit his disciples.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, and Jiang Yi still followed Lao Dan.

They wandered in the Chaos and never settled down.

Zhou Fan was also developing his Great Dao Tower.

It was not bad.

Most of the other disciples were in the Heavenly Dao.

Some established inheritances, and some promoted Dao techniques.

They were all on their own righteous path and were active and not confused.

Han Jue saw them one by one with different identities.

Only Han Tuo he did not look for.

He was the safest with the Ultimate God of Punishment watching over him.

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty thousand years passed.

Han Jue returned to his Daoist temple and started a new round of cultivation.

The perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm was not enough.

His goal was to become a Dao Creator, no, a Creator Lord!

Above the endless sea.

Azure Heaven Mystic sat in the air.

The surrounding waves curled up as if they wanted to connect the sky and the sea.

Three green and red figures also meditated behind him.

They leaned against each other and surrounded them.

On the beach ten million kilometers away.

Carefree Immortal held a broken shell and looked in the direction of the blue sky through the hole.

“This kid is still lacking,” Carefree Immortal muttered to himself with a subtle expression.

“I have to arrange an opponent for him.”

He casually crushed the shell into dust and grabbed a handful of sand.

With a casual splash, the sand floated in the air and formed two words.

Divine Punisher!

“The Five Great Divine Punishers are very good opponents.”

The corners of Carefree Immortals mouth curled up as he vanished.

Azure Heaven Mystic opened his eyes the moment he disappeared.

“This fellow finally left! He stared at me for so long!”

Azure Heaven Mystic grinned and fled, quickly jumping out of this world.

Azure Heaven Mystic was in a good mood as he traveled through the chaos.

He had the heroic aura of a bird flying freely in the sky.

“Dog, you keep instigating me to hate the Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

Do you really think Im brainless Ill be the first to find trouble with you when I master the Great Dao Providence Divine Authority.

However, youve done me a favor.

I wont kill you, but I have to teach you a lesson.

There are some people you cant scheme against.”

Azure Heaven Mystic thought proudly.

He was very fast, afraid that the Carefree Immortal would catch up.

He was heading towards the Heavenly Dao.

After returning to the Heavenly Dao guarded by the Divine Might Heavenly Sage, would a small Carefree Immortal dare to come and seek death

Azure Heaven Mystic was looking forward to the scene of the Carefree Immortal facing the Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

He wondered if this fellow dared to say anything bad then.

A hundred thousand years passed quickly.

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked satisfied.

Even though he had reached the perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm, his cultivation speed did not slow down.

A hundred thousand years was enough for him to feel his cultivation level increase.

His gaze landed on Ancestor Tian Xu.

Ancestor Tian Xu had already stayed in the Primordial Heavenly Prison for a hundred thousand years and had yet to be successfully enslaved.

The reason he did not kill him was that he did not have any hatred for him.

This fellow hated the Dao Ancestor.

There was no need to kill him.

It was better to keep him as a fighter.

It just so happened that Han Jue also wanted to know something about the Dao Ancestor from him.

The Dao Ancestors karma couldnt be deduced, so Han Jue couldnt figure it out.

There was no Dao Ancestor among the five Dao Creators.

He was illusory.

He had to be wary of such an existence, especially since he was related to the Heavenly Dao.

The Dao Ancestor might even be hiding in the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue started to check his emails.

His circle of friends over the years was very lively.

Most of them were cultivating and encountering opportunities, as if they were all rushing to the Chaotic Assembly.

Speaking of which, the Chaotic Assembly was still more than five million years away.

It was still very far away.

Han Jue looked forward to the Chaotic Assembly.

With Han Huangs potential, the first Chaotic Assembly was very likely to become a battle between mighty figures.

At that time, only the Great Dao Sages were qualified to fight for the Chaotic Ten Absolutes.

At this moment…

Han Jue seemed to sense something and looked up.

Another person had attained the Great Dao!

In the past million years, several Great Dao Sages had been born, more than before.

The existence who had attained the Great Dao this time was an acquaintance of his.

To be precise, it was a familiar aura.

Fusang Tree!

The Fusang Tree had left the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain for a long time.

It had always kept a low profile and hid at the edge of the Chaos to cultivate.

Han Jues gaze landed on the Fusang Tree.

The current Fusang Tree was even taller than the entire Heavenly Dao.

It had billions of branches, and the flowers and fruits it bore were countless times larger than stars.

It was like an ancient divine tree that had been born from the Chaos.



Han Jue showed a frown.


The Fusang Trees breakthrough speed surprised him.

He discovered that there was more than one Great Dao aura on it.

From the point of view above the Chaos, the Fusang Tree was actually absorbing the Dao power of the three thousand Great Dao.

Although it was very weak, it was indeed doing this.

Something was wrong.

The Fusang Tree did not have such an ability before!

Han Jue began to deduce and discovered a powerful aura that he hadnt felt for a long time.


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