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He calmly looked at the person.

He was a handsome young man.

Although he looked like hanging around, he did not have the temperament of a walled city person.

The quality of his clothes was very elegant, his shirt was still a famous foreign brand, he should be a wealthy young man from outside.


As he was wondering how such a person would come to the Kowloon Walled City gambling stall to gamble, a few people suddenly rushed in at the door.


And not surprisingly the leader of the group was none other than Scar.


“Brother Scar, it’s him!” The little pony behind him pointed at the man who just won the money.


Scar came up to the man fiercely, grabbed his clothes, and said viciously: “Bastard, dare to cheat in our territory, I think you have eaten the heart of a leopard”


The man was grabbed by him, but he didn’t show any fear and said innocently.

“Big brother, I won money at several gambling stalls today, but it is pure luck.

Even if you are a gangster, if you open the door to do business, you have to give evidence, right”


“I said if you are out you are out, according to the rules of cheating, you hand over the winning money and pay two thousand, or don’t even think about going out of the Kowloon Walled City.”


"Hey! Are you still talking sense"


Scar grinned: “The police only make sense, if you have the ability bring the police here!”


The man’s face finally changed, an angry look: “You—”


“I what” Scar said.


Chen Jianan couldn't able to watch it anymore, he stepped forward unhurriedly, and broke his hand off the collar of the man, and said, “Brother Scar, if you want to settle any disputes, do it in your place, but run to the fourth brother’s place isn’t it a little troublesome”


Scar looked at him with a sneer: “Pretty boy, whether it is Brother Fei or the fourth brother’s place, it belongs to Hexing Society.

This person is a cheater, and I can do things according to the rules, right”


Chen Jianan said: “If you follow the rules to catch the cheater, you have to provide the evidence to catch the current situation.

This guest has already changed places, and you just ran over and calling it’s a rule”


Brother Scar: “Pretty boy, it seems that you are deliberately going against Brother Fei today”


Chen Jianan pulled the corner of his mouth: “Brother Scar, if you say that you follow the rules, I will follow the rules.

How can I go against brother Fei If you say that you are right, then you can't compare the Fourth Brother to the Brother Fei, and you can't smash the scene like this, right”


Scar said: “You are not going to let me take people away.”


Chen Jianan smiled and said: “The guest is playing in our venue, of course we have the responsibility to ensure his safety.

This guest has also played in our venue for a while, and indeed he won every time, but we did not find him cheating.

But since you have come to the door, I can’t shield outsiders.

Let’s do it, the three of us play a stud, if he still wins, the person will stay here, if he loses, you can take him away."


Scar’s pair of fierce triangular eyes rolled around and nodded: “Okay, just do what you said.”


The three of them went to the poker table, with their respective brothers standing behind them.

Chen Jianan was afraid that the people would cause more trouble, so he pulled Qiao Wen to stand beside him.

Brother Scar winked at his younger brother to deal with the cards.


The croupier in the venue glanced at Chen Jianan, saw the other side nodding, and reluctantly retreated.

After the first trump card was dealt, neither Chen Jianan nor the gambler turned it over to see, but Scar took a careful look, and showed a very smug smile, as if he was afraid that they might not know that he had taken a good card.


When it came to the second card, Scar got a Queen, which was the biggest of the three, and he made the first bet.

He smiled and pushed out the chips at hand.


Man: “Follow.”

Chen Jianan: “Follow.”


All four cards were dealt, and Scar’s bright card was exactly 910JQ of spades.

He was so confident that the bottom card was obviously the King, which happens to be a straight flush, which was a very rare good card in Stud.


He looked at the 10JKA of Hearts on the man’s table, and laughed: “I don’t believe that your card is the Q of Hearts.” After that, he pushed all the chips forward fiercely.


Chen Jianan spread his hands: "I'm out."


The man smiled and turned over his cards, which was a queen of hearts: “A straight flush, I said I was lucky today.

You have to suspect that I am out of luck.”


Scar’s face changed, he leaned in disbelief and picked up his card and looked at it, seemingly trying to find out the evidence of cheating.


Chen Jianan said: “Brother Scar, this card is exclusive to our game, and it’s your brother who issues the card.

It doesn’t make sense for you to bite someone and say cheating.”


Although it was unbelievable, the facts lay here.

Scars couldn’t find a reason to make a fuss, so he got up angrily and beckoned the younger brother beside him: “Let’s go.”


After everyone left, Chen Jianan clapped his hands: “Everyone keep playing, our place is absolutely fair and transparent, don’t be afraid.”


The lucky man got up, smiled and said, “Thank you brother for helping me out.”


Chen Jianan frowned and looked at him, and asked, “Have you opened your hand”


The man smiled and shrugged: “I too don’t know what’s going on, but I’m very lucky today.

It’s my first time to the walled city to play.

I played a few games in the previous two gambling stalls and felt something was wrong so I left.

I didn’t expect it’s pretty formal here.”


Chen Jianan said boldly: “That is, although our venue is small, we are absolutely fair and fair.

Welcome to come often in the future.”


The man stretched out his hand with a smile: “It must be rare to meet someone as cheerful as a brother, it’s better to make friends.

My name is Zhou Xiaodong.”


“Chen Jianan.”


Chen Jianan shook hands heartlessly as always he did, but Qiao Wen couldn’t help but frown.

Although Zhou Xiaodong’s name was nothing special, it may even be called a bad street, but it reminds him of some things.


In the original book, Lin Zihui had a close friend named Zhou Renjun, who often alias Zhou Xiaodong.

Chen Jianan and his Hexing Society were later disintegrated, and his leader was shot to death.

Zhou Renjun could be said to be a crucial part.


He remembered that there was a description in the book that Zhou Renjun was injured when he was young, leaving a small scar on his forehead.


He squinted and looked at Zhou Xiaodong, and there was indeed a small scar on the corner of his eye.

Zhou Renjun, Inspector of Kowloon O Records (anti-triad group).


The author has something to say:

O Note: Subordinate to the Police Department, the full name is Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (Organized Crime and Triad Bureau).

Simply put, it is the anti-triad group.

By the way, the triad is the underworld.

Those who often watch TVB mainly include the following departments

CID (Criminal Investigation Team)

O Record (Organized Crime Investigation Division)

CIB (Criminal Intelligence Branch)

ICAC (Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption)

ATF (Anti-Terrorism Investigation Team)

SDU (Special Mission Company, Flying Tigers)

RSDS (Special Duty Team)

NB (Narcotics Investigation Division)

RCU (Criminal Crime Unit)

EU (Storm Team)

However, in the early 1970s, many of the texts were not established yet, or were still just prototypes.

After the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 1974, the entire police system gradually became more standardized.


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