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Chapter 20 Receiving Big Thanks



Chen Jianan was a short-tempered person.

He had used up all his patience in the role of four or nine boys who were not very useful in Hexing Club.

Seeing that the big boss not only didn’t appreciate Qiao Wen and his good intentions but also suspected them of having bad intentions, made him angry he immediately stood up in rage: “Mr.

Lin, whoever wants to harm you has nothing to do with us, we just don’t want to take your money for nothing, so we help you do something in return.

If you don't believe it, let's pretend we didn't do anything."


Lin Zhaoming was not angry at his recklessness, but the expression on his face returned to a bit of gentleness, he raised the corners of his mouth and looked at him with a smile.


Qiao Wen pulled Chen Jianan’s hand and whispered softly: “Brother Nan, don’t worry.”


Chen Jianan grunted and sat down, his black eye stared at the unreasonable big man across from him.

Lin Zhaoming didn’t take it to his heart, just looked at Qiao Wen, raised his brows, and waited for him to speak.


Qiao Wen said nonchalantly: “My brother is impatient, Mr.

Lin, don’t mind.”


Lin Zhaoming waved his hand and took a sip of tea at his teacup with a smile: “Of course, no matter what, your brother is my savior.”


He had read countless people and had already seen that this seemingly sick young man was the backbone of the brothers, and the investigation of the murderer must be his masterpiece.


Qiao Wen said: “I know that our conclusion can only be regarded as a conjecture, not as evidence at all.”


Lin Zhaoming nodded with a smile: “Indeed, you know that my wife’s brother can spend millions on a trip to Macau.

Using your Kowloon Walled City thinking to guess the lifestyle of the rich is really ridiculous.

And the relationship between my wife and her brothers has always been harmonious.

I have to say it's a joke to push your speculations on him.” After speaking, he glanced at Lin Zihui, "It's my stupid son who worries about me, so he will believe what you said."


Lin Zihui bit his lip and hesitated, and finally lowered his head silently.


Chen Jianan was really angry this time: “Mr.

Lin looks down on us poor people”


Qiao Wen patted him on the shoulder, still looking relaxed.

He smiled and nodded: “We were too sloppy.” After a pause, he suddenly said, “But…Since Mr.

Lin thinks the result of our speculation is ridiculous, why should you ask someone to check the accounts”


Lin Zhaoming was slightly taken aback.


Qiao Wen continued: “Since Mr.

Lin will check the account of Mr.

Zhong, it means that you think Mr.

Zhong has the motive to kill you… even if it is only possible.”


Lin Zhaoming looked at him with an unpredictable expression for a moment, and suddenly laughed loudly: “You are a bit interesting.” He waved his hand and smiled, “Although I don’t agree with your baseless speculation, the idea is really interesting.

After all, you and I have never known each other, and it is not realistic to find the murderer in just five days.

In any case, I still thank you for your willingness to help me.”


Qiao Wen knew that the old fox believed them, but he didn’t want strangers to intervene in his family affairs.

So he took a step back and said: “It is true that we were too rash.


Lin gave us money to save the emergency.

We were so bent on repaying it, so we boasted about it.

I also hope that Mr.

Lin will consider us young and ignorant and not take it to heart.”


Lin Zhaoming smiled and said, “You all have good intentions.” Then he looked at Lin Zihui, “Don’t worry about Abba’s affairs.

Has your schoolwork been okay recently”


Lin Zihui said: “The homework has been completed ahead of time.

Summer vacation is coming soon, and I am going to find an internship to exercise.”


Lin Zhaoming said with a smile, “Although the Lin family heir is your brother, you are also my son.

I love you all in the same way.

I will help you arrange your future, there is no need to look for a job by yourself, I will first give you a small factory under me to try your hand.”


Lin Zihui said: “Abba, I know you love me, but I don't know much about business, in case you give me the factory, what if it goes badly”


Lin Zhaoming smiled indifferently: “Originally it is a small factory that does not make money, you can just toss it around.” Then, he looked at Qiao Wen and Chen Jianan and asked, “I don’t know where the two little friends are in high school"


Qiao Wen replied: “I just graduated from Form 5 this year and I am looking for a job.”


Chen Jianan pretended to clear his throat, and said solemnly: “I work for an entertainment company in the walled city.”


Qiao Wen almost didn’t laugh out loud, but the casino was also considered an entertainment industry.

Lin Zhaoming knew it well.

He had seen this young man’s skill in the teahouse, in all likelihood he was in a mixed society.

He nodded: “Although the two little brothers are young, both are talented.

Since the little brother is looking for a job, if you don’t mind my son’s stupidity, you can help him take care of the factory together.

As for the remuneration, you’ll get your pay dividends according to the profit.”


Qiao Wen knew that this should be the other big thanks, which he said before.


After a long wait, he finally got this opportunity.


Lin Zihui was surprised and looked at Qiao Wen expectantly.


Qiao Wen curled his lips and smiled: “Thank you for your appreciation, Mr.


We and Zihui hit it off right away, it's my honor to work with him.”


Lin Zihui said, “Thank you, Abba.”


Lin Zhaoming smiled lovingly and said, “Come and have some tea!”


Qiao Wen responded, but Chen Jianan was indeed full of doubts.

Because it didn't sound like a good job to go with Lin Zihui, a dumb four-eyed boy, to take care of a factory.


When he got on the rickshaw on the return trip, there were only two of them left, he couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Qiao, do you really want to work with the four-eyed boy”


Qiao Wen knew what he was thinking and assured, “Brother Nan, although Lin Zihui looks like a nerd, you, believe me, this is definitely an opportunity.”


Hearing what he said, Chen Jianan didn’t ask further, nodded, and said, “I have no problem if you want to try it, as long as you pay attention to your body.

If you need my help, just call me.”


Qiao Wen said with a smile: “I will definitely call you when I need your help.

Let’s take one step at a time, and one day, we will all walk out of the walled city in an upright manner.”


Chen Jianan looked at him through the dim light.

After a long while, he calmly said: “Xiao Qiao, you promised to find a murderer for Lin Zhaoming, because, you want to get a job opportunity from him, right”


Qiao Wen looked at him obliquely, thinking that he was quite clever.


He nodded: “Yes, you also know that I am in poor health.

It is not difficult to find a job in a company or a foreign company, but it's hard to get ahead, no employer will be willing to give good opportunities to someone like me, so I have to find one for myself.

Lin Zhaoming is a billionaire, although Lin Zihui is his illegitimate child, he loves his son very much, so together with him, we will definitely have a bright future.”


There was another thing he didn’t say, or couldn’t say, that Lin Zihui was the protagonist of this world, and the Jack Su halo above his head could dazzle people’s eyes, and there was no wrong to follow him.

Perhaps not only follow him around, but he could also use it for his own use.


Chen Jianan naturally knew that he had a point, but this point should not be from the mouth of Xiao Qiao—at least not the Xiao Qiao he had known for many years.


He knew that Qiao Wen had changed a lot recently, but this was the first time he felt a sense of strangeness as if this was not the same Xiao Qiao he had known for more than ten years, but another brand new Xiao Qiao.


Of course, he did not resent it, and he was even a little pleased with his changes because he knew that he had finally grown up enough to stand on his own, and might soon be able to stand on his own two feet and even make a difference.


However, there was some disappointment in his heart.


It was as if something he could control was spiraling out of hand.


Qiao Wen also didn’t conceal the difference between him and the original in front of Chen Jianan, and even deliberately let him see his difference because he wanted to make him clearly aware that he was not the same Qiao Wen before.


In the past, Qiao Wen needed him to shelter from the wind and rain, but now he has enough ability to break through.


Moreover, the only way to make him truly listen to his word was to let him know that he actually has this ability.


The villain in this original book was not an honest embryo.


After getting off the rickshaw, the two walked side by side to the dark city.

After walking for a while, Chen Jianan suddenly sighed in disappointment, stretched out his hand to wrap the person next to him in his arms, and said, “Do you think Lin Zhaoming believes your speculation”


Qiao Wen said: “If he doesn't believe it, do you think he will let us help his son”


Chen Jianan snorted coldly: “Then there is so much bull**, the old fox.”


Qiao Wen: “He doesn’t want us outsiders to know about his family, nor does he want Lin Zihui to worry about it.”


Chen Jianan said angrily: “If it wasn’t for his good luck that you suddenly appeared in the teahouse that day, I would have finished him off.”


Qiao Wen laughed.


But he was right because that small accident changed the plot of the original book and made the future unpredictable.


In his own world, since Lin Nan passed away, he has no ambitions and desires for the future.


But now, he suddenly had something to look forward to.


Because this was a golden age suitable for adventurers, and here he had a brother who fights side by side.


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