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The two walked up to the platform and stood in front of Wu Yao Dong.

It was very obvious the old oil in the factory did not take Qiao Wen and Lin Zihui seriously at all.


Qiao Wen asked with a smile: “You people should have known each other for a long time.

You don’t need to look at Uncle Dong, now look at the new boss in front of you.

Do you know who he is”


His words puzzled those two people.

One of them subconsciously nodded and said back: “The young proprietor Master Hui.”


Qiao Wen nodded: “So you know that Young Master Hui is the boss.

Then just now, Young Master Hui was talking, but you talked so loudly below.

Could it be that you have an opinion on his words It’s ok I’ll give you the opportunity.

Young Master Hui is good at talking, if you have any opinions, don’t talk about it yourself, just say it face to face .”


The two old factory oil, who never took the boss seriously, were now picked up by a new secretary and lost face, but Lin Zihui was the boss so no matter what they couldn’t do anything about it, they could only turn to Wu Yao Dong: “Uncle Dong…”


Before Wu Yao Dong could open his mouth, Qiao Wen said: “Uncle Dong, Hui Shao is the boss now.

I wonder, will the workers have such a loose attitude when meeting with the boss, or is he not taking the new boss, Hui Shao seriously” He paused slightly, then continued, “Uncle Dong, you managed the factory all these years, and you must be familiar with the workers.

What do you think they are doing like this”


Wu Yao Dong was taken aback for a moment.

He originally intended to take this opportunity to disarm the two of them but didn’t expect to be preempted by this stupid Qiao Wen.


Qiao Wen was only an eighteen-year-old teenager, who didn’t even grow a hair yet; on top of that, he looked very beautiful, so from no angle, he looked like a deterrent man.


However, once his words left, the entire courtyard went silent, and Wu Yao Dong was even more speechless.

He didn’t know how to deal with it for a while.

After a long while, he reacted and shouted at the two men with a sullen face: “You don’t even listen carefully to Master Hui’s speech.

Do you not want to work anymore Apologize to Master Hui.”


The two hurriedly bowed and apologized to Lin Zihui: “I’m sorry, Master Hui.”


Lin Zihui cleared his throat, and said, “Don’t do this kind of things next time, you can go down.” Then he waved his hand, “Well, the short meeting is dismissed here, everyone can go back to their stations.”


After speaking, he glanced at Qiao Wen, the latter understood him and smiled at Wu Yao Dong: “Uncle Dong, the factory employees don’t seem to realize that Shao Hui is the new boss.

I think it’s better for Master Hui to go around the production line and warehouse to become familiar, rather than sitting in the office every day.

If this continues, I’m afraid that the workers will not have this consciousness after sitting for a year or a half.”


Wu Yao Dong smiled wryly: “Young Master Hui, if there is anything you need you can tell me, I’ll take care of the production line, you don’t have to bother yourself with all the chores.”


Lin Zihui frowned, this old guy still didn’t want him to interfere in the factory.

He once again looked at Qiao Wen, the other side nodded slightly, and smiled: “Young Master Hui know Uncle Dong has worked hard for several years to manage the factory, but seeing how the workers performed during the meeting, I think Uncle Dong is strong enough to manage several hundred people on his own.

You can rest assured that in the future, with Young Master Hui and I helping out, Uncle Dong will have a much easier time.


Lin also understands the difficulties of Uncle Dong, that’s why he sent Master Hui over.” 


Without waiting for his response, he continued, “It just so happens that work has just started, so why don't Uncle Dong ‌take Young Master Hui to the production line and the warehouse”


Being cornered by a young boy, Wu Yao Dong’s complexion became unsightly.

The previous rhetoric and prevarication was no longer useful, and Qiao Wen’s words almost declared to him that Lin Zihui was not here to be a young master, but really to take over the factory.


He could only nod: “Well, I will take Master Hui and Secretary Qiao to the production line.”


Therefore, on the second day of Secretary Qiao's tenure, they formally entered the workshop and warehouse of Mingyue Factory.


The quick glance at last time was indeed right.

The production line was extremely inefficient; one was the employees were lax in working, and the other was the equipment was old.

As for the garments produced, the level of craftsmanship varies from worse to even worse.


Of course, the most important thing was not this but the material quality, it was very low.

The ready-to-wear garments produced by Ming Yue Factory now take a low-end route, and a jacket's ex-factory price was at most a few yuan.

Although it barely made any profit, still the cost differed somewhat from the actual one.


In other words, the actual cost was lower than that on the account.


All year long the factory profits were extremely low, and the line worker's salary was also slightly lower in the entire industry and was only five or six hundred, so it was reasonable for workers to be inefficient in work because they could do as much work as they could pay.


As for whose pockets the actual costs and book differences went, it wouldn’t be hard to guess.


Qiao Wen had already anticipated Wu Yao Dong would not allow them to visit the production line when he saw the ledgers yesterday, but the reality was before him, and it was still hard to assess.


By now, Wu Yao Dong was very clear that Lin Zihui was not a young master who muddled along, and Qiao Wen by his side was also not a good fool.

While leading the tour, he repeatedly complained:


 “Young Master Hui, you don’t know ever since Europe and the United States restricted import quotas, our Hong Kong city export distribution has been monopolized by those people and can only be purchased from them.

Ming Yue Factory has low profits, and it is not worthwhile to buy quotas.


Lin let us only export to Southeast Asia. 

Over the last few years, the price of cotton and other materials has risen, even if we are only using low-cost materials, the factory prices are also low, so the profits are really thin.

The wages of the workers haven’t risen for a long time, and it is already a good thing that everyone is willing to stay in the factory.

In the past two years, I've been worried about the factory, that my hair turned white.”


Lin Zihui, who learned from Qiao Wen: “Nowadays, there are lots of garment factories in the city, and it's really hard for a factory of our size to do business.

My father also knew that Uncle Dong was having a hard time that’s why he asked me to come over.

From now on, Secretary Qiao and I will work with you to take care of the factory, so you can rest assured and save yourself a lot of trouble.”


Qiao Wen also agreed with a smile: “Yes, Uncle Dong, you have worked so hard for so many years, and it is time to take a good rest.

It is our young people’s turn to do something.”


Lin Zihui nodded and said earnestly: “Otherwise, move the TV in my office to your place.

You can relax by watching TV and drinking tea, maybe your hair will turn black again.”


Qiao Wen: “…”


The young man has a bright future! It’s not worth your life to be angry.


Wu Yao Dong was choked with a blue face, but he still had to pretend to be smiling, so that round face, whether smiling or crying, looked hilarious.


Due to Wu Yao Dong’s initial underestimation, as well as Qiao Wen and Lin Zihui's perfect cooperation made, a man-to-man duel turned down, reversing the situation from yesterday.


For the next two days, Wu Yao Dong’s problems were exposed everywhere.


He had been the manager of the Ming Yue factory for more than ten years.

In the past few years, he has almost turned the factory into his own private turf.

Using Lin Zhaoming’s laissez-faire behavior, he created a lot of false accounts and filled his pocket a lot.

Originally, he could continue to make money like this, but who could know halfway through a cheap young boss and a small secretary would appear out of nowhere He couldn’t sit still and wait for death.

He must let the two ignorant young men who did not know the heights of the sky retreat.


So, three days later, he claimed he was sick and took a leave of absence.


The manager was on sick leave, so theoretically, Lin Zihui- the boss had the final say in the factory.

He also knew that Wu Yao Dong's sick leave was deliberate, but in the end he was quite naive, believing that his cooperation with Qiao Wen had brought him success.

So, taking advantage of Wu Yaodong's absence, he rolled up his sleeves and intended to do a big job.


But Qiao Wen knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.


As expected, Lin Zihui's sleeves had not been rolled up for a long time, the factory began to have one problem after another.

First, a shirt that was nearing the deadline ran out of buttons, and the supplier said it would take two days to deliver.

The purchasing supervisor came and reported the situation to Lin Zihui and asked him to solve it.


When Lin Zihui heard the report, he called the supplier in person, and got the same resolute and perfunctory reply from the other end.

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone, giving him no chance to rush the goods.


Lin Zihui asked: “Will a two days delay cause a big impact”


The supervisor was a man in his forties, surnamed Wang.


At this moment, the Wang supervisor looked anxious: “This order has to be delivered in four days, the production line will run out the button soon.

I am afraid we’ll have to stop a line for two days, it will definitely be too late.”


Lin Zihui was also a little anxious and looked at Qiao Wen as if asking for help.


Qiao Wen thought for a while, and said to the supervisor: “I have to trouble Supervisor Wang to bring the samples over for us to take a look, so I will think of a solution with Hui Shao.”


Supervisor Wang nodded in response, quickly took the buttons over, and handed them over to him.

Seeing him carefully look at them, he tentatively said: “This button supplier has been cooperating with us for many years.

The price is reasonable, but the delivery is often not on time.

Uncle Dong himself urges him.

Otherwise…” He paused, “Young Master Hui, you call Uncle Dong and ask him to urge him.”


Sure enough, he was waiting here!


Qiao Wen pursed the corner of his mouth knowingly, and said, “Supervisor Wang, how many years have you been in the factory”


Supervisor Wang replied: “It’s almost ten years.”


Qiao Wen nodded: “How long have you been the purchasing supervisor”


Supervisor Wang: “Almost four years.”


Qiao Wen nodded and said with a smile: “Having been a supervisor for four years, you must have been familiar with various suppliers, but here you are asking Uncle Dong’s help for this mere problem.

You seem to be not quite qualified to be a purchasing supervisor.”



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