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Qiao Wen held his fist under his nose, coughed lightly, and looked at him with a smile: “Uncle Dong should be fifty years old this year, right You worked hard for Ming Yue Factory for more than 20 years.

Whether it is Mr.

Lin or the workers in the factory, we are all very grateful for your hard work over the years. 


These days, you have been ill at home.

Master Hui thinks ‌at this age you should be able to enjoy your family, but because of the factory you became sick, so Young Master feels sorry for you.

After consulting with Mr.

Lin, we decided to let you retire early to take good care of your health.

This check is the reward you deserve for your years at the factory, and it should be enough for you to enjoy your old age.”


His tone was neither hurried nor slow, could be called gentle and courteous, but every word was like a hidden needle in a cloth, which made Wu Yao Dong’s lips tremble, his eyes widened in disbelief, his round face was completely bloodless, so pale as if he were seriously ill.


After a long while, he suppressed his anger, turned his head to Lin Zihui and asked while staring straight at him.

“Young Master Hui, are you trying to fire me”


Qiao Wen on the side replied on behalf of Lin Zihui: “Uncle Dong, you misunderstood, Young Master Hui just considers your health and asks you to retire early to recuperate properly.”


Wu Yao Dong couldn't hold back in the end, slapped the cup of tea on the coffee table, causing the tea to splash.

His face was filled with indignation, and there was no customary sweetness in his eyes.


“Young Master Hui, I have been here since the day Ming Yue Factory was founded, and I have been the manager for more than ten years.

It doesn’t make sense for you to drive me away without a reason Do you think this factory can still operate without me”


Qiao Wen chuckled: “Uncle Dong, you really misunderstood Master Hui, he saw you are too tired and wants you to have a good rest.

During your absence, the factory did encounter some insignificant problems, but we young people had already solved it.

Now the factory works pretty well.

If you are worried, you can go to the workshop and warehouse before leaving.”


“What are you, SHUT UP!” Wu Yao Dong got up angrily and looked at him with a big face.

He had some idea about who Lin Zihui was, with his temperament, he couldn’t do this step, so the driver of all this must be the secretary who emerged from nowhere.


He lived a long time, and Ming Yue Factory was already in his palm.

But in a few days, he was unexpectedly toyed with by a young man and was swept out of the door.

So how could he be content


He had a stomach full of fire, but there was no way for him to direct his anger at Lin Zihui, and could only attack Qiao Wen.


The other party was almost slobbered by him, but he still curled his lips and smiled calmly.


Qiao Wen said all the bad things, and the bad guys called Qiao Wen to do it.

Of course, Lin Zihui couldn’t let him suffer this grievance.

Seeing Wu Yao Dong’s being unkind to Qiao Wen, he hurriedly said, “Uncle Dong, I’m really just thinking about you.

Secretary Qiao is just doing things according to my instruction.

Don’t embarrass him.”


Wu Yao Dong snorted coldly: “Okay, I’ll call Mr.



Lin Zihui nodded: “I will dial for you.”


Last night, after Qiao Wen's instruction, he went to his father to ask for a check.

He originally thought his father would ask a few more questions, but on contrast to him, he directly wrote a check without a word.

Obviously he also had this idea.


So he didn’t worry about Wu Yaodong being tall and black at all.


The call was soon connected within a ring, and Lin Zhaoming’s voice came from the other end.


“Abba, Uncle Dong wants to talk to you.” Lin Zihui heard his father’s voice and said quickly.


“Okay, you hand over the phone to him.”


Lin Zihui handed the phone to Wu Yao Dong.


Wu Yao Dong held the receiver with both hands, and said with a dry howl: “Boss, I have been with you for so many years and worked hard with no credits.

How can I know that Master Hui will fire me as soon as he comes.

You have to do justice for me.”


Lin Zhaoming on the phone chuckled softly and said, “Adong, you have misunderstood Zihui.

He saw you working hard at the factory these days and had health problems.

So he came to me and said that you are getting old and he can’t bear to see you tired out for Mingyue Factory.

So he asked me to give you a check so that you can retire with peace of mind and take care of your life.” 


He paused and sighed quietly, “Adong, you have worked hard over the years, the factory has always been taken care of by you, and I haven’t had a time to ask about it.

If it isn’t for Zihui mentioning, I did not know that you’re working to the point of neglecting your health and getting sick.

So you can take the money and take care of your health and leave the work for young people.

If there is anything you need help with, you can always find me.”


The soft words of his opponent completely blocked Wu Yao Dong, who had a bellyful of complaints.


It was only at this moment he realized that Lin Zihui had the ability to do this, because not only he was the boss’s son, but because it was originally what the boss meant.



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