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It was not that Lin Zhaoming didn’t care about the Mingyue Factory affairs.

How could such a shrewd businessman like him never know of the various tricks he played in his hands over the years It was only because he had feelings for the Mingyue Factory beforehand and he did not want to close down, so he turned a blind eye.

Now that his son had grown up and was able to take care of it, so he would not let himself continue to take advantage of it.


Wu Yao Dong knew that the general situation was gone, and there was no need to say anything that was originally brewed.

He confided in thank you and hung up the phone.


But in the end, he was not reconciled, he glared at the two young boys in the office and left angrily.


Instead of leaving the factory, he directly went to the workshop and warehouse to meet his confidant, who had been with him for years, planning to leave with someone, so that the two descendants would know what it means to lose him at Mingyue Factory.


Lin Zihui stood by the window, watching the movement outside.


He was a little nervous about Wu Yaodong.

If he really took a group of people away, especially a few managers, then the factory would have to stop running for a while.


“Awen, do you think someone will go with Uncle Dong”


Qiao Wen smiled and patted him on the shoulder: “Young Master Hui, you can rest assured.

People die for money and birds die for food, and factory people also have a mouth to feed.

In the past, they were loyal to Uncle Dong, because he was the factory manager, and had to make a living under him.

Now that Uncle Dong leaves the factory, it means nothing.

As long as anyone who wants to support his family will not follow him for a moment.

The only Azhong who will follow him was already driven away by us in advance.”


Sure enough, half an hour later, Wu Yao Dong hurtled out of the factory, and the driver who had followed him in was still behind him.


The two men left almost in disarray.


Lin Zihui was relieved to see this and turned to Qiao Wen and said “Awen, when you told me about this method yesterday, I was still a little worried.

But I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

You really have some magic tricks in your hands.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “This is not a magic trick, as long as you understand a bit of the human mind, it's easy.

The main reason it went so well is that you are the boss, now Mingyue Factory is completely yours.” But as thought of something, he added, ” But don’t be too happy.

Let’s go and see how the production line is.

Azhong has taken ten people away, so you have to reschedule his production line quickly.”


Lin Zihui nodded in response and followed him to the workshop.


The two went around the workshop, and the method of applying grace and authority was very effective.

The whole workshop was in a completely new state of life.

Even the finished garments produced were significantly improved.


Many workers' hands and feet worked swiftly for an extra dollar.


With this progress, there would be no problem delivering the day after tomorrow’s order.


The next thing to consider was how to make the factory make more money.

Especially for Qiao Wen, he intended to start his first pot of gold from here, so naturally, he had to think more and make long-term plans.


Fortunately, from finding the murderer of his father to fixing Wu Yaodong, Lin Zihui trusted him very much.

If he wanted to carry out any work, he should get 100% support from him.


Qiao Wen felt both witty and daring when he thought he was going to make money from the hero of the original story and get ahead in this world. 


But having said that, the current Lin Zihui was still a simple-minded young man, and he didn’t have the slightest style of being a hero.


If it was because of his entry that changed the plot, causing Lin Zihui to lose the opportunity to change his life, then would he remain such a naïve temperament and thus become obscured by the public


When he thought of this, he got goosebumps.

He didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but if a person was happy, then it shouldn’t be a bad thing.


After tossing for the past few days, even though he didn’t do any physical work, he was troubled and worried mentally.

Qiao Wen felt that his body had reached its limit.


Lin Zihui also saw that he looked very exhausted, that evening he finished the work early and sent him back early.


“Awen, don’t think about work when you go back and get a good night’s sleep.”


At the gate of the walled city, Lin Zihui sat in the back seat of the car, rolled down the window, and said goodbye to Qiao Wen.


Qiao Wen curled his lips and barely showed a tired smile: “You too, go back and take a good rest.

It’s been really busy these days.”


He raised his hand and waved perfunctorily, turned around, and prepared to cross the street to enter the walled city.


However, just as he turned around and took a step, he felt a wave of dizziness, and a large number of stars appeared in front of him, and then the stars were annihilated and plunged into darkness, no longer conscious.


Lin Zihui, who was rolling up the car window to tell the driver to leave, watched the people outside the car fall softly to the ground and exclaimed in fright.

He hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car and picked the person up from the ground and held him in his arms.

Patting his face shouted: “Awen Awen, what happened to you Don’t scare me”


The driver was experienced, so as soon as he heard the movement, he got out of the car and saw his young master's clueless and panic-stricken face.

He reminded: “Master Hui, don’t worry, there are many clinics in the Kowloon Walled City.

Let’s take him right away.”


Lin Zihui reacted and was about to carry the person on his back to the opposite Walled City, when a motorcycle suddenly stopped in front of him, blocking his way.


The man wearing a floral shirt on the bike took off his sunglasses, his eyes narrowed when looking at the person on Lin Zihui’s back, and asked with a frown, “What’s wrong with Awen”


Hearing his tone, Lin Zihui thought he was someone Qiao Wen was familiar with, and hurriedly replied: “I don’t know he fainted just now.

I have to take him to the clinic immediately.

Are you from the walled city Can you show me a way”


Needless to say, this flowered shirt was none other than the red stick of He Xing Club, Qin Yunfei.

He stepped on the ground and said, “I am Awen’s brother.

You leave him to me.

I will ride in faster, so you don’t have to worry.”


Without much thought or hesitation, Lin Zihui hastily put the unconscious person into the front seat of the motorcycle.


Qin Yunfei held the motorcycle handlebar with both hands and embraced Qiao Wen in between his arms.

He reassured the worried Lin Zihui: “Don’t worry, Awen has always been weak, it's not a big deal to faint.

I will send him to the clinic.”


Lin Zihui nodded: “Then I will trouble you.”


In response to him, Qin Yunfei hooked his lips and started the motorcycle to get into the opposite walled city.


Lin Zihui watched the motorcycle slowly disappear before sighing and returning to his car.


And Qin Yunfei as his motorcycle entered the narrow alley of the Walled City, lowered his head slightly, and took a deep breath in the side of the unconscious Qiao Wen’s ear “Little thing, you are in my hands today.” he said with a cheerful smile.



The author has something to say: 


Anan: Qin Yunfei, one day I will blow your dog's head off.



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