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Chapter 4: Brother Nan! Why don’t you call me for tea

Qiao Wen, who was standing on the side of the street at the smae time, withdrew his thoughts and narrowed his eyes at the Furong Tea Room sign.

It was only a phone call in his time to put an end to Chen Jianan’s deeds today.

He can only run through and wait for the rabbit himself.

Chen Jianan is a fierce and violent man, yet he is not a fool to want to become a big villain.

In the original novel, he murdered Lin Zhaoming and did not leave nothing behind, even a little bit of proof as an evidence wasn’t found.

And in order to do so cleanly, I must be properly prepared—for example, disguise and change, and a forewarned step on ambush.

Qiao Wen’s stomach felt a little hungry once more.

He noticed a fishball stall just next to him.

He was about to start eating when he stepped over to buy one, but, he suddenly felt a stare directed at him.

He cocked his head to look around.

His dirty little mouth still wide open, and his spit was about to flow out.

It was a little beggar in shabby clothes, staring blankly at the fish ball in his hands.

For a brief while, he was taken aback, then he looked down at the sizzling fish ball in his palm, handed it to him, and softly whispered, “Here you are.”

It was probably the first time the kid met someone so sweet and generous, and he was taken aback.

He bowed repeatedly before swiftly walking to the filthy corner of the wall and sitting down.

He chewed and almost threw his face in the fish ball.

In this world, some people dwell in the beautiful clouds, while others stay in the muck.

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Chen Jianan across the street eventually bought a newspaper after finishing his fish balls, but instead of walking away, he lit a cigarette, spread the newspaper in his hand, and leaned on the side of the road.

Unhurriedly going through the telephone poles.

He raised his wrist, glanced at the time, folded the newspaper, and strolled into the Furong tea room next to him after a while of turning over.

Qiao Wen threw the finished lunch box into the trash bin, clapped across the street, and proceeded into the tea room.

The tea room is divided into two floors: the first is a hall with an eight-immortal table, and the second is a private seat in a private room.

Qiao Wen walked straight to the second floor.

He swept his gaze casually as he exited the stairs, and at a look, he noticed the man in the peaked cap sitting in the nice seat by the window, who had ordered tea and pretended to drink.

The man not only wears a hat, but he also has a beard.

He appears to be considerably older than his actual age.

If his original body isn’t too familiar with him, this disguise shift is considered a success.

When Qiao Wen stood still, the teahouse waitress approached and inquired, “Sir, how many”

He waved his hand and proceeded to the elegant seat.

Halfway through the journey, the man in the seat obviously noticed the strangeness, so he turned his head and looked over, his two lovely brows frowning into a knot.

Qiao Wen grinned at him, the corners of his mouth twisted up.

However, a certain prospective villain appeared stunned, and the artificial beard on his lips trembled twice as the incident unfolded.

“Nan, my brother! You’re not going to call me for tea” Qiao Wen said with a smile.

The man in the seat was perplexed and stared at him, his eyes wide open.

He appeared frightened.

Chen Jianan was born and raised within the walls of the city.

In two days, he saw different kinds of people walking down the street.

He, too, grew up with a fist and a machete.

Stole money from someone else, and was assigned a murder mission.

With all his heart, he wanted to collect the money to treat Qiao Wen’s condition, and up until this point, he had been very cool and calm about the first murder.

He was even a bit excited because he imagined that by killing people, he would be able to send Qiao Wen to the major hospital.

As though the intention was not to murder, but rather to kill a chicken.

However, when he saw Qiao Wen, who had unexpectedly appeared here at this time, his excitement was quickly poured with cold water.

Chen Jianan is not afraid of anything simply because he is a good brother who has known him since childhood.

Qiao Wen, on the other hand, was not like him.

At the age of five or six, he accompanied his grandfather and grandmother to the Kowloon Walled City.

He wore a small suit at the time, properly combed his small head, pink face and cheeks, and looked as lovely as a doll in a painting.

It’s unmistakably the wealthy young man from which prominent family.

Indeed, this is the case.

The Qiao family originated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang from a large family.

The family was destroyed and died as a result of the war and famine.

It was a large family that had relocated to the Kowloon Walled City to make a living.

There was only an elderly couple and a young grandson left.

The grandfather of the Qiao family was already seriously ill when he arrived, and it didn’t take him long to abandon his wife and grandson.

Granny Qiao used to be a wealthy woman who, despite her poverty, was a decent person who dressed in an old cheongsam and combed her hair neatly.

By his side, the little grandson was even cleaner and neater.

He was dressed in patched, ragged, and worn-out clothes.

His face was always beautiful and white.

No one could resist the urge to take a look.

The children in the city were constantly covered in mud.

Chen Jianan has never seen such a beautiful person before, like a splashing monkey rolling by.

He had run to listen to the storytelling at the time, and had heard about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but had forgotten everything else except that there was a beauty in it named Xiao Qiao.

He thought this was a great name for Qiao Wen, so he called him Xiao1 Qiao every day.

Qiao Wen, in addition to his good looks, has a major specialty: he gets sick twice in three days, like a porcelain doll, as if he would break with the touch of a pinch, and falls when the wind blows.

In a stronghold of the weak, such a small person is naturally bullied, and Chen Jianan has spontaneously become his patron saint.

Those who bully his younger brother, Xiao Qiao, will have to eat their words.

Keep in mind the big fist.

Naturally, Qiao Wen trusted him as well.

They had a close relationship growing up. 

Granny Qiao’s lifelong dream is for her grandson to be able to walk out of the city and return to being a decent person, so she saves money and sends him outside.

He was attending a school with mission, where he was taught to stay out of the mud at all costs.

Despite the fact that Qiao Wen grew up in the walled city, his character is noble, and he opposes the city’s filthy practices.

Chen Jianan was always reprimanded and educated once he discovered he did something wrong.

As a result, whenever Chen Jianan does something immoral, he will undoubtedly carry Qiao Wen on his back.

He has a thick and rough skin.

He is not afraid of being beaten or scolded, but he is afraid of angering Qiao Wen.

Because when Qiao Wen received too much shock, he would then need to lie in bed for two days due to his poor health.

The two had a big fight after learning that he had joined the Hexing Society the year before.

Qiao Wen stayed quiet after the quarrel and Chen Jianan to, had to wait for a week so Qiao Wen’s anger would settle.

If he realizes he’s killing someone to raise money for his medicine, I’m afraid he’ll go straight towards the King of Hell.

Can Chen Jianan be still fearless then

Chen Jianan, on the other hand, has a cunning temperament and reacted quickly.

He didn’t even tell Hao Tsai that he was a killer so Qiao Wen had no way of knowing, so he let go of his heart after a brief period of panic.

Finally, as if suddenly considering something, he looked up and down in disbelief at the young man seated across from him, staring at the black eyes, and asked: “Xiao Qiao2Are you all right”

The other party clearly only hung a sigh of relief when I left the Hua Uncle Clinic this morning, as if he might return to the west at any moment.

Uncle Hua also warned that the situation could be bad.

He was so terrified that he was on the verge of crying.

However, the person sitting across from him now appears weak and frail, but the faint blood on his white cheeks makes it clear that he is still a thousand miles away from death.

“I woke up this afternoon,” Qiao Wen replied with a smile.

“I felt much better after eating.

Uncle Hua also said that I was fine.”

“Really” In the morning, Chen Jianan thought about his half-dead appearance and couldn’t believe the words that came from the others mouth.

“Does it appear that I’m lying to you” Qiao Wen asked, smiling.

“I didn’t want to lie down for too long, so I went out and walked around; I didn’t expect to run into you.” raising his eyelids and looked at the other person “You haven’t told me why you’ve come to drink tea alone.” 

“I was just passing by,” Chen Jianan said, returning to his senses without changing his expression.

“I was hungry, so I came here to eat something.”

Qiao Wen smiled at him, not exposing himself, and said, “I’m a little hungry too, let’s eat together.”

“Okay…ah” Chen Jianan smirked.

At this point, a young man approached them and asked, “Do you have anything else you want”

Qiao Wen looked up and noticed that the bartender was not dressed in a teahouse uniform.

He wore a sea soul shirt and a pair of glasses instead.

He was gentle, like he’s some college student.

He almost made sure without hesitation, the identity of this brother.

This person’s formal name is Lin Zihui.


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