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Chapter 26 Paying back the favor



Although Qiao Wen didn’t blame Lin Zihui for his carelessness, he was really afraid of what happened today.


Based on the previous encounters, Qin Yunfei’s actions all showed that he had taken a fancy to himself-or to be more precise, the skin of the original body.

If he really took advantage of his unconsciousness and did something untoward, he could only eat loss, and top of then could also not let Chen Jianan know about it.

Because, with this guy’s temper, small things could be tolerated, but such big things would never be swallowed up.


In all likelihood, he would stand out for himself.


And for paying favor, he didn’t worry about Chen Jianan falling into Qin Yunfei’s hands, but now they were still poor boys with no money and no power.

If he-the four-ninth boy really did something to Qin Yunfei, then the two of us would really have to run to the end of the lives.


Now life was slightly taking a better turn, and he also successfully prevented Chen Jianan from turning black.

So it was necessary for him to avoid getting involved in such matters.


Fortunately, Qin Yunfei hadn’t gone to the point of losing his mind yet.


Of course, it wasn’t because he had a conscience, but because of Hexing’s rules.

The most important thing for people in this city was to follow the rules, and Qin Yunfei was no exception.


He also believed that since the other party had taken a fancy to him, he would not let it go.


When coming to think of this, he frowned slightly.

If this person was an important character in the original book, he still knew how to deal with him.

But the thing was, he was not even cannon fodder in the book, but in reality, he was an unreasonable character who couldn’t afford to mess with.


With a heavy heart, he returned home, and it was past 9 o'clock.

Thankfully, Chen Jianan calmed his grandma in advance, saying that he was going to dinner with the boss so she was not too worried.

At the time seeing him home, she heated and brought the hot soup to him and asked him to take a good rest, then she went back to the room to rest.


Today’s fainting incident once again gave him a wake-up call.

This body really needs proper maintenance, otherwise it couldn’t stand.


After being here for so long, he knew that this body had no major illness, but every part of the body seemed to have minor problems.

The heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys were not good.

The combination was similar to a dangerous house.

It might have cost him his life.


In the past Qiao Wen’s own physique had always been outstanding among his peers since he was a child, and now it was really miserable to bear this weak skin.


He decided to take a good night's sleep and wake up tomorrow morning to exercise with Chen Jianan on the rooftop.


The sudden fainting yesterday was nothing more than a sudden exertion, the body has not yet adapted to it.

After a good night’s sleep, he almost felt better, even a little refreshed.


Grandma was always early to bed, early to rise.

By the time he got up, she had left breakfast for him and went to the stall.


After a simple breakfast, he slowly went to the rooftop of this building.

The rooftop was the only place where you could see the light in this dark Kowloon Walled City.


At this time, there were only two people on the rooftop, Chen Jianan and his cousin Haozi.

The two were practicing boxing so attentively that they didn’t notice anyone coming up.


This was Qiao Wen's first time seeing Chen Jianaan practicing.

He was shirtless and his thin body exuded a healthy and vigorous flavor in the morning sun, and every movement was powerful and pleasing to the eye.


An airplane roared past overhead. 


With a yell Chen Jianan threw a punch at the sky.


Haozi, who was fishing and messing around was the one who noticed his arrival first, and explained to him loudly amidst the roar of the motor: “Brother Nan is playing with the plane.”


Qiao Wen: “”


After the plane flew, the rooftop quieted again, and Qiao Wen gave a light cough.

Chen Jianan turned around and saw that it was him, a big smile bloomed on his face and he walked over in three - two steps: “Xiao Qiao, what are you doing here”


Qiao Wen said: “Didn’t I say that I want to practice boxing with you”


Chen Jianan waved his hand in disbelief: “I thought you were just talking casually.

How can you practice boxing with your body”


Qiao Wen laughed: “It’s because I'm too weak and need exercise.”


Chen Jianan was a little puzzled by his behavior: “But, haven’t you always been fond of unmoving”


Qiao Wen said: “Can’t I move now”


“Of course.” Chen Jianan looked at him up and down, seeing that he was not just talking, and was very happy, he grabbed his hands and pulled back, “Then from today on, you will practice with me.”


Qiao Wen said: “You first show a set of punches, let me see.”


Chen Jianan nodded: “Okay, let me show you the simplest set of Chen’s Baji.”


Qiao Wen had never practiced traditional martial arts and had always thought that traditional martial arts performance was showier than actual combat.

But at this moment, seeing Chen Jianan’s Bajiquan, he realized that he had underestimated the treasures of his ancestors.


At least Chen Jianan’s punches were fierce, fast, powerful, and agile, it definitely not fancy.


Wen has Tai Chi to secure the world, and Wu has eight extremes to set the universe.


It seemed the ancients really didn’t deceive me.


No wonder in the original book, Chen Jianan went from a forty-nine-year-old boy to a member of the double flower red stick Hexing Society in just two years after the death of the original Xiao Qiao.


This was all made with fists.


If he had not been so good at hiding, how could he still be a four-nine boy now, and once he was not a four-nine boy, his hands would have been stained with blood.


Qiao Wen looked at his handsome and bright face.

He originally thought he was a stubborn and straightforward character, but now he realized that in a place like the Kowloon Walled City, one had to hide his skills and never show too much.

At the same time, he had to show his skills a little to protect himself and the surrounding people.


Being able to grasp this degree for so long could be proved that he was much smarter and sleeker than he looks.


Because Qiao Wen had never been interested in his own boxing, he finally took the initiative to watch him punch today.

Chen Jianan was very energetic.

After finishing a set of punches vigorously, he came to Qiao Wen with a smile to receive the reward: “Xiao Qiao, how is my fist”


Qiao Wen smiled and nodded: “Very powerful.”


Haozi on the side also rolled up his sleeves and was eager to try: “Brother Awen, I'll also show you my skills!”


Chen Jianan stretched out an index finger and slightly pushed his forehead: “Don't embarrass yourself in front of Xiao Qiao with your three-legged cat kung fu.”


Haozi refused to accept it and immediately moved forward with a hollow somersault.

But when landing, he slipped under his feet and fell straight on the ground with his buttock and howled in pain.


Seeing this Chen Jianan laughed out loud without sympathy, and after laughing asked Qiao Wen, “Where do you want to start”


The happiness of the two brothers also infected Qiao Wen, he laughed lightly and said: “Practice something simple first.”


With this body, it was impossible to practice complicated sets.


After a little thought, he first tried to do two push-ups, ‘really two’, then came to the third one, the whole person lay on the ground and gasped for air.


Consider that he once was a runner who had run 50 kilometers of cross-country.


Life is hard!


Chen Jianan watched him lying pitifully on the ground, sitting down beside him, turning him over to lie down, and said with a smile: “Slow down Xiao Qiao.”


At this time, the morning light broke through the clouds and hit down, falling on Qiao Wen's jade-like white face.


He lay weakly on the ground with his hands spread, his lips half-open gasping for breath, because he had just tried his best, his pale cheeks at this moment were a bit rosy, shrouded in a faint light, and there was a kind of distorted beauty.


As Chen Jianan looked at him, he was stupefied for a moment.

Although he still sighs how Qiao Wen was born so beautiful to this day, he was not shocked by his beauty at this moment, but in that familiar face, he saw something a little different from the past.


In the past, Qiao Wen was always timid and sad, but now his face no longer had that sorrow anymore.

On the contrary, he had more confidence and calmness than he had ever seen before.


He soon came back to his senses and waved away this inexplicable and subtle emotion.

With a smile, he fell down, lying side by side with him.


At that moment, another huge plane roared past from above.


Chen Jianan rested his head on his hands and said, “I wonder what it’s like to fly by plane”



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