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Qiao Wen laughed: “You want to fly in a plane”


Chen Jianan nodded: “I want to fly to New York and Paris, and I want to go to Beijing, my dad’s hometown.”


Qiao Wen said: “Then make good money, and we will go together in the future.”


Hearing this Chen Jianan became energetic, turned his head, and smiled: “It's a deal!”


Qiao Wen nodded with a smile.

In fact, he had long passed the age of looking forward to the future, but now he was transformed, and it seemed that he really became a teenager with a dream.


Haozi moved over: “I want to go too!”


Chen Jianan got up, stretched out his hand, and flicked his forehead: “Where are you going You don’t even know which country Paris is from.”


Haozi covered his forehead and retorted loudly, “I know, it’s France.”


“Hey, I underestimated you.”


Qiao Wen shook his head and laughed, got up from the ground, and stretched his muscles: “It seems that I still have to start with a simple workout to do.”


He jogged on the spot for a while, but after two minutes, he was a little out of breath.


Seeing that he had only moved a few times, and was sweating profusely, Chen Jianan couldn’t help but feel distressed and persuaded him: “Xiao Qiao, don’t force yourself, I can protect you.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “I’m not afraid that you can’t protect me, but I’m afraid that if I get another illness, I have to go to the west.”


Chen Jianan frowned: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Qiao Wen didn’t say anything but thought to himself, he wasn’t talking nonsense, ‘if it weren’t for him to wear here, your Xiao Qiao would have queued for reincarnation long ago.’


After barely exercising for a while, Qiao Wen went downstairs to rest in sweat.


In fact, this amount of exercise was not considered exercise at all for young people aged 18 or 19 years old.

However, it still made his back sore and he lay down for half a day to get over it.


He could only attribute this to the difficulty of the beginning of everything.


As the sky started to darken, Chen Jianan returned home from the Eastern District with a fish ball.


“Yesterday, didn’t I promise to help Brother Fei with work Tonight I’m going to the dock to pick some goods for him.

Maybe I will be back later, so I won’t come to you.”


He said it lightly like the clouds were light and windy, but Qiao Wen was startled, putting the fish ball aside, raised his head, and asked with a frown, “What kind of goods”


Although the police would not enter the Kowloon Walled City, people in the Walled City would be arrested if they go out to commit crimes.

As a result, many transactions of Hexing were carried out in the walled city.

And would never set the transaction place outside unless absolutely necessary.


Chen Jianan said: “Sending the smuggled women at Fei Ge’s place.

It’s okay, it’s not white powder.

Even if I run into the police, they probably won’t care.”


Qin Yunfei was doing things that hurt the world and reason, and even if he was picking up smugglers, he was doing wicked things.

But Qiao Wen also knew that in this chaotic era, sometimes there was really no way to be too moral.


And Chen Jianan promised Qin Yunfei to pay back his favor for him, it was impossible to refuse.


After thinking about it, he didn’t stop him just nodded and said: “Take care of yourself, if you come back not too late, tell me that you are safe.”


Chen Jianan smiled: “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”


Although Qiao Wen didn’t think it was a dangerous job, after Chen Jianan left, he was still worried and stayed up all night.

Time passed little by little, it was already 11 o’clock, but he still hadn’t seen anyone come back, laying in the bed tossing and turning.


Fortunately, before the old clock's hand reached twelve o'clock, the familiar big bat finally appeared outside the window.


Chen Jianan pushed open the window and whispered: “Xiao Qiao, are you asleep”


Qiao Wen sat up after a while: “Brother Nan, you’re back”


Chen Jianan got in, landed silently, straddled his small plank bed, and said, “I’m afraid you are worried about me.

So after coming back and taking a shower, I came to you.”


“How was the work Did it go well”


Chen Jianan nodded with his palm resting on his head: "It's okay."


Still a little uneasy, he looked at him through a bleak moonlight and made sure that Anan was clean and unharmed, then only he felt relieved.

After lying down next to him, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.


As usual, Chen Jianan spent the night here, but every day he would inevitably chatter for a while before going to sleep.

But now, he stared at the top of the bed with wide eyes.

He was neither asleep nor talking.

It was clear that he was hiding something in his stomach.


He would never say anything in front of him if the matter was concerned.

So this time there might be something serious.


With this thought, Qiao Wen poked him and asked, “Brother Nan, what are you thinking about”


Chen Jianan turned over to face him, was silent for a moment, and then replied, “My master taught me since I was a child, no matter how poor or hard I am, but as a Man, you should also be worthy of your conscience.

But Xiao Qiao, what does it mean to be worthy of your conscience”


Qiao Wen was taken aback for a moment: “Brother Nan, why are you talking about this all of a sudden”


Chen Jianan seemed to be annoyed and scratched his tousled hair violently, sat up with his head drooped, and said nothing for a while.


Qiao Wen also sat up with him and held his shoulders: “Brother Nan, what’s the matter”


Chen Jianan turned his head to meet him, and a pair of misty waters appeared in the dim moonlight.


Qiao Wen was shocked: “Brother Nan, you speak, don’t scare me.”


Chen Jianan grabbed his hand: “Xiao Qiao, you said that I learned skills from the master, but I only know how to make a living, is not at all like a man”


Qiao Wen guessed that he must have encountered something that shook his heart tonight and deliberately joked: “Brother Nan, you are only 19 years old.

It is a bit early to want to be a husband.” After a pause, he added, “But tell me what you have first.”


Chen Jianan mumbled his lips and pulled him to lie down together.

The two had lied face-to-face in an intimate position.


“As I said before, tonight I went to help Brother Fei pick up a shipment.

It is a dozen or so girls who have smuggled over here.

The older one knows what they are here for, but the little sisters are only fourteen years old and they were tricked into boarding the ship.

They didn’t know where they were going, it was only when they reached the dock they knew and kept crying.

If it weren’t for me, I’m afraid they would have had to be beaten severely.”


Qiao Wen listened attentively and nodded at him to continue: “I know that many of the women in Brother Fei’s places did not come voluntarily, but this time the little girl was only fourteen years old, younger than Baolian.

Originally, she was going to South Pacific to join his father, did not expect to be tricked on board by a head of the snake(human smuggler), I really…”


His voice was rarely hoarse, and his expression looked dismal.

However, Qiao Wen was very pleased to see him like this.


His sympathy for the abducted young girls shows he was indeed a good person by nature.


Chen Jianan wiped his face and continued: “The two sisters probably saw me helping them, and later they took advantage of people's inattention to beg me to save them.

But how can I save them What about the next one after saving this one”


Qiao Wen knew that saving people from Qin Yunfei in the Kowloon Walled City was more difficult than climbing to the sky.

He hadn’t forgotten that poor man who failed to save the wind and dust a few days ago and had his lower body ruined.

Chen Jianan was a member of society, and if he was caught, he would only end up more miserable.


His hands were good, but two fists were no match for four hands.

To offend Qin Yunfei was to offend the entire Hexing Society.

He has his father, uncle, aunt, cousin, and even himself and grandma, which were the weaknesses of his inability to perform chivalry.


Qiao Wen thought for a while and asked, “Brother Nan, those two girls, are they in Brother Fei’s place now”


Chen Jianan nodded: “They were sent to Lido.

Some people in Hong Kong are good people.

They plan to train for a period of time.

The two sisters can get a good price if they are sold together.”


Qiao Wen asked again: “Do you really want to save them”


Chen Jianan hesitated for a moment, but nodded firmly: “Yes.”


Qiao Wen said: “Then let's think of a way.”


Chen Jianan was taken aback and looked up at him: “Xiao Qiao—”


He patted his shoulder: “Brother Nan, if you have this heart, it means that you have not let down your master.

As for whether we can help the two poor girls, it depends on luck.”


Chen Jianan hugged him with his arm and leg, and grunted: “Xiao Qiao, sometimes I feel aggrieved.”


Qiao Wen patted his back to soothe him: “You did nothing wrong.

If they are all acting like Leopard Master Fei and the others, no one should think of living a stable life.”


It was a good thing to hold back.

If this guy didn’t succumb and killed other parties.

The risk factor was more than that of Zhao Shanhai, Qin Yunfei, and others.


Fortunately, Chen Jianan was indeed broad-minded.

The thoughts he had hidden in his stomach but after revealing this his heavy heart was relieved.

In addition, he has been so smoothly appeased by Qiao Wen, and in a short while, he was like a comfortable big cat, letting out a soft snort.


On the other hand, Qiao Wen, who had listened to his thoughts, didn’t feel sleepy for a long time and was wide awake.



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