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Yin Yang Harmony System Chapter 14

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In the Goblin Hunting Forest,

"Whoosh" "Whoosh" "Whoosh"

In the middle of the forest, two boys were chasing a girl. Both boys were wearing loose trousers and a t-shirt while the girl was wearing tight jeans and a tank top. Boys had an evil grin on their face making an ugly laugh, they rushed towards the girl.

"Jenny, you can't run away. Give up! You have already taken the aphrodisiac. And you can't forcefully log out!"

In the game, you need to return to the city before logging out. It was the common rule of the game also the reason why this game had so many cities. Jenny gritted her teeth hatred flashing in her eyes. Ascension to Godhood might be an opportunity but it is also a curse for many people.

'Damn! If it wasn't for this aphrodisiac, I would've killed them.' Jenny thought with hatred in her heart. She was in the fourth stage of Soldier Realm while the boys chasing her were in the third stage. Although the difference is just a stage, her strength is capable of destroying them in thirty seconds, no more, no less.

This is why Mike didn't even hesitate for a second to escape from the goblin. While Jenny was running as hard as she could, she felt the enormous heatwave coming towards her.

"Boom" "Bang"

Suddenly, a person covered in blood pounced on her body. His head collided on her stomach, sending her flying but they didn't separate. Suddenly, the flames gushing out of his hand disappeared and their movement decreased. But they were already two hundred meters away.

"Thud "Smooch"

Suddenly, Jenny's leg stuck on the tree, causing them to somersault. Since the speed had decreased, they were naturally going to fall. But at this moment, the bloody boy fell at the bottom while Jenny was above him.

When he fell hard on the ground, his body reaction lifted his head, causing his lips to fall on her lips. At this moment, Jenny's first kiss was taken away by none other than Mike. At this moment, Jenny was bursting with killing intent. Fortunately, she didn't move after seeing him injured.

But at the same time, she frowns because her strength started fluctuating. Although she escaped some distance, it won't a minute before those boys reach here. Suddenly, she frowns even more because even till now, her lips haven't been removed from his lips.

Mike's head was already laying on the ground which meant, it was her head that got closer to him. Thinking of this, a slight blush appeared on her face. If it wasn't for some bloodstain and sweat, her blush would break the heart of thousand men.

"Bang" "Bang"

Suddenly, two bodies smashed near her with great force. The trees tumbled, leaves fell, and the dust rose. At the same time, Jenny forcefully separated her mouth from Mike's.

She turned left and right to see what was going on but the next moment, her eyes widened. Two boys were in a bloody state like Mike. The strength of these boys wasn't low. They were at the third stage early level but now they were beaten to this state within a minute time.

Her eyes narrowed as she glanced at the front. In front of her, a green goblin wearing a bikini and a very small panty appeared. She had a lewd face that made her green face uglier. Her gaze was stagnant at Mike for a while.

Until a powerful aura swept out of Jenny. At this moment, the effect of an aphrodisiac was completely removed or rather transferred into someone else.

"Slight Reminder: Any physical contact with Aphrodisiac would instantly turn on the Yin-Yang Madness. In this state, the user's aura will have twice the effect of Aphrodisiac around him." Unfortunately, Mike wasn't in the state to see this. Although he wasn't completely unconscious, he couldn't move an inch.

Though he could feel his whole body burning hot. He couldn't open his eyes but he could still think. From that soft lips, he could feel a powerful energy-sucking into his own body.

He wasn't stupid. That energy was turning on his body, slowly raging his inner desires. If it was another girl or a girl who is weaker than him, he would've started crying. He didn't want to die because of sex.

But he could feel Jenny's strength was strong, very strong compared to the goblin. So, he is nothing but an ant in front of her. For the first time, he was proud of not having strength. Because even if he tries to push her under the bush, he doesn't strength to do.

In many novels he has read, these types of things are very common. And for the main character, it is kind of a fortune and misfortune. It was a fortune for him because that girl would be heavenly beauty, giving him immense pleasure.

It would be his misfortune because beauty attracts trouble. Mike fears death more than anything else and so he pinning his hope on Jenny to save him.

For a moment, nothing was changed inside Mike, so Jenny naturally didn't care. The dark purple gas shrouded around Jenny.

"Dark Element Sword Style- Phantom Strike"

From the very start, Jenny didn't hesitate to go all out. The reason was pretty simple. Currently, Mike was in a critical situation. Although she doesn't know how the effect went out, she could guess it was due to the kiss.

And hence, she was grateful to Mike.

The dark purple gas turned into the spiral threads that revolved around her. These threads stopped revolving and condensed into a long dark purple sword. She warped her five fingers around its dark hilt and pressed her right foot on the ground.

"Crack" "Whoosh"

On the solid grassland, a small crater was formed as she dashed towards the goblin with the speed almost the same as a bullet from a pistol. When she reached in front of the goblin, her sword stabbed forward. But that sword pierced nothing but air. That goblin suddenly disappeared.

She didn't turn invisible rather her body moved very fast. Her speed caught Jenny by surprise. Turning her head, she tried to find her but couldn't.

"Damn! It must be Bloodline Ability."

The goblin had already left. She didn't want to fight her especially when there was a huge difference in their strength. Using the bloodline ability was the best chance to escape for her. Unlike humans, monsters have bloodlines, they cultivate based on their bloodlines.

Of course, humans can also access bloodline, but it would be acquired bloodline. Just like innate ability, bloodlines are divided into innate and acquired. Of course, there can be some cases of beauty and a beast or beast and a handsome.

Bloodline abilities are very rare especially among lower races like goblins. Naturally, Jenny knows why that goblin could escape. Goblins are born for their speed, they might be one of the fastest races in the world and with their bloodline abilities, they are almost invincible on escaping.

After that goblin escaped, Jenny walked near those boys. Although they were unconscious, they weren't truly dead. The dark purple sword on her hand swung twice and blood spills on the ground.

If Mike could open his eyes, he would have been scared to death. Although he knew she would be cold and ruthless, this was still too much for his soft heart. But Jenny wasn't ruthless to everyone. After killing them, she walked near Mike and took out a potion from her inventory.

Normally, the game does provide inventory and you can even bring things in and out of the game. This potion was yellow knowing as Healing Potion. She opened the lid and slid it inside his mouth. She didn't know Mike was conscious but when she was feeding him the healing potion, she felt a burning heat from her soul.

If the previous aphrodisiac was turning her slowly, then the aura around Mike turned her on in an instant. While she felt burning heat, she slowly began to take down his clothes.

'Wait, what am I doing' But while she removed his upper body clothes, she stopped herself gaining a little more consciousness. Her face turned red when she thought more and try to convince herself.

'I am just trying to check his injuries. Although healing can heal injuries fast, there might be some hidden injuries.'

Convincing, herself she zipped down his pant and slowly pulled them down. At this moment, her face turning lewder and lewder accompanied by her action. At this moment, Mike was feeling something. The worst-case scenario for mike was ongoing while he couldn't move his body.

But it wasn't just her, slowly he was also drowning in heat. When she stiffly removed his underwear, the first thought that came to her mind was something that would be made Mike mad.

'Does this guy has a limp dick Even the hair near my cave is longer than this.'

Then the next moment, she slapped her face and thought 'Oh **! How could I think something so immoral' Although she was trying to convince herself, she quietly pulled her pants and looked inside murmuring "I must trim them after returning home."


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