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Yin Yang Harmony System Chapter 20

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"Finally back!" Inside the room, Mike took out the helmet and release a breath. He looked around and found nothing has changed. Everything was in the same place but there wasn't a single speck of dust. Seeing this, Mike shook his head helplessly and put the helmet on the bed.

"Mom! I'm back." While walking down the stairs, he shouted. But for a while, nobody came. This made him surprised thinking 'Mom should be at home. How come she hasn't replied'

Then, he reached down and saw a recorder on the table. Mike moved towards the recorder and played it. The next moment his expression froze.

"Trash! If you want to see your mother alive, arrive at Downtown Street within a day and alone."

Hearing this voice, Mike's killing intent rose. He knew this wasn't the trap because his mom normally doesn't go out most of the time. Why In the past, she was almost raped by a gangster because of her beauty. Although her escape was a little strange, from then on she decided never to leave the home unless it is very necessary.

Of course, this doesn't mean she won't leave the home at all. But this time, he didn't expect she would be kidnapped by Mac. Suddenly, he took out his phone and pressed an icon. At the same time, he dropped the jade bottle on the ground.

"Hu!" "Whoosh"

Mike released a deep breath and rushed out. Even though he didn't use his ability energy, his speed was faster than cars. In an instant, he reached in front of Downtown Street. This street was known for gangster zone.

No world is perfect, naturally, this world has humans who are typically bad in certain circumstances. When he reached in front of the street, he was shocked to find there was not a single person on the street.

He kept walking since he didn't know where his mom was held on.

"Di! Di!"

Suddenly, his phone rang. Mike held his phone and saw a message

"Ninth House to the left!"

Mike was a little confused about how Mac knew he had reached here. But he didn't care. He walked on the road, further inside the street, and saw a big and uncolored house. In front of the gate, he saw two bulky men standing with a domineering aura.

At this moment, he found he had miscalculated. Both of them were already at the second stage of the soldier realm, not to mention there must be many other peoples inside. When he walked towards them, they didn't stop because the door was already opened.

Mike walked in but the room was very much dark. Suddenly, when lights were turned on, they got into his eyes, making him shut those eyes for a moment.

"Trash! You didn't expect to fall into my hands, did you Today, I'll make you pay for everything you did in the past." At this moment, Mac slowly came out from the shadow. His eyes were filled with contempt and anger.

"Mac, where is my mother Don't mix her in our fight!" Mike looked at Mac with hatred in his eyes. When they were six years old, they met for the first time in the school. Naturally, Mac was rich and arrogant and sometimes bullies other students.

Once he tried to bully Mike but got knocked out by him. From then on, the friction between them only increased. Since mike was still in the school, Mantle naturally couldn't help his little brother. Not to mention, he wasn't awakened at that time.

Even Mantle was beaten by Mike. Both brothers suffered in his hands but Mac suffered even more. That's why Mac hates Mike more than anything else. Mike wasn't a bully type but everyone in the school was afraid of him.

"Hehe! You want to see your mother, right" Mac snickered at his looks and laughed. He looked back at the shadow and shouted "Bring her out!"

Slowly, a bulky dude like the previous one from outside came with a wheelchair. In the wheelchair, a lady was placed with blood flowing out of her mouth and a big slap on her face. Seeing this, Mike's eyes turned red with fury, and anger flashed on his eyes.

"Mac, I'll kill you!"

Suddenly, he bursts his speed towards Mac but suddenly stopped in the middle. Looking at Mac who had his knife placed on her neck, Mike's face turned ugly as he asked "Mac, what do you want"

"Trash! Kneel down and let them beat you until I'm satisfied. Otherwise, my knife won't hesitate for a single second." While saying so, he made a small cut on her neck. Seeing this, Mike panicked "I'll kneel! I'll kneel! But if you do anything to her, I'll definitely kill you."

At this moment, he bent on his knees and kneeled in front of him.

"Bang" Suddenly, a stick smashed onto his back, leaving a scar on his cloth. But he didn't scream. Although he was normal, he has practiced martial arts. Even though he can't bear the pain like last time, this pain was not much for him.

"Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang"

One after another, bulky men smashed their stick on his back, shattering his clothes and turned his skin red and blue. At the same time, Mac shouted "What are you guys hiding for Come out and relieve your hatred!"

At this moment, Mike lifted his head to see their face. But suddenly got kicked in his face, only hearing some arrogant "Trash! Get your head down! How dare you look at us" Although their tone was arrogant, it had the taste of fear. They didn't want Mike to see them due to the fear from the past.

"Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang"

Then, those few youths who used to hang out with Mac on the Arena held sticks and smashed on him.

"Ku-ek" Finally, he began to bleed out of his mouth. At the same time, his skin was rupturing and finally, he was feeling pain over his body. His body soon starts bleeding. But he didn't lose his consciousness.

"Stop!" Suddenly, Mac shouted. Hearing his voice, everyone has stopped their movement.

"Tap" "Tap" "Tap" Mac slowly walked near him and bent down. He caught Mike's chin and lifted his head. Looking at his bloody face, he made a wide smirk and whispered "After this, I'll **** your mom and let you two leave with shame. My brother has already become the chief student of Wild Tiger Academy. So, I won't face any problem while you and mother will live in fame."

"You dare!!!" Suddenly, Mike roared with red eyes, dripping the blood on the ground. He was just about to raise his fist, suddenly flames burst beneath him. His body flew up in the air, smashed on the ceiling, and fell to the ground.

"Boom" "Bang" "Thud" "Ku-ek"

"Trash! How dare you yell at me" With an angry roar, Mac rushed towards Mike who was struggling to stand up. He clenched his fist with flames and smashed towards him.


Suddenly, Mike raised his left hand and caught his fist with ease. At this moment, there was no sign of anger in his eyes but the killing intent was constantly released from him.

"Trash! Do you dare to stop me Believe it or not, I'll kill your mother." Mac didn't understand how Mike caught his fist so easily. He was already in the late state of the first stage. This was also the reason why he dares to come out so easily.

When Mike heard his voice, he said "Look back!"

Hearing him, Mac's face was filled with disbelieve. He turned his head and saw Lucas holding Mike's mom in his hand while the bulky man was smashed on the ground. Unlike both of them, Lucas had already reached the second stage.

It has only been two days and Lucas had already reached the second stage which was very surprising. Mac had C-Rank talent with his family economy, he had used many resources to improve himself. As for Lucas, he was also very lucky.

He already possessed A-Rank talent. And his siblings gave him many resources they got from the academy. With resources and talent, he successfully reached the second stage. But most surprising was Mike, especially in Lucas's eyes.

He found Mike cultivation in an instant which shocked him. Because Mike didn't have the talent or resources to cultivate this quickly.

"How... How did you reach here My men are all around the Downtown Street." Mac shouted in disbelieve. Even if Mike had called for Lucas to help, he had already set his men around all of which kept giving him updates about everything. This is why he went to beat up Mike because until now, no one was seen by those men.

But it wasn't their fault either. When Mike left, he called for Lucas's help through a secret method. At the same time, he dropped the Invisible Potion on the ground. While rushing towards Downtown Street, he messaged Luck about the effects of Invisible Potion, so that he can free his mom.

"Creak" "Bang"

Finally, Mike released his unique ability and clutched Mac's hand. His force was so strong, it broke Mac's bones. But before Mac could scream, he clenched his right fists, pouring the ability energy into it, he smashed on Mac's chest.

"Creek" "Bang"


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