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Yin Yang Harmony System Chapter 5

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Inside the two floors roofed house,

Mike was lying on the bed. It has been half an hour. His bones were healed by the medicines and now he was taking ice massage on his shoulder to relieve pain. After all, he still got exercises to do.

"Mike, I am coming in." Suddenly, a sweet voice rang in his room, followed by a figure. This figure was his aunt. She had a beautiful face, but there were few wrinkles under her eyes. Although she looked slender and slim, her face was enough to say she was above thirty.

It was true indeed. She was thirty-eight but she still wears the skirt that reaches the length to her knees. While she wearing a normal t-shirt, her dressing style clearly didn't match with her falling hair. Her black hair was falling up to half of her back. And her name was Elizabeth Tyson.

And it was from her, that Mike inherited this surname. Originally, his surname was Darin. So, when he made his citizenship card, he changed his name. After all, the property is finished, there is no meaning to keep that name.

"Aunt, sorry for troubling you!" Mike felt a little anxious when he was in front of his aunt. He felt guilty for making her sad and anxious on such a happy occasion.

"How could it be troublesome And it is a happy occasion about your awakening." She shook her head while holding a plate in her hand. She closed the door and walked near Mike's bed. She showed him the food on the plate and said "Look! I made your favorite chicken pasta."

Seeing the chicken pasta on the plate, his anxious expression turned delighted. A big smile appeared on his face, as he greedily took the plate from her hand, after keeping the ice pack at the bed. He picked up a piece of chicken and put swallowed it. Feeling the hot but extremely crispy chicken, he let out another delightful expression, and slowly chewed the food, while still keeping the same expression.

To feel the taste, he even had his eyes closed. Only after he finished his first bite, he opened his eyes and spoke while giving his aunt a thumbs up "It is delicious as always. Thank you, aunt!" But before he could say anything, he had grabbed the next chicken.

"Alright, eat slowly!" Elizabeth shook her head with a helpless smile, looking at his expression. She walked to his side and picked up the ice bag. Then, she started doing the same thing that Mike was doing, relieving his pain.

"Aunt, you don't have to do it. I am just fine already." Mike felt uncomfortable making her work, so he couldn't help but ask her to stop.

"Alright, you just shut up and eat." Making a motherly position, she scolded him and kept massaging his shoulder with an ice bag. After a moment of silence, she suddenly spoke "Do you know, they left you because you had Dark Energy Resistance Body"

"But I knew you would awaken. Your spirit and Will were too strong from the very start. And so, it was only a matter of time. But this doesn't you have anything to prove. Just focus on getting stronger, and don't prove anything to anyone. As long as you are happy, that's all it matters.

"Ummm!" His voice was very soft at this moment, and he seems crying.

While saying so, she buried Mike's head on her stomach. After a moment, when she pushed his head back. She found her t-shirt was completely wet due to tears. When his tears didn't fall, he looked up at his aunt's face and asked with red eyes "Aunt, I had something that I always wanted to ask you."

"Can I call you mom from now on"

"Yes" This time, tears didn't fall from her eyes. And she nodded her head with a bright smile. Then, she looked at her wet t-shirt and said "I'll be back in a few moments."

But while moving away, a thought appeared in her mind 'Silly, you can always call me mom. After all, I'm your true mother. But I'm incompetent. I can't even call you son but I did everything a mother could do for her son. So mike, never forget your mother's request.'

Mike was completely immersed in the deliciousness of chicken pasta. It was simply a mixture of pasta and chicken but made with a different ingredient that gives the taste that makes him blissful.

After Mike finished his meal, he felt extremely energetic and his pain was almost gone. He quickly went to the sink and washed his hands. After that, he went to his room for the exercise. But before exercise, he wanted to try cultivation, since he needs to rest awhile after eating.

Cultivation was a very simple process and he was taught about it at an earlier age. Cultivation is just like meditation. In cultivation, one needs to absorb particles of dark energy that have been living in the earth since that explosion.

There are also few free cultivation techniques that can allow a person to fall into the meditative state.

Dark energy particles are naturally invisible and can't absorb forcefully. At least, he hasn't heard anyone doing so. To absorb dark energy, one must activate his Innate Ability source from his core. This source does have a small suction force but nothing to absorb the dark energy particles from the surrounding.Core is the source.

Since dark energy is in the surrounding, it is always in contact with us but one can't feel it since their body has already been evolved or they don't enough Will. So, people need to use the source to attract the dark energy particles inside the body.

Once dark energy particles enter the body, it follows different routes, and at this moment, one must concentrate to control the dark energy particles inside the body. Once a person controls it, he can merge it with his own physical energy.

In this process, his whole body gets strong. This is why Mantle was able to break his bones with a slight pinch. This process tempers one's body and the remaining energy that gets produced during this process merges with the ability source.

Thus, ability energy gets produced. But obviously, what is the role of talent in this process There are two roles that one must remember before cultivating. After all, talent varies and you don't want to compare with someone whose talent is ten times better than you.

After all, each talent rank has a huge gap, especially talents above C-Rank. This is why Mantle fears Luke even though both of them are in the same realm. The mantle is rich but Luke is not. Mantle's family is a business family while Luke's family is an ordinary family.

And this was the reason why both of them were at the same stage even though Mantle's talent was B-Rank while Luke's talent was A-Rank.

Talent is necessary for cultivation because it makes a difference in the power of attraction. This is just the first reason while the second reason is the amount of ability energy. Since the amount of remaining energy is very pure, core produces the dilute form of energy to fill up the core when it merges with the ability source.

This is like a programmed function of a core that a human can't change. So, when your talent is very high, the ability source will create a more dilute form because the quality of that dilutes form matters. If an E-Rank absorbs dark energy particles for a day, he can fill twenty percent of his core with dilute ability energy, with dilute energy being one-fifth of the original energy.

But if an S-Rank absorbs dark energy particles for a day, he can fill a hundred percent of his core with dilute ability energy with dilute energy being two-fifth or even three-fifth of the original energy. This is the difference between talents.

And there is another difference which just counterpart the function of the core. If a person's talent is higher, he can control the amount of purity of energy to some extent. This is why S-Rank can make their dilute energy three-fifth to that of original energy.

But Mike is obviously an E-Rank, so what does he plan to do now


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