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Chapter 2394: Queen Sally

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All the elves thought that it would be a confrontational meeting.

They didnt expect Irina and Sally to stand on the altar together, looking like a pair of sisters.

Although Irina had a strong presence, Sally wasnt suppressed by her.

The queen and the high priestess were in seclusion, so the coronation ceremony should be hosted by the elders in the race.

However, Irina wanted to host the coronation ceremony for Sally personally.

All the elves had a strange expression on their faces.

Even though Irina was powerful, it didnt seem appropriate for her to host the ceremony.


Irina said to Sally, “These fellows dont even know how to communicate with the Tree of Life.

Royal Mother is not around and Helena isnt coming, so its up to me to host the conferring ceremony for you.

Will you blame me for snatching the limelight away from you”

Sally smilingly replied, “Im very happy that you can come today.”

Irina also smiled.

She looked at Sally and lamented inwardly.

“The most correct thing that old witch Helena did in her life was choosing you to be the princess.”

That timid maiden who liked to follow her around back then, had finally grown up and turned into someone she liked.

“The coronation ceremony will start now!”

Irinas voice echoed throughout the square.

“Pray to the God of Life!”

As she finished speaking, a silver beam lit up on the white jade altar and a three-meter-tall white jade stele slowly rose up in the center of the altar.

A vague back view of a woman was carved on that stele.

Next to her, was a huge tree with dancing branches.

Sally stopped smiling and her expression turned solemn.

She lifted her skirts and folded her hands across her body before kneeling on the white jade altar and bowing down to that stele.

All the elves on the square and viewing stands knelt and bowed towards the altar.

“Anna, this is the god that we elves believe in.” Shirley got Anna to stand from their seats and bowed down as well.

Amy looked around her and turned around to ask Mag, “Father, do we need to bow down too”

Yabemiya and the ladies also looked uncomfortable in their seats.

Fortunately, they were sitting in the corner and didnt seem so conspicuous.

“We dont have to bow down.

We dont believe in Gods.” Mag shook his head.

He was a demi-god now who was raising a god.

Praying to an illusory god was rather strange.

“Oh.” Amy nodded and stopped moving around.

After bowing three times, the ceremony was completed.

Sally got up.

Then, all the elves got up.

A silver metal pen appeared in Irinas hand.

She went forward and carved Sallys name onto that stele stroke by stroke.

Looking at the stele carefully, one could see over 10 names before Sallys name.

They were names of all the elven queens.

After leaving her name on the stele, a silver beam emerged from the stele and went into Sallys glabella.

It left a silver crescent mark on her glabella.

“The Goddess of Life has already recognized Sally!” Shirley said softly.

Mag looked at that stele with curiosity.

He wondered where that Goddess of Life was right now Had she already ascended, or was she trapped somewhere like the God of the Sea and waiting for a chance to reincarnate

“Coronation by the Holy Tree and ascending to the throne!”

Irinas voice sounded again.

The branches of the Tree of Life spread to its sides and golden and green dots of light sparkled like the stars as the branches swung.

It even covered the suns beam.

A branch came down and took out a golden crown from the top of the stele.

The golden crown sparkled in the sunlight.

There was a pear-shaped sapphire right in the center of the crown.

A holy presence emanated from the crown, making people want to pray to it.

“Is it an artifact” Mags eyes lit up.

He could sense an unusual presence from that crown.


Pretty.” Kiddo stared at that crown with glowing eyes and then turned to Mag.

“I want it.”

“Not that.” Mag shook his head and looked at Kiddo whose trident was being used as a hairpin.

It was an item left behind by the gods.

The elves expression became increasingly devoted and fervent as they stared at the crown.

The branch picked up the crown, lowered it slowly on Sallys head and placed it on her head.

The golden light engulfed her.

The light was so glaring that people instinctively looked away.

They lowered their heads and avoided looking at it.

Irina narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked at Sally dazed for a moment.

From the time she could understand things, everyone told her that she would be wearing this crown some day and become the elven queen.

What a heavy burden.

It forced her to get stronger continuously and break all the records set by the people who came before her.

She didnt know when she started to hate this arrangement.

Perhaps, it was when she met that youth at the Magus Tower Or she could no longer find an opponent in her generation Or was it because of those nauseating rules and systems

Thus, she left home, escaped from the Wind Forest and ventured around the Norland Continent.

She was no longer that cold and noble elven princess.

She defeated all the magic casters in the world at the Rodus Magic Caster Tournament and took the number one spot.

She fooled Dracula into having a grass-eating vampire exhibition and made a load of money.

She brought Alex to rob the Golden Dragon Islands gold vault and filled up 12 space magic rings…

She did many things that were considered as rebellious to the elven elders, but she became the idol of the younger generation.

Because, she had already become a legend by becoming so powerful at such a young age.

She left an awesome undefeated battle record and she traveled alongside the toughest man on the Norland Continent.

She didnt like this noble arrangement and didnt think she would be a good queen.

At first, she thought she could escape from her destiny, but in a twist of fate, Sally became the new princess on her behalf and was crowned as the queen now.

The branch took a gold scepter with a ruby embedded on it from the stele again and handed it to Sally too.

The crown and scepter were the symbols of the queens power.

From this moment on, Sally was officially the elven queen!

Sally stepped forward with the crown in her head, raised the golden scepter up and loudly said, “My people, the God of Life blesses all of you!”

“The Queen!”

“Her Majesty the Queen!”

The elves began to cheer with fanatic and adoring expressions.

The Tree of Lifes branches swayed gently as the green dots of light scattered over the square and landed on all the elves.

The life aura was surging, merging into their bodies, healing all their hidden injuries and diseases.

Irina watched this scene with a smile and slowly backed away.

She believed Sally could do a better job than her and bring a brighter future to the elves.

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