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211 So Young Master Is into This Kind of Thing

“Human, stop! Or do you want to see if these silver blades are faster or if Im faster at breaking the necks of these two little foxes”

The Three-headed Heavenly Demon said with a cold sneer and a sinister expression.

“Ah!” The Three-headed Heavenly Demon held the two little foxes in each hand.

When his sharp claws exerted force, they immediately sank into the white and smooth skin on their neck.

Blood immediately oozed out and dyed their clothes red.

At first, the two little foxes subconsciously cried out in alarm.

However, when they realized in their panic that the Three-headed Heavenly Demon was planning to use them to threaten Liu Yuan, The little foxes immediately gritted their teeth and suppressed their frightened cries, not willing to make a sound.

They were afraid that they would mess up Liu Yuans mind.

The threatening silver daggers in the surroundings arranged themselves into a formation and slowly drew back.

They formed a circle around the Three-headed Heavenly Demon in the center, constantly spinning and humming.

Just by looking at the speed of the blades rotation, one could imagine how bloody the scene would be when they pierced through a human body.

Because these blades not only pierced through flesh and blood, but each of them was like a small meat grinder, bringing unimaginable pain.

It was no wonder that wherever Pihuan Luo went, the dead would be turned into pieces of flesh, and their wails and screams could be heard for miles.

It was so tragic that no one could bear to look at it.

Especially when the demon sect was exterminated, it was indescribable to see mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

This was because those who had seen this scene would have an indelible psychological shadow.

The entire sects buildings were covered with a layer of bloody mud, and even the sky was dyed red.

This was the Whirling Forms.

As the current controller of the Whirling Forms, Liu Yuan could clearly feel that these silver blades actually had different forms.

Among them, about a hundred of them had been refined with different magical powers.

It could even be said that they were so strong that it left one speechless.

However, Liu Yuans spirit energy and demonic Qi were intertwined.

It was already very difficult to maintain the balance with the help of the spiritual energy and pills from Zhiying.

How could he have the spare time to use these divine abilities

boxn ovel.


Even the movements of the silver blades were mostly due to the spiritual connection of the magic artifact itself.

They followed his vague orders and maintained themselves.


Liu Yuan leaned on Zhiying.

He did not control his spiritual force well, and it was as if there was a big explosion in his meridians.

The conflict between the two was so intense that he felt suffocated.

His vision went black, and a sweet taste surged up his throat.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Zhiying tightened his hold on him and said in a low voice, “Only the Jade Mirage Sect has a way to get rid of the demonic Qi entering the body.”

“Its fine.

I was going to the Jade Mirage Sect to find your aunt.” Liu Yuan waved his hand and Zhizhi hurriedly appeared beside him.

She pulled his hand and used her pure spiritual power to treat Liu Yuans injuries.

“…” Zhiying suddenly wanted to throw this womanizers father into the sea.

Of course, this was just a thought in an instant.

The obedient Zhiying would not put it into practice.

“It seems that youre really a playboy.

Even the Jade Mirage Sect, the number one sect in the world, has your love debt.

Why dont you tell me who it is”

A girlish laugh came from above, and the black mist condensed back into a beautiful, snow-white female body.

The clothes on her body had turned into a black dress.

Although it was still He Qingmengs face, the feeling she gave off was very different.

The original He Qingmeng, at least from her disguise, should have been a gentle and delicate young lady from an unmarried family.

But now, she gave people the feeling that she was smiling devilishly and sinisterly, bloodthirsty and cruel.

Of course, Liu Yuan would not answer her question, which was obviously to get information.

“Are you jealous” Liu Yuan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a fake smile, “Earlier, you said that you wanted to repay me with your body.

I dont think its necessary.

If you destroy your own cultivation and kneel down to be my slave, I can consider it!”

He had meant to humiliate her, but He Qingmengs face turned bright red.

She deliberately put on her dignified appearance and said timidly, “So Young Master is into this kind of thing.

Although I dont understand, Im willing to do it.

Candle whips, or holes and rings, Im fine with either.”

Liu Yuan cursed in his heart.

F*ck, shes is a real pervert!

He completely understood what she was saying, but he did not realize that he was also a pervert.

Zhiying frowned at the side, as if she did not quite understand this guys brain circuit.

Her little head was wondering what the so-called candle whip was.

Chuichui, who was standing at the side, seemed to have understood something.

She looked at Liu Yuan, her eyes flashing.

At first, she was eager to try, but then she stopped, realizing that it was not the time.

On the other side, the Three-headed Heavenly Demons body still retained the general outline of Pang Ying.

Under the tattered clothes on his body was the dark-green skin and the curvaceous body of a female.

However, its height had already reached three meters, which was close to three meters.

Its four limbs were very slender, and it looked extremely terrifying.

Su Bi and Su Zhuangs faces were deathly pale.

Although they tried their best to control their expressions, they still looked like they were about to cry in fear.

These two little foxes had spent their entire lives in Mud Mountain and had never come out.

Now that they were being held by the necks by a demon, they were naturally in a panic.

The Three-headed Heavenly Demons judgment of the situation and the point of attack was quite accurate.

He was worthy of being a capable general of the demon race, one of the Four Great Heavenly Demons.

These two little foxes were the weakest here, and their combat experience was the same.

They had dodged earlier on, but because of the sudden change in the battle situation, Liu Yuan was suddenly ambushed.

The two of them could not help but step forward and were captured in an instant.

“Its just that these two little foxes wont be able to withstand this little bit of suffering~” He Qingmeng laughed.

The Three-headed Heavenly Demon immediately understood, and his claws exerted some strength.

Liu Yuan looked at the blood flowing from the sisters necks and the little lolis who were still biting their lips and closing their eyes to hold back tears.

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

“Stop! I admit defeat!”

The Three-headed Heavenly Demons movements paused, and the two little lolis suddenly opened their eyes.

Then, they looked at Liu Yuan with teary eyes and shook their heads.

He Qingmeng licked the blood on her fingertips.

She narrowed her eyes, and a look of intoxication appeared on her face.

There was a hint of jealousy in her eyes, and she smiled.”Really, this mistress is now somewhat fond of Young Master, but its not too late.

In the future, when we reach the Demon Realm, we will have a lot of time to spend together.”

When Liu Yuan heard this, he knew that this demon was really putting on an act.

In fact, she might have seen that there was something fishy about Liu Yuans cultivation, or she had seen his potential, so she wanted to transform him into a demon to serve the Demon Realm.

Liu Yuan raised his hand and seemed to be struggling to pull back the silver blades.

Bit by bit, he took advantage of the Three-headed Heavenly Demon and He Qingmengs relaxed vigilance while they were focused on the silver blades and suddenly shouted, “Use the Nether Moon Bell to return to Mud Mountain!

He and the two little foxes looked at each other.


The bell rang.

“Sob, sob, you Big Bad Guy, I forgive you for having another fox.

You have to come to Mud Mountain to find us!” Su Bi suddenly exploded and shouted at Liu Yuan with tears in her eyes.

Su Zhuangs eyes were like spring water.


With a flash of white light, the fox races sacred artifact took the two little foxes away.

The two demons expressions suddenly froze.

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