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Chapter 2527: The exquisite empressTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Hans heart jolted as well.

It had been too long since he had last seen his wife.

Everyone here were Celestial Kings, but every single Celestial King seemed to have gone mad as they scrambled all over one another, surging in the same direction.

Previously, Yan Qiuyun had been like the moon with a myriad of stars revolving around her, but now her entourage had basically dispersed.

Aside from Chen Ziyu, only the two Celestial Kings in blue robes and green robes were left, but their expressions also held hints of hesitation, as if they were wondering if they, too, should go with the rest of the crowd.

Yan Qiuyuns expression looked slightly livid.

She had always been proud of her beauty, thinking that no one else could compare to her in this world.

Furthermore, in her dimension, her beauty had indeed reigned supreme over a whole era.

But now that she was here, she actually could only rank fourth, and furthermore, this was only this term ranking of the Hundred Flowers Scroll.

In the overall leaderboard, she was not able to enter into even the top 100.

But in the Empresss case

Not only was she top in this term ranking of the Hundred Flowers Scroll, she would be considered one of the most beautiful even in the overall leaderboard.

With such a comparison, how could she not feel jealousy

The crowds were surging back inside because the Empress had already walked in.

Her brilliance could not be concealed even if she was surrounded by the masses.

Every single person looked like they were completely enchanted, intoxicated by the Empresss charisma.

It should be known that these were all Celestial Kings!

“It would be wonderful if I could stand by the goddesss side.”

“I just want to look at her from a close distance.”

“If the goddess could just say a few words to me, even if I were to immediately die, it would still be worth it.”

Beside Ling Han, those young men and women murmured under their breaths.

His wifes charisma was truly strong.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and strode forwards, heading towards the Empress.

Only the Empress was there, and there was no sign of Hu Niu or Bewitching Maiden Rou.

“Hey, what are you forcing your way in for” There were people blocking his path, and Ling Han easily pushed them aside, but they were naturally displeased.

They had only squeezed their way in so far after great difficulty.

‘What are you doing now Dont you know what “first come, first served” means

Ling Han naturally took no heed of them, and continued onwards.

As his terrifying aura unfurled, there was no one that could stop him as they all stumbled aside.

In such a manner, he was immediately standing out from the crowd.

Yan Qiuyun saw this, and couldnt help but feel even more jealous.

Though she did not have any feelings for Ling Han, he previously had just been one of her “courters,” yet now was overcoming all obstacles to curry favor with another woman.

Furthermore, this woman was a great rival of hers at that, which made her extremely displeased.

“This shameless guy actually intends to really court Luan Xing” Chen Ziyu was also stunned, and felt that Ling Han was truly shameless.

Furthermore, he had not just been making empty promises previously, but had really come for the sake of Luan Xing.

“Hehe, merely seeking his own humiliation.” Those young men and women that had previously mocked Ling Han all sneered coldly.

Who did not know that Luan Xing was extremely proud, and she was completely unconcerned about even the advances of Gu Heyi, Xiao Yingxiong, Miao Hua, and other such freaks

…If that were not the case, there would be no chance for others, either.

Who would dare covet the woman that those monsters had set their eyes on

Everyone that saw this scene shook their heads, laughing at Ling Han who had no estimate of his own measure.

So what if you are a Monarch Star Though the majority of disciples in the Worlds Paramount Martial Academy were monarch tiers, there really were quite a large number of Monarch Stars as well.

There would be thousands of them with every term.

With Ling Hans strength, it was like he was walking on a plateau, no one capable of blocking his way, and adding the Empress, whose personality was one to look down on the rest of the world, her steps did not stop at all.

Hence, the two of them very soon encountered each other.

No more than three meters separated them as they faced one another.

Everyone was internally lamenting in pity for Ling Han.

The Empress was too proud; who dared to block her path Even if the Empress could not deal with him, when Gu Heyi and the others found out, they definitely would move personally and help the Empress resolve the problem.

Thus, if one offended Gu Heyi, Miao Hua, or the others, they would only be offending a single person, but if one offended the Empress… that would mean offending all the freaks of this term at the same time.

Only a fool would do something like that!

One who was ignorant had no fear.

This guy had to have just enrolled in the martial academy.

The Empress looked coldly at Ling Han, just about to say “scram,” when she suddenly started.

She did not have the frightening sense of smell of Hu Niu, but having spent so much time with Ling Han, how could it be that she would be unable to recognize her own man

…Even if Ling Hans appearance had changed now.

Ling Han cracked a grin.

He knew that the Empress had already recognized him.

The Empress took a step, andxiu, it was like she had become an arrow that shot towards Ling Han.

“The goddess has moved!”

“He, the goddess is not just beautiful.

She is a great Monarch Star, and has formed a perfect Celestial Seed.

Her Evolution Index has probably already reached 11.

Thus, though she is only in the middle stage of Third Heaven, her battle prowess is as high as Fifth Heaven!”

“If that were not the case, how could she possibly obtain the admiration of Gu Heyi and the others”

“Now that the Empress has moved, what person of the same cultivation level could stop her”

“This guys is going to be— f***!”



A series of exclamations rang out as everyone dared not believe what they were seeing.

Their mouths gaped widely, even their tongues lolling out in shock.

What had they seen

The Empress had not attacked with this pounce, but had rather leaped into Ling Hans arms.


They had to have seen wrongly.

Haha, how could it be possible that that haughty goddess would throw herself into the arms of a man

They rubbed their eyes again, yet gritted their teeth once more.

Not only was the goddess still in the arms of that man, that man even had an arm hooked around the goddesss slender waist, while his other hand was gently stroking the goddesss glossy hair.


Yan Qiuyun spluttered, coughing in spite of herself.

Chen Ziyu was gaping widely.

As she saw it, Ling Han was not even qualified to speak with the Empress, yet now he actually had his arms around the goddess that everyone dreamed and yearned for!

Gods, could it be that she was still dreaming

By the side of the plaza, those young men and women were all gaping in shock, feeling like they were in an illusion.

Just moments ago, they had been mocking that Ling Han was trying to aim above his league, and actually wanted to court Yan Qiuyun.

But in the end The other had directly courted the goddess of the martial academy, who had surpassed Yan Qiuyun by who knew how many times over.

They all felt their faces flush with heat, wanting nothing more than for a hole to open up on the ground so they could bury themselves inside.

“Holy f***, whats going on here” someone finally muttered.

“Could it be that this guy is expert in using enchantment techniques, and has bewitched the goddess”

“That must be it!”

“Still, no matter what, when Gu Heyi and the others find out… this brat will be done for!”

“He will definitely be done for!”

Everyone came back to their senses.

It was one matter for Ling Han being able to embrace the beauty now, but how could Gu Heyi and the others just sit by and watch To say nothing that this would be a group of infuriated freaks, even if only one of them moved, how could Ling Han be able to withstand their attacks

Sigh, the word “lust” was topped with a“knife1“.

Yan Qiuyun also thought of this fact as well.

Involuntarily, a hint of a smile curled up the corners of her lips.

This time, this was really hitting two birds with one stone.

Ling Han was going to be in trouble, but for the Empress to actually throw herself in the arms of a minor character, this naturally would cause her reputation to drop greatly.

Goddess More like psycho.

Ling Han had no wish to turn himself into the focus of everyones attention.

Though it was inevitable now, he still pulled the Empress with him to the side of the plaza, beckoning to her to eat.

The Empress couldnt help but laugh slightly.

Her husband was truly a glutton.

Seeing how the Empress was smiling so enchantingly, everyone was dazed.

It had been so many years, but who had ever witnessed a smile appear on the Empresss face

Beautiful, too beautiful.

“Breaking news! Breaking news!” Two people rushed through the doors in great hurry, “Extremely ground-breaking news; Zhuo Kai is actually doingthat with a man, completely naked, in the open in wild!”

They were Wu Jue and Xu Shan.

To their shock, they discovered that no one even gave them a second look, even though they had brought such exciting, ground-breaking news.

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