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Chapter 1038: Leaving

The 3 silhouettes shot out a purple-red light at the same time, intersecting together.

In an instant, all the silhouettes became blurred, leaving only the purple-red light that was becoming stronger and stronger.

Raphael felt that the space originally imprisoned by the spirit gathering magic circle was split by an indescribable law power.

Not only that, the shape of the surrounding space had undergone a sudden change.

He was in a special triangular space now.

The next second, the overlapping images of triangles spread, and everything in the entiretriangle was shattered.

Including space.

Not just a simple destruction.

It seemed that there was an attribute that was completely opposite to the destruction.

The moment the 2 attributes were released, it seemed that the positive and negative polarities were blended, and the power was stronger than thedestruction level.

In everyones vision, Raphaels entire body shattered in an instant.

Everyone was stunned, including Camael, the supreme guardian of the Holy Light Mountain.

Raphael, 1 of the 3 strongest archangels under the legendary Light God, is actually killed byArthur

Before everyone could see it more clearly, everything became blurred, as if even the vision itself was shattered.

The purple light disappeared after a few seconds, but the shattering continued.

After a long time, the space that had become a complete vacuum gradually recovered.

The white light flickered in the sky.

It seemed that countless scattered rays of light condensed, and the intact Raphael appeared.

This made everyone in the Holy Church brief a sigh of relief.

Although the appearance was intact, from the dignified face of Raphael, the impact and shock brought to him just now was indeed no trivial matter.

“As expected of [Body of Light Recovery].

Among the opponents Ive seen, only Sariels [Body of Moon Soul] can match it.” Chen Ruis figure appeared on the opposite side, and he sighed with emotion.

“Sariel was your opponent Who are you Whats your purpose for coming to the Holy Light Mountain” Raphaels eyes were fixed on Chen Rui.

The original disdain had long since faded.

If it wasnt for [Body of Light Recovery], even a peak stage Pseudo-God like him would suffer a big loss.

This enemy has strange methods.

He is probably from the Demon Realm, but he has the [Body of Light Glory], which is the rarest in the human world.

In short, he is an opponent that cannot be underestimated.

“Im an outsider.” Chen Rui shook his head, “You can say that I came here by accident.

Whether its the Book of Creation, faith… Hmph hmph, those are not what I want.”

“It doesnt matter if you dont tell the truth.

I believe that soon you will reveal everything one by one.” Raphaels white eyes burned with a vast might, “The blow just now actually used the power of Holy Light Robe.

Although its not bad, it should consume a lot of your strength.

At least you wont be able to activate it again in a short time.

Now I have full confidence to take you down!”

“I admit that the consumption of[Dimension Destruction] just now far exceeded expectations.

In fact, it was the first time I successfully activated that skill, thanks to the sense of oppression you brought.” Chen Rui spread out his hands nonchalantly, “I also admit that I am not your opponent yet, so… lets save the more intense fight for the next time.”

“This is not a place where you can come and go as you want! Stay!” Raphael snorted as his eyes brightened.

He didnt give the other party a chance to talk at all.

The long stick in his hand blended into the void in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, the audience felt a chill in their spine.

The entire space was filled with countless disordered green thunderbolts containing a strong might, which surrounded Chen Rui.

‘Arthur had been approved by the 3 holy relics, and the [Body of Light Glory] was by no means fake.

The light element attacks would only be half less effective, so what Raphae activated was a wind element might.

Just when the green thunderbolts were about to approachArthur,Arthur suddenly became transparent.

Those green thunderbolts passed through him before they were immediately reflected back.

[Mirror Body]!

Raphael had suffered from this trick in front of the Light Divinity Temple.

He hastily shook his hand, the long stick appeared again in front of his body as it absorbed all the reflected green thunderbolts.

At this moment, Raphael suddenly sensed a change in the nearby fluctuations.

2 intertwined rays of blue light and red light appeared beside him.

The space suddenly solidified.

Not only the space, but even his soul was frozen by this strange force.

The thunderbolts might suddenly stagnated.

“Seal of Fire and Wind!” Raphael blurted out in shock at the familiar force.

Seal of Fire and Wind was a confinement artifact that bound the enemys soul and body, causing them to lose their combat power.

The owner back then was Raphael himself.

Due to a certain battle, this artifact was damaged by a powerful enemy and split into 2 parts.

1 was theChain of Mind that imprisoned the soul, and the other was theShackles of True Flame that bound the body.

The power was greatly reduced.

They were only equivalent to the high-grade quasi-artifact level.

Raphael tried many methods, but he couldnt fix it, so he gave theShackles of True Flame to Isyorul, who had done great deeds whereas the other was given toArthur who swore allegiance at the time at the Golden Estate.

Currently,Arthur activated not a separateChain of Mind but a completeSeal of Fire and Wind.

Although the power had decreased compared with the original, it was still extraordinary.

Even Raphael was unable to break free in a short period of time as he was caught off guard.

Only by obtaining theShackles of True Flame can a complete artifact be formed.

Raphael immediately reacted, “It turns out that Isyorul was killed by you!”

Hearing this sentence, Landbis in the distance was shocked.


She had witnessed that battle with her own eyes.

Not only that, she had also personally recruited theRichard who had beaten the teachers and students of Starlight College.

She vaguely remembered thatRichard once said, “Maybe one day, your fiancé will suddenly appear and cancel the engagement.”

This sentence had now become a reality.

Turns out he was…

It turns out that this supreme powerhouse that is competing with the legendary 3 archangels was theArthur I knew…

When she was in the magician city Jaqda, she actually had a chance when she made a special trip to look forArthur.

“I want to ask you formally, are you really unwilling to accept this marriage”

“I do not want to!”

Since then, the last ties between the 2 had disappeared in a transaction full of interests, and many things had been irreversible.

She didnt plan to look back, but her mind seemed to be flooded with mixed feelings.

All kinds of emotions surged immediately.

“Is it that guy with 3 eyes” Chen Rui didnt deny it, but told a morereasonable lie, “I havent recovered my strength yet at that time, so it took me great effort.”

Immediately, Raphael thought of something more, and his eyes widened, “Snow Dallet!”

These 2 words set off a storm in Eudoras mind in the distance as she finally understood – It turns out that thisArthur is theSimon who pretended to be Pauls subordinate and mixed into the Holy Blessing Summit to steal the Snow Dallet as well as the phoenix egg! He was also the Holy Light Guardian Knight whom I bestowed!

Eudora already hated theSimon who deceived her and stole the phoenix egg.

She vowed revenge, but now she dared not have the slightest thought – That is a Pseudo-God who can compete with Sir Raphael!

Chen Rui laughed, “As expected of Raphael.

Your reaction speed was a few seconds faster than I thought.

However, this is not the time to discuss this.

Thanks for your hospitality today.

It is time for me to say goodbye.”

“Do you think this level ofSeal of Fire and Wind can trap me” Raphael said, “Before I break free, you better think about how to escape from the space sealed by this spirit gathering magic circle.

I want to see if you still have the ability to crack the runes I set up with faith power.”

“Your ancient runes are really impressive, but unfortunately, I dont have time or interest to spend it with you anymore.

In fact, I think its not difficult to leave, so I have to mention your mistakes here.” With that said, a block of transparentwalls appeared around Chen Rui.

There was a faint glittering light.

The residual power of the green thunderbolts was immediately repelled.

Raphael felt that the space in the spirit gathering magic circle had changed.

If the dozens of pillars he activated in the big formation were was a checkmate, then the transparentwall now was equivalent to another checkmate, turning thecheckmate to acomparative match.

Since it was comparative, it could not be called a checkmate, but a solvable match.

Raphael looked at the cluster of crystal light that rose higher and higher before it finally formed a tower.

He said in terror, “Tower of Glory!”

At this moment, he finally understood what themistake the other party was talking about – It turns out that the owner of the Tower of Glory is not Python but thisArthur!

Raphael only felt that the shock he felt today was too much to digest.

In fact, he didnt know that another archangel Michael had the same feeling on a certain day not long ago.

The Tower of Glory formed an independent space in the middle.

In the space, a light blue light door appeared in Raphaels gaze.

“Damn it!” Raphael shouted when he saw that it was a teleportation portal.

His white pupils were blazing, his long black hair turned white in an instant, and his strength suddenly increased.

The blue and redSeal of Fire and Wind suddenly shook as if it was stretched by some intangible force.

After surpassing the limit, it finally burst into countless luminous spots and scattered.

Raphael moved like lightning.

He had appeared in front of the Tower of Glory in the blink of an eye.

The pillars of the entire spirit gathering magic circle had disappeared, and the huge power was condensed on the silver long stick in his hand, shooting at the crystal tower.

This blow almost condensed the power of the entire spirit gathering magic circle.

Because there was a space artifact like the Tower of Glory, the confinement of the surrounding space had become meaningless.

The only way is to fully defeat the defense of the Tower of Glory and kill the abominablerat before he escapes into the space door!

It was not the first time that Raphael faced theTower of Glory.

When the Holy Dragon Rodriguez defected with the light origin fragment back then, Raphael personally hunted him.

Although he severely injured Rodriguez, Rodriguez finally activated the Tower of Glory and escaped.

Raphael knew the power of this artifact very well, so he immediately took all the power of the spirit gathering magic circle and launched a full blow to break through the space barrier protection of theTower of Glory to killArthur!

The silver light hit the crystal tower immediately, “boom!” As the ground trembled, there were large cracks on the crystal tower.

However, Arthur was nowhere to be seen; only a faint sentence came into Raphaels ears.

“If youre patient enough, the Snow Dallet… might be a bargaining chip for some kind of deal in the future.”

Raphael rushed toward the blue light door that had not yet disappeared, but he actually passed through it.

He reluctantly activated several methods in succession, trying to capture or interfere through space, but none of them worked.

He could only watch the light door slowly faded away in front of him.

The long stick in Raphaels hand was trembling slightly because he was holding it too tightly.

The haze in his white eyes almost materialized.

He finally understood Michaels anger and unwillingness.

The silver long stick slammed into the ground, and the spirit gathering magic circle collapsed immediately.

In the midst of the gigantic shake, even the people who were protected by the enchantment in the distance were blown away by the huge force.

After the tremor subsided, everyone was horrified to find that the entire Cloud Platform, which was supported by the enchantment, had vanished into nothingness under the blow of anger.

Meanwhile, Raphael had long since disappeared.

TL: He still wants to trade with the Holy Church Is it to deal with the Abyss

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