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341 Identity Exposed

Breathing heavily, Shangguan Waners face turned red as she struggled frantically.

However, Ye Xuans hand was like an iron vice, and she could not break free.

“After awakening your special constitution, you should have awakened a lot of your memories.”


Hearing this, Shangguan Waners expression changed, and her eyes were filled with shock.

Did he know that she was the reincarnation of an ancient great empress

How was this possible

She was stunned.

Previously, Ye Xuan had identified the fact that she had the Undying Xuan Huang sword physique, so she knew that his strength had definitely reached a terrifying level.

Ever since then, Shangguan Waner had been worried.

She was afraid that Ye Xuan would find out that she was a reincarnated expert.

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still shocked to hear Ye Xuan actually say it.

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Of course, Ye Xuan only knew this due to the system.

However, after Shangguan Waner awakened the Undying Xuan Huang sword physique, Ye Xuan could tell that her aura and demeanor had changed slightly.

Ye Xuan guessed that it was probably because Shangguan Waner had awakened part of her memories from her previous life.

“You even know my identity…”

Shangguan Waner muttered in shock as she stared at Ye Xuan.

When she unconsciously wanted to put some distance between them, she realized that her wrist was still being held by Ye Xuan.

In the end, Shangguan Waner stopped struggling.

“You should have already made preparations, right”

Ye Xuan looked deeply at Shangguan Waner before letting go of her hand.

Earlier, through the deduction of the power of karma, Ye Xuan had already known that Shangguan Waner would definitely face a calamity related to the sea race.

Just now, that feeling had become even clearer.

Most importantly, the reason why Shangguan Waner had attacked the sea race was related to him.

However, thanks to her awakening of the Undying Xuan Huang sword physique, there was now an invisible force that prevented Ye Xuan from deducing the specifics.

Hearing this, Shangguan Waner fell silent.

Ye Xuan was right.

She had long been prepared for the exposure of her identity as a reincarnated expert.

After all, if a great emperor realm expert noticed her, they would definitely be able to find clues related to her identity.

As a lone cultivator, without a teacher, not only did she have a monstrous talent, but her strength was also extremely terrifying.

In addition to her high-level cultivation methods and martial techniques, it was easy to arouse suspicion.

Therefore, she had never revealed the full extent of her strength to the outside world.

This was in contrast to Ye Xuan, whom Jun Lingtian speculated to be the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert.

His rise to fame and power had been too sudden and abrupt in comparison, and his feats at that level were unheard of.

Of course, it was not that no one doubted Shangguan Waners origin, especially the masters of the Holy Lands.

However, they had no evidence to confirm anything and could only conclude that Shangguan Waner was just a peerless genius with monstrous talent.

Despite her caution, her identity had been discovered by Ye Xuan.

The most important thing was that not only did Ye Xuan discover her identity, but he also knew that she had only awakened part of her memories from her previous life.

What did this mean It meant that Ye Xuan knew everything from the very beginning.

“Do you think I will harm you”

Ye Xuan looked at Shangguan Waner and asked.

When Shangguan Waner heard this, her heart suddenly beat faster.

“I will naturally believe in my teacher!”

After Shangguan Waner calmed down her subtle emotions, she raised her head to look at Ye Xuan.

Shangguan Waners expression was very serious.

Although Ye Xuan liked to tease her, there was no doubt that he was good to her.

Whether it was the constant spiritual power infusion, or the gifts of all kinds of rare heavenly treasures, Ye Xuan had never been stingy with her..

She herself did not know how to repay such kindness.

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