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Just as Doflamingo was ready to fight to the death in the biggest square of the island, Wexford had already entered the palace of Dressrosa.

At this time, the palace was very cold compared to before the big attack of Wexford.

Before the attack of Wexford, the Beast Pirates and the Donquixote Family members made this place noisy.

If not for the loss of the battle, perhaps this place would still be a scene of singing and dancing.

“Well, this is not very good.”

Kozuki Oden, who followed behind Wexford, did not seem to be very satisfied with the decorations of Dressrosa.

As a person of Wano Country, Kozuki Oden still liked the classical style of his hometown.

However, compared to Kozuki Odens dislike, Shanks, who also followed Wexford, had a different opinion.

“This place is quite good.”

“Shanks, you still need to learn more.

When you arrive at Wano Country, you will know what is good.” Kozuki Oden still did not like the style of this place, so he did not forget to sell his Wano Country to Shanks at this time.

Wexford, who was walking at the front, did not participate in the conversation between the two, because he received a notice from the warehouse at this time.

The next Pirate King who was about to be copied had a lot of information.

Because Wexford had participated in the task of Gura Gura no Mi, after obtaining Gura Gura no Mi, he immediately threw himself into the battle with Kaido, so he did not have time to go to the warehouse to see the situation of the next Pirate King.

If not for the reminder of the warehouse, Wexford would have almost forgotten about this.

Now that the battle was over, the member of the Donquixote Family, Wexford, was handed over to Rosinante and Black Doflamingo, so he was free now.

In order to get a taste of the information of the next Pirate King, Wexford directly sat on the throne in the hall, and his consciousness appeared in the warehouse.

Arriving in his consciousness, Wexford did not delay at all.

He directly walked into the warehouse, and in three or two steps, he arrived at the eleventh door in the warehouse.

‘Copy of consciousness body completed, in the process of remodeling….

‘Name: Bucky.

‘Affiliation: 996 universes.

‘Due to the increase in reputation, the time of reconstruction is 25 days.

Estimated time of reconstruction is 25 days.

“Bucky What an unexpected name.” When Wexford saw the name on the door, he almost could not believe it.

If one wanted to list a form that had a chance of becoming a Pirate King, Wexford would not even let Bucky enter the list.

When Bucky appeared, Wexford did not have such an opposite expression.

However, since the new Pirate King had appeared, it naturally showed the strength of this Bucky.

“Wait, the 996 universe Why does it feel a little familiar”

When Wexfords gaze moved from the top name, the universe that the other party belonged to also shocked Wexford.

Isnt this world where Sakazuki is

Thinking of this, Wexford directly walked to the front of Sakazukis remodeling door.

When Wexford saw the universe on the door of Sakazuki, he finally confirmed that Sakazuki and this Bucky came from the same world.

Now Wexford had just copied ten Pirate Kings, this eleventh was still in the process of remodeling, so when the Pirate King of the same universe appeared, Wexford would make such a move.

“Is there any more information” Wexford returned to the front and back of the eleventh door and asked the warehouse in his consciousness.

At this time, on the door of the new Pirates King, Bucky, there was only a countdown on the huge door, except for the name and the universe.

‘According to common sense, there is no.

Under Wexfords culture, Warehouse also came out to explain.

Wexford seemed to have discovered the blind spot for Warehouses reply.

“In other words, this Bucky is a little abnormal”

‘Yes, Your Excellency.

The warehouse also did not beat around the bush, but continued to speak to Wexford,This Pirate King, since he is from the same world as the previously copied and reshaped Sakazuki, the information he gets comes faster than the other worlds.

“Then what are we waiting for Let the world out.” At this time, Wexford did not want to delay.

He also wanted to see how Bucky became the Pirate King.

has provided you with the basic information.

After the warehouse answer, the general information of the new Pirates King had appeared on the eleventh door, which was Bucky.

When Sakazuki betrayed the marine, Bucky unexpectedly joined the rebel army of Sakazuki.

And because of the change in experience, Bucky was taught a lot.

In the years spent with Sakazuki, Buckys Devil Fruit ability was gradually developed.

When Sakazukis rebel army began to occupy the New World, Bucky also met his old friend, Shanks, who was the Comander of the Roger Pirates.

It was also because of the relationship between the two of them that under Buckys persuasion, Red Hair Pirates joined the rebel army of Sakazuki.

As the battle continued, Buckys strength grew stronger.

However, compared to Sakazuki and Red Hair, Bucky was still a great distance away.

After all, someone who could become the Emperor of the Sea and Admiral was not someone who could be surpassed by just one person after two days of training.

And Buckyis transformation was in the Red Line, in the great war known as the Final Battle.

In that Great War, Sakazuki died and Shanks died.

The death of these two people had dealt a great blow to Bucky.

One of them was a teacher, bringing him from a weak pirate to the higher level of the rebel army.

Shanks was a close friend of Bucky, a partner who had fought together since childhood and died.

Therefore, in extreme grief, Bucky grasped the mystery of his Devil Fruit.

When he mastered his Devil Fruit ability, the rebel army who had successfully occupied the four seas pushed him to be the new Pirates King of the sea.

And under the gathering of Bucky, the new World Government set up a giant monument for Sakazuki on the Red Line and wrote the wordjustice.

From then on, Bucky became the control of the World Government.

However, he did not accept the title of Pirates King given to him by the World Government.

Instead, he placed the crown on the battlefield in the past, on the giant monument.

“Good fellow, he really became a Pirates King.

And he is more powerful than others.

He directly became the supreme ruler of the World Government.”

After reading Buckys introduction, Wexford could not help but sigh.

I dont know if Bucky is too lucky, or if he is really very talented and strong in the 996 parallel universe.

But no matter what, Bucky is really the Pirates King of One Piece World.

Although this Pirates King identity is completed under Sakazuki and Shanks.

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