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153 – Strong Offense

“He’s going to fight the Church of the Night”

In a spacious and bright cafe with a good atmosphere, the well-dressed Liu Yang was dumbfounded when he picked up his cell phone and listened to Shu Feng’s words.

His eyes fell on a tall and cute girl with brown hair in front of him, and he felt like weeping, “Shu Feng, can you not cause trouble.”

It took Liu Yang tremendous effort to pursue Emily, the beautiful girl of Reio Republic Royal School in front of him.

Now because of Shu Feng’s words, he has to escape from the Reio Republic.

This naturally filled his heart with countless grievances.

Emely smiled and said, “Liu Yang, where are we going afterwards”

Liu Yang replied with a wry smile, “Sorry, Emely, something else came up.

I need to leave now.”

Emely’s face sank.

She stirred the coffee in front of her with an emotionless expression and said coldly, “Liu Yang, if something came up and you have to leave, then go ahead and leave.

However, if you go, don’t ever ask me out again.”


Feeling as if his heart was cut with a knife, Liu Yang got up and strode out.

“Damn bastard, you’re actually making me pay the bill! Don’t let me see you again!”

Not long after Liu Yang left, Emely’s angry roars sounded in the cafe.

Shu Feng made several calls to inform Liu Yang, Zhong Ming, and Qi Ning about his situation and told them to escape separately.

As for Cao Zhen, the call couldn’t get through.

And he doesn’t know the whereabouts of the other party.

Shu Feng said, “Zhao Zixin, you’re not running away I’m going to face the Church of the Night.”

“I am the second seat freshman of Shuijing High School! Anything that you can do, I can do, as well!”

Zhao Zixin’s beautiful eyes flashed, her aura surged, and pinnacle stage Spirit Master realm, infinitely close to Great Spirit Master realm, fluctuations of spirit force slowly diffused from her.

When the paragon class students of Shuijing High School graduate, most of them still possess Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base.

Only about one-tenth of them are able to advance to the Spirit Master realm.

Yet Zhao Zixin is only one step away from becoming a Great Spirit Master.

This cultivation talent is simply terrifying.

Her actual combat ability is already at the Great Spirit Master realm.

“Give her to me! I’ll protect her!”

Zhao Zixin looked at Hasna, who was being held in Shu Feng’s arms, and then suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and spoke coldly.

“Then I will have to trouble you!”

Shu Feng handed Hasna to Zhao Zixin with some reluctance.

Hasna is beautiful, lovely, warm, and soft, and there is a fragrant scent coming from her.

Shu Feng found it really comfortable to hold her.

If Zhao Zixin hadn’t spoken up, he would have played dumb and wouldn’t let her go.


Shu Feng snapped his fingers, and illusion badge force filled the room.

Sallin and company as well as Melina, who pretended to have fainted, lost consciousness due to the illusion badge force.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with frosty murderous intent, “Let’s go! Since the Church of the Night won’t give me a way out, then I won’t give it a way out either!”

A secret sentry of Blue Ocean stood quietly behind a rockery.

Along with a flash of afterimages, a Souleater silently appeared behind the secret sentry and broke the neck of the other party.

Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows jumped out from the wall and rushed towards the guards of Blue Ocean.

Before the guards of Blue Ocean could react, the Black God Hollows bit them by the throat and killed them one by one.

Shu Feng accompanied by Zhao Zixin and Hasna held by Zhao Zixin followed behind the terrible hollow demon army.

Hasna’s beautiful eyes flashed with distress, and she asked, “Shu Feng, those guards are ordinary people, why do you have to kill them”

“Those guards have guns and can pose a threat to me.

And since they are Alfev’s underlings, they must die.

Hasna, this is war! In war, you have to eradicate all enemy forces.

This is the kingly way.”

“If it were a one-on-one fight, these guards can’t pose a threat to me.

But in some special circumstances, they may become a crucial piece that will decide the outcome, the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

So they must die.” Shu Feng spoke with a frigid look in his eyes.


“No! Don’t kill me!”


Bursts of wails and screams came from Blue Ocean.

A dozen big shots of the Reio Republic, waiters, and beautiful women escaped from Blue Ocean helter-skelter.

“Who dares to act wildly in Blue Ocean”

A tall and sturdy powerhouse with brown hair, blue eyes, and a large beard, and a 3rd tier spirit gun, Gray War Python, in hand appeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Along with flashes of gray light, the bearded powerhouse shot three Spirit Master realm Souleaters.

Shu Feng pointed at the bearded powerhouse and said calmly, “Homicidal Python Bika, a Great Spirit Master who has murdered thousands of people and likes to eat children’s hearts raw.

This is a powerhouse that the Church of the Night recruited, a hired thug of prime minister Alfev.”

Hasna uttered with a look of disbelief on her face, “No way, such an evil guy, how can he be a person of our Church of the Night! Impossible!”

Hasna has heard of Homicidal Python Bika.

He is a most notorious murderer of Reio Republic, who killed as much as 1,000 children.

After the identity of Homicidal Python Bika was exposed, hundreds of police officers came to hunt him.

In the end he died miserably at the hands of the extraordinary powerhouses of the Reio Republic.

Now Homicidal Python Bika, who should have died, appeared in front of Hasna, making her feel like her heart is collapsing slowly.

10 Spirit Master and 30 Spirit Warrior realm experts rushed out from behind Homicidal Python Bika and engaged the hollow demons.

“Shu Feng, it’s you! To barge into the headquarters of the Church of the Night, you’re really bold.

You’re dead! When I take your head and sacrifice it to my lord, I will surely be granted great strength!”

When Homicidal Python Bika saw Shu Feng in the distance, his eyes shimmered with a cruel shade, and he revealed a ferocious smile.


A terrible noise sounded, and a side of the wall next to Homicidal Python Bika disintegrated into countless fragments that sputtered around.

In the middle of the fragments, the Steel Beast ejected out, tore apart the spirit force membrane of Homicidal Python Bika with a swipe of the hand, and then pulled out the other party’s head together with the spine and tossed it aside.


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