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Chapter 195: G-Rank Adventurers

After introducing themselves, the three of them first decided to register Ragune as an adventurer.

So when they passed through the forest and entered the village of Dansas, Ragune, whose body was covered with scales in various places, immediately stood out.

“…… this is not good.

It’s especially upsetting to be mistaken for a lizard person.”

Saying this, she cast a spell on the spot.

Then, the scales disappear from her skin.

“Now there won’t be any fuss, will there”

“Amazing! It’s vision-obstructing magic, right”

Aeris pointed out in surprise.

“That’s right.

Mine is basic, but it hides everything but the corners.”

“Yes, we can see the horns.

So now they might think you’re of the sheep race.”


That’s disconcerting….

but If it’s inconspicuous, it can’t be helped.

……, kuh (damn it)……”

“ Haha.

But please make sure to apply for registration with the Adventurers’ Guild as a Dragon Tribe.

Lying on your first registration is a recipe for trouble.”

Tauro said.

“Of course.

I am proud to be a Dragonborn.

I won’t need to use visual obstruction magic if I didn’t stand out, I don’t like to cause unnecessary fuss.”

Ragune replied.

When we arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild, we went straight to the reception desk.

Chloe, the branch manager, was just helping out at the reception desk.

“Oh, you two are back.

You’re back early today.

Is that an adventurer from somewhere else”

Since Chloe did not remember this woman, she thought she was an adventurer from elsewhere because of her appearance.

“This is Ragune-san, Please register her as an adventurer.”

“What Is this your first time I’m surprised …….

I thought you were a very skilled adventurer by your look and feel.”

Chloe began the procedure for Ragune as she answered.

After a brief explanation of the guild’s rules and regulations, she began the appraisal with the magical tools.

“What…… you’re a Dragon Tribe…!”

The usually calm Chloe was surprised at the results of the appraisal displayed on the magic tool, and since personal information must not be divulged, she confirmed it with Ragune in a whisper so that the others would not hear.

“ …… Of course.

For some reason I have decided to become an adventurer and assist Tauro and Aeris.”

Ragune also mimics Chloe’s whisper and replies in a whisper

“So you belong to the ” Black Golden Wings” …..

right Okay, I’ll register you there as well.

Chloe nodded and quickly completed the procedure with familiar movements.

“This is your tag that proves you’re an adventurer.

If you lose it, it will cost money to reissue it, so be careful.

And don’t worry, a stolen tag cannot be misused.

It is a simple identification, but as soon as you put it through a magical device for that purpose, we will know if it does not belong to you.

I suggest you put it on a string and hang it around your neck so you don’t lose it.”

Chloe said and handed it to Ragune along with the string.

“Got it.”

Nodding, Ragune immediately put the tag on the string and hung it around her neck.

“With this, Ragune is a member of our team! Since that’s the case, I’d like to call you a companion, but… we have to earn your trust and friendship as soon as possible, and get you to make a blood pact right”

Aeris was honestly delighted.

“Then shall we try a g-quest together”

Tauro took Ragune to the bulletin board.

“Normally, you can search for quests on this board, and then go to the reception desk and ask for them.”

Aeris explained on Tauro’s behalf.

“ And if you complete the quest, you will receive your reward after you go to the reception desk and complete the procedure.”

“I see, so that’s how you earn your money.”

Interested… Ragune nodded in agreement.

“That’s right.

Let’s find a G rank band quest that the three of us can do today and actually do it.

The one we can do right now is……  to build a fence to enclose the village.

I’ll use wind magic to cut some tree logs, Tauro will do the processing, and Ragune will carry it with magic storage.”

“Is that part of the job of an adventurer I guess it’s not just about slaying demons, is it”

“G-quests are mostly errand quests that anyone can do.

As you get promoted, you’ll be able to do more.”

“’Really That’s also interesting.


Ragune nodded and together they went to the reception desk with the G-quests and completed the formalities.

The three of them soon arrived at the logging site in the forest, where the site supervisor began a brief explanation of the work and divided the work among them, and they got moving.

From then on, it was just a matter of time.

The three were efficient and quickly exceeded their quota, even though they started late.

Ragune was happily doing her work,  when she was approached,

“is it over already What a pity.”

She commented.

When the site supervisor thanked her and gave her a sign that his quest was complete, Ragune was happy.

“ It’s nice and fun when people appreciate an adventurer.”

‘Yes, it is.

It sure is nice to hear the client’s words of gratitude”

Ragune’s words reminded Tauro of how he felt when he first started as an adventurer.

And this straightness of Ragune’s heart made him want to be recognized as a friend once again.


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