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Chapter 1241: Judgment Towards Gu Chaoyan

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Hearing that, the King was startled first, before realizing that Gu Chaoyan was that kind of woman.

She always put forward conditions for her treatment.

De Fu, who had been ready to serve her tea, shivered, almost spilling the water inside.

Elder Miss was the only person who would charge money from the King.

No wonder Officer Gu never spoke highly of Elder Miss, instead showing extreme dislike towards her.

He would have not liked it either.

It was such a good opportunity to suck up to the King by healing him, because she was definitely going to get an equal payment as an award.

Why must she say such an annoying thing


De Fu shook his head slightly, looking annoyed by Gu Chaoyan.

Nevertheless, he still had the tea prepared.

He continued to serve her tea and spoke.

“Elder Miss, you dont need to be worried about payment.

Imperial doctors who heal the King always get payment afterwards.

You will definitely get rewarded too, if you heal the King.”

The King looked at DeFu, telling him not to say anything more.

Since she asked for that, she could get what she needed.

Elder Miss Gu was a very skillful doctor, but she was only a little smart at this point.

She wanted to get the payment for her skills and she was in a hurry to do so.

Well… That had something to do with her birthplace.

The Gu Mansion used to be a small place, and her birth mother was born to a business family, and never taught her well or told her to open the horizon for something bigger.

This kind of woman was annoying, but not troublesome.

She could get what she wanted.

“How much do you want” The King asked patiently.

“50,000 liang.” Gu Chaoyan answered briefly.

“When you heal me, I will ask De Fu to pay you this much.” The King said without much hesitation.

50,000 liang was nothing for the court.

He also understood why she needed this much money.

Lord Huai had moved to a new mansion…

The Ministry of Rites could not have offered Lord Huai anything good, due to the situation he was in.

Lord Huais Mansion must be in a very shabby status right now, let alone her own mansion.

Fifty thousand liang was plenty for them to live a relatively peaceful period of time.

She would want the money because she needed it.

Fine, she could have all she wanted.

“Can you start now” The King asked expressionlessly.

Gu Chaoyan nodded and went to feel his pulse.

The King, honestly speaking, was quite lucky.

When so many of his guards died, he was not hurt except for some surface scratches.

However, Gu Chaoyan would not say that honestly.

She still went on to write a prescription.

Those were all medical herbs, bitter and difficult to drink.

And they would not work well or badly for the King.

Having written that, Gu Chaoyan brought out the cream and said, “You can use this for your wounds.”

“Okay.” The King felt both assured and glad.

With his eyes upon Gu Chaoyan he said, “Thanks to you, the chaos in the court was appeased.”

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