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She must get out as soon as possible.

Whatever the cost, whatever the means

The next morning, after Xie Changgeng left, Mu Fulan dressed in ordinary clothes took a carriage out of the city to Huguo Temple.

Mu mama thought that she was emotionally moved yesterday and wanted to worship Buddha alone.

They prepared incense baskets and other items and went out.

When the carriage arrived at the gate of Huguo Temple, Mu Fulan instructed the driver to wait here and climbed the steps by herself.

Unlike the bustling scene of carriages and horses outside the mountain gate yesterday, today it is quiet and peaceful. Not a gin person was seen on the stone steps that lead straight to the mountain gate. The sun shone on the forest, and in the depths of the empty mountain, there is a melodious sound of birdsong.

When Mu Fulan arrived at the mountain gate, a monk came out. Because there were too many people yesterday, and she was dressed in ordinary clothes today, and she did not reveal her identity, she was led to Guanyin Hall like an ordinary female guest.

She knelt on the mat and reverently bowed and prayed.

She then left Mu mama and her maid behind in Guanyin Hall to ask the monk about the child she saw yesterday.

“…The child is about this tall, wearing monk’s robe, but not shaved…”

She described to the monk in great detail what she saw in that one glance.

“He is staying with the elder monk.”

“The elder told me a long time ago that if anyone came to ask about this child, I should lead them to him.”

“Please come with me, lady benefactor.” 

Mu Fulan was restless all night and morning, worrying about gains and losses.

She was afraid she would hear that there was no such child in the temple. It was all just her illusion.

But now, because of the monk’s words, the hope that hung in her heart, even though it was slim, remained.

At this moment, she was so grateful that she almost burst into tears.

She restrained the emotions that rushed to her, thanked the monk, and followed him to the pagoda forest in the back mountain.

The monk led the way and told her about the child’s origins.

The child was an orphan.

Shortly after he was born, he was abandoned in the pagoda forest.

On his body he had his shen chen ba zi (birth information for astrological purposes). It is thought that the parents who brought him to this world was afraid that he would bring bad luck and calamity to themselves, which is why they abandoned him. His cries attracted the elder monk, who later raised him.

The monk said that the child is almost three years old now and still could not speak. The elder monk was fond of him also valued him very much that he took him as a disciple.

In terms of status, he was the same as the abbot, but he did not shave his head or officially admit him into the sect.

The child had another fate.

Mu Fulan’s thought back to the memory of the child looking back at her yesterday evening, and her heartbeat couldn’t stop speeding up again.

“Here we are, this is the pagoda forest.

The elder is inside, and the female benefactor can follow the way in.” 

The monk stopped, pointed to a stone path ahead, bowed to Mu Fulan, then turned around and left.

Mu Fulan walked along the stone path, passing the silent and solemn buildings and walked slowly towards the depths of the forest.

When she reached the pagoda, she slowly stopped.

She looked ahead, holding her breath.

Not far ahead, just between the pagodas, an old monk with white hair and beard led a young boy.

They each held a broom and were cleaning the fallen leaves that fell on the ground around the pagoda.

The young boy had his hair in a small bun and was wearing an old monk’s robe that had been altered to a smaller size.

He held a small broom in his hand and imitated the old monk sweeping the ground.

His expression was childish, but his movements were precise and attentive.

The ground behind him was swept clean, not even a single leaf was left behind.

Mu Fulan stared at the child in front of her without blinking her eyes.

A sense of intimacy that only she knew too well came over her.

From the moment she opened her eyes and found herself back, it was as if a piece of her empty heart had been cut out.

At this moment, she was completely filled with a sense of unbelievable joy and peace of mind.

She knew he was her Xi’er.

He was reincarnated and, just as he had told her, came back to accompany her.

Her eyes were red and her throat was blocked.

She wanted to run over immediately, take his small body into her arms, and never let him go, telling him that she was his mother and that they would never be separated from now on. She will do everything in her power to protect him until he grows up and start a life of his own.

But she was afraid that this would scare him.


She stepped forward tentatively and called out his name in a trembling voice.

The child stopped, held the small broom in his hand, and looked up at the young and beautiful woman who suddenly appeared in front of him.

He hesitated, widened his bright and innocent eyes, and asked slowly, “Am I Xi’er Are you my mother, the mother who came to fetch me”

Perhaps it was because this was the first time he spoke, he struggled with his pronunciation, but every word was very clear.

When she heard him ask these words in a childish voice, Mu Fulan could no longer hold back her tears.

“Yes, you are Xi’er! I am your mother, the mother who came to pick you up!”

She choked back a sob and replied, nodding her head vigorously.

What a blessing she had, for the heavens to treat her so kindly. Even though she had a lot of resentment and pain in the previous life, in this lifetime, she and her Xi’er could meet and become mother and son again in this way.

She ran towards the little figure, and immediately took him into her arms, hugging him tightly.

Kisses like raindrops kept falling on his small face.

Xi’er was held in her arms, at first motionless and obediently let her kiss him.

Slowly, his eyes filled with joy.

“I dreamed that my mother came to pick me up.

You are exactly the same as the mother in my dream.

Xi’er saw you yesterday, but didn’t dare to call you.”

“So you are really my mother… “

Joyfully, his small mouth came close to Mu Fulan’s ear and with a bit of shyness, he whispered to her softly.

Mu Fulan’s tears flowed even more fiercely and she held him even tighter.

“Mother, don’t cry…”

Xi’er stretched out a small hand and wiped away her tears.

“Okay, mother won’t cry!”

Mu Fulan hurriedly held back her tears and smiled at Xi’er.

“Master! I have a name!” Xi’er’s eyes lit up and he raised his face excitedly.

“She is my mother! My mother has come to pick me up!”

Mu Fulan regained her senses, hurriedly wiped away her tears, gently released Xi’er, and turned to the old monk who had been watching quietly.

With great respect and gratitude, she saluted the senior monk holding a broom in front of her.

“Elder, Xi’er is my child, can I take him away”

Mu Fulan asked after thanking him.

The old monk’s eyes were calm and deep.

He stared at Mu Fulan for a moment, and said, “This child is not from here but by fate, he came here.

Now that the female benefactor has found him, he is reunited with his flesh and blood, how dare I not release him”

Mu Fulan expressed her deep gratitude, slowly calmed her mind, pondered for a moment, and quickly made a decision, saying to Xi’er, “Mother’s home is in a place called Changsha, which is very far from here.

Mother has some matters to attend to now, so I can’t go back with you right away.

Mother will ask someone to take you home first, and you wait for mother to come back, okay”

Xi’er was startled for a moment.

His eyes showed a look of sadness, his two small arms wrapped tightly around Mu Fulan’s neck, he hesitated for a moment, then said softly, “Mother, will you not come back and not want me again “

Mu Fulan’s heart ached.

She embraced her son again, and kissed his forehead heavily.

“Xi’er, don’t worry.

Xi’er is mother’s most beloved person in this world.

In the past, mother couldn’t find you, but now I have finally found Xi’er, how could mother not want you Xi’er listen to me, when the matter here is finished, mother will immediately go home and we won’t be separated again, okay”

Xi’er breathed a sigh of relief, and a happy smile appeared on his face again.


Xi’er will listen to mother’s words and wait for her to come back home.”

Mu Fulan hugged her son tightly again before she let go of him, returned to Elder Huiji, and said, “Elder, I will arrange for someone to go up the mountain and send Xi’er away as soon as possible.” 

The elder didn’t say anything but beckoned to Xi’er.

Xi’er ran towards him.

The elder smiled and patted his head lovingly.

He pointed to the pagoda in front of him and said, “The origin is here, there is a beginning and an end.

Would Xie’er like to join Master and finish sweeping the ground here before leaving”

“Xi’er is willing.” He nodded immediately, ran to retrieve the little broom that had just put down, turned his head and smiled at Mu Fulan, “Mother, Xi’er must first help Master sweep the floor before leaving.”

Mu Fulan smiled with tears in her eyes and nodded to say yes.

She stood aside and looked at Xi’er’s little back sweep the floor.

She wiped away the remaining tears on her face, turned back to the front, and began to arrange things.

When she entered the capital this time, Mu Xuanqing had arranged two capable men for her as servants, they came with the team of envoys.

The envoys could not stay long and had to leave within three days, but the two servants had secretly stayed behind for her use.

Mu Fulan knew that her future was uncertain, and her situation was not good.

It was because of this that she wanted to send Xi’er back to Changsha as soon as possible.

Only when Xi’er was safe in Changsha, could she she be at ease to deal with the people in front of her.

She must get out as soon as possible. Whatever the cost, whatever the means.


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