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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 15 Misunderstandings

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Shin's status:-

[ Name- Shin Wolner ]

[Age - 20]

[ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ]

[ Level - 4 ]


[STR - 35]

[AGI - 35]

[DEX - 20 ]

[Stamina - 25]

[ Bonus stats - 42 ]

[Special ability - Plunder]

[Skills - Predator's eyes (E), Extreme speed (F) ]



Extreme speed (F) - Upon use, The user can increase his speed up to 1.5x times the normal speed. Skill usage time is dependent on stamina. The more stamina user has the longer the skill lasts.


Upon seeing this information Shin couldn't help but smirk.

'1.5x times agility Is that why those dogs were so fast If so isn't this skill practically broken. When my stats increase more or in the later stages my above-average stats boosted with this skill will help me gain a lot of momentum against my opponents. This skill is still F rank. If this skill ranks up too and gives more benefits, I'll be untouchable.'

'Maybe there are some restrictions. But I'll probably figure that out later.'

When Shin was grinning ear to ear at how awesome this skill can be. He suddenly remembered the skills Alice showed in battle. He felt his excitement die down.

Shin turned to look at Alice who was busy checking her gains and seeing the satisfied smile on her face it was apparent she got good rewards.

Shin was tempted to know her skills and ability, he wanted to ask her but decided against it. Even if she had no problem telling him, it would be rude. So he decided to wait for her to tell him herself.

Shin couldn't help but sigh. After his excitement died down and his mind was clear. His attention again turned towards his new skill. He wanted to learn it as soon as possible but he remembered the pain he felt when he first used Predator's eyes. He was sure that adjusting to the skills he gained with plunder will be a lot painful.

Yes, apparently for the skills absorbed by using plunder. The user's body needs to adapt to the skills as the learning means is unethical and can be a burden for users in the future. So as the user's body adapts to the skills they suffer immense pain which should be felt in bits while the process of learning.

It can be said that Shin has a shortcut for learning skills but everything comes with a price and in his case it is pain.

But he still wasn't in terms with the idea of suffering such pain again. Well, who could blame him No one likes pain even if the reward after that is amazing.

'Yeah, I am not a masochist. But if I want to get stronger it is a small price I need to pay.'

Shin wanted to cry out loud and complain but he resisted the urge to it and decided to bear with it.

'Well even if I want to. I can't learn it now. I'll need to find a safe place to do it. Who knows what kind of pain it might be this time. If I were to be vulnerable and get attacked that would be the end of me.'

Monsters were one thing but Shin still couldn't trust Alice enough to tell her his skills or be helpless in front of her. He still didn't know much about her or her abilities.

From what he saw she seemed like a nice girl. She was cute and friendly too. As Shin didn't have much trouble talking to her.

But who knows what's inside her mind. Appearance can be deceiving too.

'I know it's wrong of me to think like that. But it's better to be a little cautious than regretting later.'

He couldn't trust her enough with his life on the line yet.

Then why did he decide to take her with him Wouldn't it have been better to travel alone He could have easily reached his home long ago if he decided to ignore her or the monsters.

Well, he couldn't. The distance might have been short but the route wasn't as easy as it seemed. Maybe due to some luck or whatever. Shin moved discreetly while taking cover and didn't run in the open. It was the best decision he could have taken.

Unknowingly to Shin, the flying-type monsters were hunting mainly in the open areas. Maybe they had trouble flying in compact places or their instinct decided against it. Whatever may be the reason Shin managed to escape their vision by traveling via streets and taking covers.

But soon his luck came to an end. A flying vulture-type monster about the size of a car noticed Shin and Alice. It saw how both of them dealt with other monsters. It came flying in their direction after he used his skill on them. He found out that they could be a threat in the future. So they are needed to be eliminated quickly.

Shin settled his thoughts and was about to say something to Alice when he noticed a shadow flying towards them. Alice who waited for Shin to say something suddenly noticed his face becoming paler and sweat tripped down his forehead.

"ALICE!!" Shin shouted

Alice furrowed her brows as his actions were weird.

'No way.' Alice suddenly came to a realization.

Maybe she understood the situation and the reason behind Shin panicking.

'Even with his anxious face, he looks so handsome.' Alice came to this conclusion as she started breathing heavily.

Nevermind her. Anyway, Shin didn't have much time to explain to Alice. His body automatically moved in her direction. He wanted to protect her by moving her out of the monster's way. Shin tried pointing her attention in the direction of the monster.

Maybe she might understand by seeing it.


Alice looked at Shin's approaching figure and her breathing intensified. She was still clueless about her being that monster's target.

'Wow, he is running in my direction.'

'Why is he opening his arms

'Move quickly'

'No way could it be'

'He wants to hug me.'

'Isn't this too soon. We should get to know each other first.'

'Bu-but, if he wants to. I- I guess, I don't have a problem with him.'

Soon she heard him say


Alice looked at Shin with determination in her eyes. Shin felt as if she understood what he was saying. He was glad. He sighed.

But suddenly he noticed her opening her arms wide while closing her eyes as if she was embarrassed and turning around.

'Even if he wants to do a back hug. He shouldn't be that aggressive. I am still not ready.'

'But he saved my life and I was even hostile towards him. I didn't get a chance to thank him properly. Maybe this way I can express my gratitude.'

Alice thought as she smiled. Her body was facing the monster while her eyes were closed tightly due to embarrassment.

Shin's expression paled and his face became darker as he understood what Alice was doing.

'She wants to sacrifice herself so she can save me.'

'She isn't even confident in defeating that monster so she closed her eyes and accepted to die.'

Shin's heart melted at this scene. How could he be so cautious in front of such a wonderful girl She is not human. She is an angel. How could he have ever doubted her He felt guilty.

He wanted to atone himself. He decided to protect her at all costs. He will find her the happiness that she lost. His eyes shined with determination and he increased his speed. He felt the speed isn't enough so he increased his agility with bonus stats.

[AGI - 55] [ Bonus stats - 22 ]

Shin felt a big boost in his dash and he moved and grabbed Alice from behind.

Alice felt his warm hands around her waist but before she could feel much. Shin lifted her and jumped in the air. With his high speed, the jump was higher than usual.



The Vulture-type flying monster crashed at the place they were a second ago and Shin narrowly dodged that monster's body slam while jumping upwards.

Alice opened her eyes to see what was happening and was curious about these strange sounds. Her eyes widened in shock. A vulture the size of a car was below her and covered in dust while they just landed on the second floor of the building nearby.

Alice didn't know what had happened here. Not that she cared.

She glanced beside her. She was in the embrace of Shin, Who had a thoughtful expression on his face.

'What is this feeling Why am I so happy' Alice wanted to taste that feeling forever and doesn't want him to let go.

She wasn't even bothered by the monster and was busy having her fill with Shin's embrace.

But that feeling didn't last long. Shin removed his hands from her waist and that embrace ended. Alice felt her world crumbling down. She saw that Shin's attention was focused on that Vulture monster. She felt jealous.

'That damned monster ruined my moment. I'll kill you. You don't deserve to live. How can you get his attention when I'm with him I am the only one who gets to have his attention.'

Alice felt jealousy toward a monster. She felt jealous that Shin was giving that monster his attention. She didn't like that feeling at all.

She gritted her teeth in anger. As she just wanted to gash at him.

Shin noticed Alice's expression and understood what was the cause.

She was afraid.

Shin knew even though Alice was strong. It's just been a few hours since everything started. He understood she still felt weak and couldn't understand the extent of her strength. He wanted to reassure her. Shin gently patted her head and said with a gentle smile.

"Don't worry. I'm here with you."

Alice's expression changed to blissful. She felt butterflies in her stomach. All her anger toward that monster faded and the only thing on her mind was Shin's words. Which she interpreted as

'Don't worry. I'll be with you forever.'

She was on cloud nine. Shin saw her expression. As he thought.

'It seems she is fine now. I'm glad that I was able to calm her nerves.'

'Now that monster.'

Shin's gaze fell on that vulture that has started moving and searching for its prey. Shin saw it was just near the building they were and thankfully it still didn't notice them. Shin thought of doing a sneak attack.

That monster is big my strength might not be enough to deal with it. Shin decided it increase his strength stat.

[STR - 57] [ Bonus stats - 0 ]

He felt power surging through his body and his muscles getting more refined.

'This might work.'

Shin waited for the perfect opportunity to attack. Thankfully he didn't have to wait for long as that monster stood up. It still looked down searching for its prey. It didn't expect them to jump 2 floors. So it didn't bother looking up.

But that was a fatal mistake as Shin took that opportunity to make a big leap in the air, while directly aiming at its head. With the full force of the jump and his increased strength, Shin thrust his butcher's knife at full force at his head.

Shin landed on the ground and cautiously jumped forward trying to avoid and counter-attack. But for some reason. There wasn't any resistance or attacks aimed at him.

The only thing he got was some sudden notifications floating in his sight of the line.

[You have killed a Vultican.]

[You have killed an Elite monster.]

[You have gained a lot of experience.]

[You have leveled up.]

[ 10 Bonus stats for leveling up.]

[Plunder activated]

[You have absorbed 10 stat points.]

[You have absorbed a new skill Appraisal.]



Shin's status:-

[ Name- Shin Wolner ]

[Age - 20]

[ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ]

[ Level - 5 ]


[STR - 57]

[AGI - 55]

[DEX - 20 ]

[Stamina - 25]

[ Bonus stats - 20 ]

[Special ability - Plunder]

[Skills - Predator's eyes (E), Extreme speed (F), Appraisal ]




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