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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 16 The Underground Facility

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[You have killed a Vultican.]

[You have killed an Elite monster.]

[You have gained a lot of experience.]

[You have leveled up.]

[ 10 Bonus stats for leveling up.]

[Plunder activated]

[You have absorbed 10 stat points.]

[You have absorbed a new skill Appraisal.]


Shin was dumbstruck by these notifications. How did that monster die so easily Wasn't that an elite monster. It should have been much more difficult to deal with.

Unknowingly to Shin. That Vulture monster suffered some damage in the head when it crashed to the ground while losing its balance mid-flight.

Vulticans are hard to deal with. Cause of their strong body and steel-like wings. Their attacks are sharp as blades. But they have a weak spot in the back of their head. They are hard to deal with cause their opponents are mostly on the ground and reaching the back of their heads is much more difficult.

But luckily for Shin. He attacked with his full force directly at the weak spot. So that monster died pitifully.

'Well anyway, it doesn't matter now. I got a new skill.' Shin thought as his lips curled upwards and a smile formed on his face.

'Let's check my status board and skill details.'

"Status board."




Shin's status:-

[ Name- Shin Wolner ]

[Age - 20]

[ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ]

[ Level - 5 ]


[STR - 57]

[AGI - 55]

[DEX - 20 ]

[Stamina - 25]

[ Bonus stats - 20 ]

[Special ability - Plunder]

[Skills - Predator's eyes (E), Extreme speed (F), Appraisal ]



Predator's Eyes (E) - Vision of a predator searching for its prey. This skill helps users to gain special vision helping to see red outlines of their enemies nearby without obstruction. Range may depend on the user's focus and skill rank.

-Strong enemies or some skills may cancel the skill effect.

-Extra effect - Can apply fear status on the prey.

-For more detailed information higher level is required.


Extreme speed (F) - Upon use, The user can increase his speed up to 1.5x times the normal speed. Skill usage time is dependent on stamina. The more stamina user has the longer the skill lasts.


Appraisal (Unranked) - Helps in appraising items, skills, living beings, etc. Higher the user's level more information can be obtained.


,m Shin looked at his skills information with a weird gaze. This is the first time he read the information regarding Predator's eyes skill. Before it didn't show information on it. Maybe cause he leveled up now and after getting extreme speed only now did he check on that information.

After reading that information Shin confirmed one thing. This system doesn't give him all information or the extent or capabilities of the skills. He had to figure it out himself. From what he saw Predator's eyes skill is much more than just detection and intimidating skill.

The depth of its capability can only be figured out by using and testing many things. Shin understood that and decided to work on improving those skills and get complete knowledge about them. Only then could he hope to get stronger.

His eyes fell on Extreme speed and Appraisal. He sighed thinking about whether he should just go for it and learn rather than delay it. He got a general idea about the Appraisal skill from the information.

That skill will be extremely important as he moves forward. He doesn't know anything about the changes in the world or information on any monster.

Getting only their names after killing them is dangerous and inefficient.

Shin got excited at the possibilities of uses of this skill. He felt like he got a jackpot.

And he was correct. But he still didn't know by how much.

Shin's eyes shined with excitement as he started thinking about different ways to use his skills.

Alice took the stairs and came near Shin. She had a look of amazement.

'As expected of him.' She thought as he looked at the body of that Vultican.

"Alice, are you fine now" Shin asked worriedly. As she wasn't looking good before. Now that the monster has been dealt with she shouldn't be scared anymore.

Alice's heartbeat quickened.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

'He killed that monster just for me'

'How can he be so caring'

'Did he find out I was jealous of that monster getting his attention So he dealt with it,

So It won't bother me.'

She looked at him with moist eyes and jumped toward him excitedly.

However, before they could do anything the ground below them cracked and they both fell inside the hole.

Apparently, when the monster crashed to the ground, It was already on the verge of breaking. But somehow it stood still this long. But now both of them fell down the hole.

Shin managed to grab Alice's hand and brought her closer to him. He tried to hold anything he could with his free hand. He tried to lessen the impact of their fall.

Soon they landed on the ground. Shin positioned himself to take the full impact on himself. He knew Alice's strength wasn't enough to come out unscathed from this fall.

He took her in a princess carry and landed while crouching and reducing the impact suffered by Alice.

He felt that his strength has improved greatly. That fall didn't injure Shin in any way. He only felt the impact as he trusted his teeth.

Shin looked at Alice wondering if she was okay. She hid her face deep in Shin's chest hiding her embarrassment. But to Shin, it looked like she was afraid of the fall and closed her eyes in fear.

Shin spoke in a sweet gentle voice.

"Alice we are on the ground you can open your eyes."

Alice wanted to stay like that forever but unfortunately for her Shin helped her stand up on her own feet. She sighed in disappointment.

But she understood she couldn't be so selfish now. She can do whatever she wants to do with him later.

Their face turned serious as they looked around to check where they were. It was an enclosed hall with dim lightning coming from a direction. Machines were lying nearby which looked like something out of some science fiction.

They moved towards a machine and saw something written on it. Alice squinted her eyes trying to read it but she couldn't. It was still dark inside the room and that dim light from the distance wasn't helping much.

Irritated Alice flowed Mana inside her body and conjured a white ball of energy. She shaped it into a ball and let it levitate in the air. It instantly brightened the room.

Soon they understood where they were as they read the words **UP written on the machines.

They turned at each other with a look of understanding.

"So we are inside the Shaurya Military Underground Project facility lab," Shin spoke while observing his surroundings.

"That seems to be the case," Alice replied as she agreed with him.

They started checking their surrounding while searching for a way out as they saw in the direction where the light from before was coming. There was a door with a biometric security lock in it.

They were worried that now they will need to search for the key or someone's ID to move out. But luckily it seems, It didn't require to use of biometrics to go out of the room. Only entry was restricted.

*Sigh* x2

Both of them sighed in relief as they looked at each other a small giggle escaped Alice's mouth and Shin had a smile on his face.

"Let's move. Shall we." Shin smiled as his mystic blue eyes met Alice's beautiful moist blue eyes which were shining with glimmer.

She nodded her head enthusiastically and replied.

"Yes, let's go."

Shaurya Military Underground Project was a large-scale project started 6 years ago by Shaurya techno Inc company. That made a huge hype at that time, so almost everyone knew about it.

But not everybody knew its actual purpose or details regarding it. The only fact known was this project was supported by some big backgrounds. Which were very secretive and the purpose of this project was to create some special SERUM.

Not many details were known about this serum they were making or its purpose. It was only revealed that this serum was the key that will lead humanity to a new era. Many rumors and assumptions were made based on this statement and it soon became a hot topic.

Some believed they did human experiments. While many thought that the project's purpose was to create a new species of human.

There were many positive and negative views on this matter.

Saurya techno Inc company's reputation was pretty good. They had many charitable trusts and they did many social events which lead them to have good faith among people.

So the fact that they hid the tests and information about what they were making wasn't taken much negatively. Instead, they were promoted and even got public support.

Apparently, the information regarding the project was revealed by some staff working on that project. But that matter was soon closed. No one knew what happened to him.

But Shin knew it wasn't as easy as it seemed. This company and its actions had a major impact on the event 4 years ago. Which Shin doesn't even want to remember. He always thought this company also had their hand behind it but he wasn't able to confirm it.

It was maybe due to his lack of ability or his lack of support from their family. But he can't do much about that matter. It's not in his hands to settle them.

'Sorry, Dad.'

"Hey, what is this"

Snapping him out of his thoughts Alice's sound reached his ears.

Shin turned his head towards the direction Alice was pointing her finger to.

There was green light coming from the half-open door. The corridor they were walking through had many biometric doors but they were all closed so they couldn't check those rooms.

But after passing many rooms they came across a half-open door and a green light was emitting from inside.


Both of them gulped. Shin looked at Alice both of their eyes met. They nodded at each other. Seemingly understanding each other's thoughts.

"Follow behind me closely," Shin said to Alice in a serious tone.

Alice nodded agreeing with his words. As she thought.

'I'll follow you for the rest of my life.'

She looked at him with sparkling eyes. Shin felt it was weird.

'Why is she so excited'

'Well it's good she isn't afraid anymore.'

Shin stopped thinking much of that matter and cautiously opened the door.

The green light filled their eyes for a second. Then it faded as they saw its source.

There were many huge glass containers filled with some green liquid that was emitting this light. The containers were so big that they could easily contain 10 people at once. There were 6 or so of those such containers.

That hall only had 6 containers and some machines attached to each of those containers seemingly monitoring something.

Alice whose attention got shifted to those containers after entering the hall. Turned to look at Shin, as she felt this place was somewhat weird and wanted to ask him if he knew something about it.

But what she got to see was Shin's darkened face. His serious look made her shudder. She got worried.

"Shin, are you okay"

Alice's moist eyes seemingly in worry calmed him down. He calmed his nerves as he assured her.

"I am fine. It's okay."

His words weren't convincing enough. She sighed and said.

"You can tell me anything okay. If something bothers you just say so. I am ready to listen."

And these thoughts were going on inside her head.

'Yes, just tell me. I will kill anyone who tries or even thinks of doing any harm to you.'

'If something bothers you I'll remove it from your way.'




'So just stay with me forever and ever.'



Her pupils turned red at that moment but Shin didn't manage to notice it as it was only for a moment.

Alice's words made him happy. He smiled at her and patted her head. Thinking how nice she is.

'Such a sweet girl. She lost her family and suffered so much even after all that she is still smiling and comforting me. She is so brave.'


Shin sighed at himself in disappointment. He wanted to punch himself for feeling so pitiful. The girl who suffered more than him is comforting him. How laughable. Then his eyes brightened as he decided.

'I'll support her, however, I can. So I'll need to get stronger so she doesn't have to dirty her hands.'

'An Angel like her suffered so much.'

Shin felt like crying thinking that.

He stopped his thoughts after seeing her smiling face.

Shin once again turned to look at those containers as a shiver ran down his spine.

He sighed.

'Why did it have to remind me of my past now'


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