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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 17 We Are Doomed

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//Shin's Memory //

"We will save you. Just hang on." A desperate voice echoed inside my ears.

"Don't give up Shin we are here with you." another voice followed thereafter.

I didn't understand at first what was going on. But

'Are those mom and dad What's going on What happened to me'

I couldn't speak nor could I feel anything. I could only hear their cries and desperate attempts trying to save me.

"I will find a way to save you so don't give up." Alfred cried in desperation.

'What don't tell me Dad you are going to contact the family Am I in that bad of a state' I wanted to ask that but unfortunately, no voice came out. I couldn't feel my body nor do I remember what lead me to this state.

"Most of his organs are ruptured. All his limbs are fractured. His eyes are bleeding. His condition is only getting worse. I don't think he can survive." I heard a voice explaining my condition.

I was shocked to hear that. If what that person says is true. How am I still alive Wait am I alive I can't feel my body and there's only my consciousness.

"No, my son is strong. Nothing will happen to him."


'Mom.' I suddenly felt like crying. I just wanted to stand up and hug her.

"Yes honey, I also believe in Shin." Dad agreed with her.

Then suddenly I heard a screeching sound and I heard.

"We have reached the hospital. Bring out the stretchers."

soon my consciousness started fading.

//Memory end//






*Huff Huff* (heavy breathing)


"What happened" Shin opened his eyes seeing Alice hold him tightly on her lap and crying while trying to wake him up.

"You are awake" she asked him with uncertainty. There were tears in her eyes.

"Yes, I am. Don't worry ok." Shin smiled seeing her worry about him felt heartwarming. She started to control her tears and said to him

"Don't scare me like that ok. I was worried."

Then she muttered in a low timid voice.

"I was scared of losing you."

"Um. did you say something I couldn't hear you properly." Shin asked blaming himself for not hearing her properly.

"No nothing. But what happened to you You suddenly collapsed." Alice asked trying to change the topic and also worried about Shin.

"I don't remember. But it seems there's something to my past that I don't want to remember resurfaced." Shin replied to her.

"What do you mean" Alice asked curiously.

"Even I don't know. It just seemed like a past event. But I don't remember it very well." Shin replied trying to make up an excuse. He just doesn't want Alice to know about that for now.

There's nothing good about telling her how his past and the underground facility they are in are related.

'Even with my all those bad experiences. It's nothing compared to the appearance of monsters. No one can keep their mind calm like this.'

"Anyway let's find a way out and get out of this creepy place," Shin said to her in a serious tone. He was disgusted to be here. Not only did he find this place creepy but also it reminded him of his past.

Alice nodded her head in agreement. She felt Shin wasn't comfortable with this place.

'Should I burn this place down No control yourself Alice. Shin might get hurt if I do something now.

I can't forgive myself for hurting Shin. But this disgusting place is bothering Shin. I'll come back later and burn it thoroughly.'

Completely unaware of Alice's thoughts Shin smiled and decided to come back here later alone and check this place thoroughly. Even though chances of finding any clues are less here as this was just a branch facility.

He knew only in their headquarters could he find some lead. But it was still a long shot. He didn't have any clue where their headquarters were.

Both of them started searching for a way out. As this was the only unlocked place they could only hope to find some way out here.

While checking all the containers. Shin's eyes fell on a machine attached to the container in the center. There was nothing special about that machine compared to others but there was a black box at the top of it.

Shin glanced at Alice who was busy searching a little far from him. Seeing that she wasn't observing him Shin went forward to grab that box and check it.

It had a lock in it and the material looked strong. It was half the size of a palm and can easily be carried in a pocket. Shin sneakily put it inside his pocket and continued observing and acting ignorantly.

Little did he know. Alice's eyes were always on him. Rather it was difficult for her to focus on searching for something instead of observing Shin.

She saw Shin's action but didn't say anything. From their previous conversation, she had an inkling. That this place is more important than it seems and her plan to burn it down may need to be put on hold.

Suddenly her hand grabbed onto a lever as she pulled it by mistake.



Suddenly a ladder opened from above leading to a way upwards. Alice looked at Shin who followed her eyes. Both of them smiled and made their way toward the ladder.

Alice started climbing up and Shin waited for her to climb first.

'It seems this is a secret way which has biometric to block our advance.' Alice found her way blocked as she went forward. She flowed mana inside her body as some white energy soon swirled around her hand. She made it into a sharp shape and cut that metal like butter.

Shin furrowed his brows as he heard some weird sounds from above. He asked.

"Hey, Alice. Is everything ok up there"

"Yeah, everything is fine. You can start climbing." Alice's voice followed after a second.

Shin nodded and was just about to start climbing when he heard a low voice.


Shin stopped his hands from reaching the ladder and turned to look in the direction that voice came from.

His eyes were focused on a door opposite the hall. It looked a little creepy.

"Shin, come up fast." Alice was sounded from above.

"Yeah, I am coming," Shin replied.

He waited and focused on his hearing. But even after some time, no voice can be heard.

Shin shook and started climbing thinking that.

'Am I hearing things As I thought this place is creepy.'

"It must have been my imagination."

Shin soon climbed up and reached the surface or so he thought. He was inside an underground sewer. Alice was holding her breath. Seemingly disgusted by the smell.

Shin smiled wryly. He can't help her much in such a situation.

"Let's check if there's a way out." Alice nodded at Shin's words. She didn't want to stay in this place anymore. The smell was unbearable.

They started walking whilst trying to hold their breaths. The sewage water was too dirty. They could hear the sounds of rats and some screech sounds.

It was dark but Alice manifested a ball of white light by using her mana.

Shin was fascinated by her skills and the different ways to use them. He too wanted magic-type skills.

'Haah.' He sighed.

'I need to be patient. Maybe I can get come across some later.' His mood felt better as he thought that.

He decided to check his status once.

'Status board.' He spoke inside his mind.




Shin's status:-

[ Name- Shin Wolner ]

[Age - 20]

[ Title - 1st awakened, Maniac ]

[ Level - 5 ]


[STR - 57]

[AGI - 55]

[DEX - 20 ]

[Stamina - 25]

[ Bonus stats - 20 ]

[Special ability - Plunder]

[Skills - Predator's eyes (E), Extreme speed (F), Appraisal ]




Shin sighed. I still haven't used Extreme speed and Appraisal. It will surely be painful.

'Let's tell Alice about it. It is better if she knows about it. Surely I won't tell her everything.'

"Hey, Alice," Shin said as he turned to look at her in her blue moist eyes.

"Yes What is it" Alice asked. Her voice came a little different because she was holding her breath and bearing the awful smell of the sewers, but he voice was still soothing to the ears.

"I need to tell you something about my ability," Shin answered her in a serious tone.

Alice was a little surprised. She didn't think Shin would tell her this so soon. It just showed how much he trusted her.

'If you believe to trust me that much. I won't disappoint you.'

Alice looked at him with determination in her eyes.

"Yes. But are you sure" Alice asked she didn't want to pressure him.

"Yes. Alice with my ability I can get many different skills but learning then comes with a cost." Shin said to her with a serious face.


Alice gulped nervously wondering what price Shin needs to pay to learn new skills. How much did Shin sacrifice

"I will suffer some pain. It might depend on the skill but it seriously hurts. So when I use it for the first time. Because of the pain, I might get vulnerable. so" cutting Shin off. Alice continued.

"So I'll protect you in that situation"

"Yes." Shin nodded in agreement.

"Yes, I'll do my best." Alice smiled beaming and replied happily.

Shin smiled at her words. Such a sweet girl. If there was some other person they would have treated me as a fool for telling my abilities or as a dangerous person to them. As I might think of getting their abilities.

But she didn't question me but rather agreed to help in any way she can.

While talking they came across a ladder going upwards. Probably connected to a manhole.

They smiled at each other and started moving upwards. Shin was first followed by Alice. They climbed very fast as they were happy being able to escape from that disgusting smell.

They just wanted to breathe some fresh air.

Shin finally reached the end of the ladder and pushed the manhole cover aside. With his strength, he easily moved it aside as he climbed up and came to an open space.

He extended his hand to Alice who followed behind him. She grabbed it without hesitation and came up. She didn't think much as she just wanted to escape from that disgusting smell.

She smiled and took a deep.

"Finally some fresh-" Alice stopped at her words. As she furrowed her brows and took another breath.


"Disgusting." The smell outside was much more disgusting than the sewer. She wasn't sure if they were outside or not.

Then to check where she was she looked nearby and there were corpses littered everywhere. They looked like leftovers and only a few parts could be seen.

There was no complete body. The ground was covered in blood.

"What happened here" Alice muttered as she was so shocked she forgot about the smell.

But the smell wasn't only of those corpses.

She turned to look at Shin who didn't say anything and only stood there with a pale expression on his face.

She was worried about what happened to him. She turned to look in the direction his eyes were as she heard some voices coming from the same direction.






Her eyes were wide open from the scene in front of them. There were dozens of monsters in front of them. But that was not all they could hear those same types of voices from every direction.

There was no escape they were surrounded. There were more than 50 monsters. But that's not all.

Alice figured out where she was. It was the same place where she saw her father die.

Where that terrifying monster was. The boss of these monsters and the most terrifying one of them all. The one who crushed her father's skull.

Suddenly she heard Shin speak in a low voice.

"We are doomed."


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