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Everyone looked at Gu Qingchen.

They only felt that Gu Qingchen was powerful, but most of them felt that Gu Qingchen only dared to speak so boldly because she was Rong Yus wife.

However, even so, many of them were still impressed by Gu Qingchens courage.

After all, she was from the Rong family, yet she still dared to talk to her mother-in-law in name.

This was not a courage that everyone had.

“Qingyan, hurry up and tidy up your appearance.

What do you look like now Hurry up and Go!”

Luo Qiaolian gave Luo Qingyan a look.

Luo Qingyan also knew that her original plan had failed today.

How could it fail This was all Liu Lianzongs fault.

Didnt they say that Liu Lianzong was cold by nature and didnt like to pay attention to strangers

Then why did he still get involved She was so angry!

“Okay, Ill go and clean up.”

Luo Qingyan knew that this was the best opportunity to step down, so she took the opportunity to escape.

Gu Qingchen didnt hold onto Luo Qingyan.

Anyway, these people had seen Luo Qingyans appearance today, so they must have a new opinion of Luo Qingyan.

Tang Yue pulled Gu Qingchen and looked at the socialites.

She gestured for Gu Qingchen to leave.

Luo Qingyan and the other socialites were there too.

The socialites were talking happily just now.

From their words, it seemed that they had bad intentions towards Rong Yu as well.

Although some of the words were guided by Luo Qingyan, their thoughts might not be so pure.

Gu Qingchen turned to look at the socialites, and their hearts tightened.

Gu Qingchen said, “As for the few of you…”

The few socialites looked at Gu Qingchen, feeling that Gu Qingchens words were a little long, and it always made people feel uneasy.

After all, even Luo Qingyan was reprimanded like that, and they were not like Luo Qingyan who had an aunt to protect them.

“I dont care what kind of mentality you all have.

The Day Rong Yu dies, I will be the only wife.

“Of course, if you all want to give it a try, I dont object.

But Dont blame me for not reminding you.

“Rong Yu has a serious mysophobia.

If you disgust him and he accidentally throws you somewhere, I wont care.”

Gu Qingchens smile was a little evil.

She was sincerely looking out for these socialites.

Otherwise, with Rong Yus temper, Gu Qingchen was really worried that these socialites would end up like Fang Yi and the Fang Corporation from before.

Actually, Gu Qingchen only found out about this later.

Back then, Fang Yi deliberately made things difficult for Gu Qingchen at the last banquet.

She even passed a glass of wine with added ingredients to Gu Qingchen.

At that time, Rong Yu did not deal with her, but Rong Yu did not forget about this matter.

Instead, he made a move against the Fang family afterwards.

The Fang family was also considered unlucky.

Rong Yu was the first to make a move against them.

However, because Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu were not together at that time, Rong Yu did not go too far.

He only broke the foundation of the Fang Corporation, the Fang Corporation had completely withdrawn from the business world.

In any case, in Gu Qingchens opinion, those who harbored ill intentions or came to provoke her were not very smart.

They either did not know Rong Yus methods.

The few socialites did not dare to say anything now.

Today was already embarrassing enough.

When they returned, they would definitely be scolded by their father.

They could only nod their heads repeatedly, “We dont have any other intentions.

We really dont have any other intentions.

Lets go and clean up.”

Gu Qingchen did not stop them.

She looked around at the crowd.

The other socialites were also deep in thought when they saw this scene.

Before this, they thought that Gu Qingchen was easy to bully.

But now, it seemed that this was not the case.

No matter what Rong Yu did, just by looking at Gu Qingchens domineering appearance, they knew that Gu Qingchen was not someone to be trifled with.

The crowd also knew that now was not the time to watch for a long time.

Since most of the people involved had left, they also dispersed.

Luo Qiaolians face was a little embarrassed, but she still stood there firmly, pretending as if nothing had happened.

She still wanted to say a few more words to Mr.

Liu Lianzong, so that Liu Lianzong would not misunderstand.

Unfortunately, Liu Lianzong was cold and indifferent to everyone.

Luo Qiaolian said a few words with a smile, but Liu Lianzong did not have any reaction.

In the end, Luo Qiaolian had to excuse herself and left dejectedly.

When she left, Luo Qiaolian turned around and looked at Gu Qingchen with a fierce look.

It could be said that she and Gu Qingchen had become enemies.

Gu Qingchen responded with a faint smile.

The night was still long, and it would not end so easily.

It was just that Luo Qingyan had lost face and Luo Qiaolian was embarrassed.

It had not hurt her bones yet.

After Luo Qiaolian left, Liu Lianzong looked at Gu Qingchen.

It was rare that his expression had softened a lot.

He even showed a smile.

“Girl, you dragged me into this without my consent.”

Liu Lianzong suddenly spoke.

Tang Yue was standing next to Gu Qingchen.

Tang Yue was worried about Gu Qingchen.

Tang Yue knew a little about Liu Lianzongs temper.

She couldnt help it.

Those people from the older generation always had strange tempers.

Gu qingchen smiled and said, “If Mr.

Liu wants to refuse, you can completely not show up, right”

Liu lianzong nodded, “Indeed.

I can completely not show up.”

Tang Yue didnt understand.

She only felt that Gu Qingchen and Liu Lianzong were playing charades.

“Uncle Liu, I know.

You must have helped Qingchen out of respect for Young Master Rong, right”

Tang Yue didnt know that Liu Lianzong had always wanted to befriend Gu Qingchen, so she guessed that it must have something to do with Rong Yu.

After all, the older generation seemed to like Rong Yu very much.

Liu Lianzong glanced at Tang Yue.

He didnt put on a cold face like he did to the others.

He only said, “I did it for doctor Gus sake.”


Tang Yue was a little surprised.

It wasnt because of Rong Yu, but because of Gu Qingchen

This was interesting.

In the end, she heard Liu Lianzong continue, “Miss Tang, can I have a private chat with doctor Gu”

Although Tang Yue felt a little strange, she thought for a moment and nodded obediently.

“Okay, you guys talk.

Qingchen, Ill go back and look for my brother first.

That battle was awesome.

I have to go back and report to them.”

Tang Yue left happily, leaving Gu Qingchen and Liu Lianzong behind.

After Tang Yue left, Gu Qingchens expression also became much more serious.

She looked at Liu Lianzong and said with a smile, “I wonder what Mr.

Liu wants to talk to me about If I remember correctly, I dont have much interaction with Mr.

Liu, right”

“Since you are the daughter-in-law that Kid Rong Yu chose, you must be talented and intelligent.

Doctor Gu, you really cant think of it.

What do I want to talk to you about”

Liu Lianzong kept him in suspense.

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