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Runge had sent people to do a check on the new people who had moved into the house across the way.

He originally thought that there was only a father and daughter pair.

He did not expect someone else to appear last night.

Not to mention, the guy was very skilled in fighting.

He had pondered about it for a night and felt something was amiss.

Therefore, he changed his mind about his plans of leaving early in the morning and planned to confront the father and daughter.

He did not expect to encounter them the moment he stepped out.

Runge walked over to them.

His pair of eyes were as sharp as those of an eagle.

“Who are you”

Zi Yi laughed upon hearing what he said.

Instead of answering, she asked, “Who are you”

Runge furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure.

His sharp gaze stared at Lu Jingye as if wanting to detect any hints from his eyes.

Lu Jingye met his stare head on and similarly, there was also a sharp glint in his eyes.

The question he then asked was even sharper, “Why did you head to my wifes place last night What is your motive”

Runges expression paused for a second before he said in displeasure in the next second, “Im asking you a question.

Answer me.”

“Pft!” Zi Yi said discontentedly, “You little thief! You dare to brazenly approach us and question us It seems like the lesson my hubby taught you last night wasnt enough.”

Speaking of this, she lowered her voice and said to Lu Jingye, “Hubby, this person needs to be taught a lesson.”

Lu Jingye said, “Stand back, lest we injure you by mistake.”

Zi Yi obediently took a few steps back.

Runge did not waste time talking nonsense with him.

Both of them were engaged in a fight in an instant.

The road in the countryside was only a meter wide and while they were fighting, they soon moved to the unkempt land by the side of the road.

Zi Yi didnt really get to have a clear view of their fight last night.

Right now, it was like watching a fighting show and she would cheer Lu Jingye on from time to time.

“Hubby! Come on! Give him a good beating and let him know the consequences of stealing from us.”

Even though Runge did not quite fully understand what Zi Yi was saying, when Lu Jingyes fist greeted him to the face, he quickly blocked it with his arm.

He then quickly took two steps back before launching another attack.

Runge went all out, but Lu Jingye still had the leisure to respond to Zi Yis words from time to time.

His behavior had angered Runge even more.

He subconsciously wanted to reach out for his gun.

Just then, Zi Yis voice sounded.

“You had better not use your gun, or else dont blame us for being rude.”

Her words were like magic and they reverberated in Runges mind, causing his hand to stiffen for a second.

In the next second.


Lu Jingye punched him in the face.

He lost sensation in half of his face.

Following that, a strong dull pain spread from his gums and his mouth was filled with a bloody flavor.

Runge quickly took several steps back and while he steadied himself, he raised his hand to wipe the blood on the corner of his lips.

Subsequently, he spat out the blood and looked at Lu Jingye with a fierce


Lu Jingye stood there and did not continue to attack.

Zi Yi, who was standing on the road, asked him with a smile, “Do you want to continue fighting This time around, its time for my hubby to hit your hands.

I feel that your hands are itching for a beating.

We only picked a few cherries from the tree in your courtyard and you had actually chopped it down Youre really annoying.”

Runges sharp eyes turned to look at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi purposely said, “Your gaze is so~ frightening.

Dont look at me, otherwise Ill get my hubby to give you panda eyes.”

Runge had always found women to be trouble.

Right now, this woman in front of him had simply refreshed his dislike for women.

He shouted in a loud voice, “Shut up!”

“Am I supposed to shut up just because you tell me to” Zi Yi snorted internally: Youre the Major General of Country D and you are respected by thousands of people.

And yet, your tolerance is so weak!

She then deliberately said, “Youre shouting at me just because you cant win against my hubby.

Do you think my man is here for show”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, she looked at Lu Jingye with a sad expression.

“Hubby, he shouted at me.”

Lu Jingye knew that Zi Yi was being intentional and he was also willing to cooperate with her.

He bent down and picked up a lump of soil in his hands as he said, “Try shouting at my wife again”

Thousands of sheep galloped past internally in Runges mind.

Runges expression was so gloomy that it became distorted.

However, he did not say anything else.

The three of them stood there without talking and the air seemed to be frozen.

A minute later, Zi Yi suddenly touched her tummy and said to Lu Jingye, “Hubby, Im hungry.”

Lu Jingye threw the soil in his hand aside and stepped onto the main road.

Subsequently, he walked in the direction of the house together with Zi Yi.

From the start to the end, none of them could be bothered to even look at Runge.

Runge stared at their back profiles and his facial expression had finally become so distorted he didnt look recognisable.

These two people were definitely not as simple as they seemed on the surface.

However, he had more important things to attend to.

He decided to thoroughly investigate these two people after he was done with his task at hand.

By the time Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to the vicinity of their house, they saw Qin Ze standing at the intersection and laughing.

Evidently, he had seen what had transpired earlier.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye came closer, he crossed his arms and said, “Arent you afraid that Runge will send a team of guards to capture you two because you have been provoking him so much”

Zi Yi did not feel that they were provoking Runge at all.

“Hes the one that is provoking us alright.”

If not for the fact that he chopped down the cherry tree, she wouldnt have bothered to pay him any attention.

“Hes so ruthless and he ought to be educated.”

“Tsk…” Qin Ze suddenly felt some sympathy for Runge, but more of it was curiosity.

“How did he get on your nerves”

He felt that based on Zi Yis temper, she was not someone who would take the initiative to provoke someone.

In particular, the other party was the Major General of Country D.

It was fine when Qin Ze hadnt brought this up.

However, the moment he mentioned this, Zi Yi flared up.

“Theres a cherry tree next to the house they are staying at.

Yesterday, Little Bell and I went to pluck a few cherries and he saw us.

Do you know what he did He chopped down the tree!”

Qin Ze: “…”

He was having mixed feelings deep down inside.

He did not know whether he should be commenting that Zi Yi was narrow-minded or that Runge was really a little too unfeeling.

The fruit trees in the countryside were generally open to everyone to pluck from as and when they liked.

Especially if the original owner had moved away.

To prevent other people from going there, he had cut down the tree.

Lu Jingye originally wanted to pat Zi Yi to calm her down, but there was soil on his hand.

“Ill get people to plant a few cherry trees near our courtyard.

You can eat them as and when you like in the future.”

Zi Yis mood turned for the better.

Both of them headed in the direction of the stream.

While Lu Jingye was washing his hands, Zi Yi stood next to him and said, “Actually, Its not that I want to eat cherries all that much.

Its just that I cant stand how Runge does things.

Little Bell even cried… Oh yes, you dont know who Little Bell is.

Ill bring you to play with him later.

Hes so adorable and obedient.

I think our babies will be the same as him in the future.”

Lu Jingye answered gently, “Sure.”

Qin Ze who was standing next to them: “…”

Second Young Master Lu, can you put on some idol baggage

The image of the previous Second Young Master Lu in his mind seemed to have changed whenever he was in front of Zi Yi.

Cant you have some control

Sure enough, the word femme fatale is used to describe people like Zi Yi!

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