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It was a sweet reunion after being apart for so long.

They were like newlyweds.

Although they had registered their marriage, they had not consummated their union.

One could count with a single hand the number of times they slept on the same bed.

Both of them were logical at most times.

But at this instant, they seemed to have lost all their senses.

In the blink of an eye, he went from sanity to insanity.

Their lips moved in tandem.

Li Qingcang let out an audible grown.

He thought of her day and night ever since they parted.

She was the only thing that mattered to him during their days apart.

She was driving him wild in his thoughts and taking away his sanity.

They kissed passionately.

Their love was so intense.

Ye Tianxin felt her skin burning under his breath.

She did not have to look into the mirror to know how captivating she must look in front of him.

She was like a peach in spring, sweet and luscious ripe for picking.

No one who passed by the garden could resist wanting to sink his teeth into the juiciness of the peach.

Li Qingcangs kisses moved down from her face, nibbling at her neck.

Her neck was long and slender.

Her face permeated with a pink hue.

She closed her eyes, her whole body weak as she leaned on his arms for support.

“Do you like me to kiss you”

Ye Tianxin clamped her legs tightly.

The tide of spring rushed in with great force.

Ye Tianxin felt that her clothes had come between them, preventing their bodies from exploring further.

Every part of her whole body was longing for his touch.

His touch felt so magical.

The slightest sensation of his touch made her heart beat ten times faster.

Li Qingcangs hands forcefully held Ye Tianxins body into his arms, and she let out a cry in surprise.

“Put your legs around my waist.”

Ye Tianxin obediently did as she was told, wrapping her legs around his body.

She sensed something amiss the minute she hung onto him.

She buried her face coyly into her chest.

Li Qingcang would not let Ye Tianxin get away at this moment.

When he was abroad and she was not by his side, all he could do was to dream about her every minute.

He dreamed of kissing her under the peach blossom tree, the petals of the peach blossom floating down on her hair and her laughter ringing out like bells.

He dreamed of embracing her at the top of the lofty snowy mountain with white snowflakes falling on her pink lips.

He deepened the kiss as he parted her lips forcefully.

He heard her purring from her mouth.

It was so soothing and melodious.

He also dreamed of them running away on the battlefield.

He held her hand as they dodged the bullets pelting down on them.

Her face was covered with a thin layer of dust, yet she still looked as enchanting as ever.

He thought of the day when he would be able to return to her side eventually.

He wanted to bring her to where his dreams were, to go through everything with her once again.

Under the peach blossom tree.

Ten thousand feet above the sky.

Ever since those dreams, Li Qingcang realized that he was not a person devoid of emotions and feelings.

In the past, he behaved dispassionately because of her.

He kept his emotions in check because of her.

He had to restrain himself because he was afraid of hurting her.

Even though she had Jin, Ye Tianxin only had one night of passion in her life.

She felt as if she was stupid and clumsy in this aspect.

She did not even know how she should kiss him.

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