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Chapter 11: One’s Foundation

A residential area at dusk.

Chinatsu was on her way home alone.

Masataka offered to walk her home, but she declined.

The truth was that she was embarrassed to walk around the neighborhood alone with him rather than feeling guilty.

“Sano-kun, you are such a worrywart.”

Maybe because there was no one else around.

Chinatsu was honestly expressing her emotions.

Those who knew her normally would be surprised.

She was always frowning, as if there was something she didn’t like.

Such a girl was now slackening her expression to the point where it could be described as loose.

Today, Masataka praised her a lot, saying she was “cute” and “looks good on you”.

It was impossible not to be happy, even though she was in denial.

No girl really gets grumpy when complimented on her appearance.

Chinatsu was no exception.

Let alone her few friends, but even her childhood friend Kentaro had never praised her.

That was why the time spent with Masataka was so refreshing for Chinatsu.

“Hmm, Sano-kun”

A message arrived on her phone.

The sender was Masataka.

–Did you get home safely

Chinatsu gushed unintentionally when she read one sentence of the message.


There’s a limit to worrying, you know”

Chinatsu laughed, wondering if he was that worried to send her a message.

“Really, you care about me ….”

How much he cares about me.

The thought of him choked her heart and brought tears to her eyes.

I am always so stubborn, always so uptight, never honest.

Chinatsu never once thought that was a good thing.

She was always disgusted with the way she was that she couldn’t change.

Looking back, the only person with whom she felt truly at ease was probably Masataka.

He was the only one who was there for Chinatsu’s heart that could not be honest with herself.


Chinatsu looked up in response to the voice and saw Kentaro there.

Since their houses were next to each other, it was not surprising that they would run into each other if they were walking in the neighborhood.

But if the one who suddenly appeared was the childhood friend who had abused her, she would be upset.

“Err….A C-Coincidence, Kentaro…”

Still, Chinatsu gathered her courage and spoke to him.

The reason for the falling out was simply that Kentaro was deceived.

As long as the misunderstanding was cleared up, they would be able to return to their previous relationship.

Chinatsu had such hope.

Even though she had been hurt so much, her love for her childhood friend had not disappeared.

Chinatsu had been in love with Kentaro for as long as she can remember.

She had no doubt in her mind that she would become his future wife.

From her point of view, it has been a one-sided love since birth.

It was not a feeling that would disappear easily, no matter whether she was told to her face that he hates her or shows off her lover.

The years that She and Kentaro have spent together have deepened her feelings for him, and it was not a feeling that could be easily shaken.

“Aah …… you’re right …….”

Kentaro’s attitude was not as bullish as it had been on that day.

A slightly frightened attitude.

He had the usual look on his face that made her want to reach out to him, as if Chinatsu had to take care of him.


You know…”

Chinatsu took a step closer.

There was no hostility or anything.

Yet, Kentaro was frightened.

Then Kentaro’s face changed as if he remembered something.

Perhaps he remembered his girlfriend, the source of his confidence.

Because he showed a bullish face, just like that day.

“Chinatsu, could you please not talk to me so casually”


Kentaro glared at Chinatsu, regaining the tough attitude he had shown that day.

“I haven’t forgiven you yet.

I’m going on a date with Ayano now.

I don’t have time to worry about you.”

After saying this, Kentaro left the place as quickly as he could.


Tears welled up in Chinatsu’s eyes.

They were tears of a different emotion from the ones that had welled up just a moment ago.


In a trembling voice, she muttered Masataka’s name.

She was so sad that Masataka was not by her side now.

Chinatsu thought that he would be the only one who could share her sadness.

“I want to see you now.


Why didn’t she ask Masataka to take her home Chinatsu regretted it even after all this time.

–She was so filled with sadness that she could not see Masataka that she could not afford to question Kentaro, who went on a date with Ayano when the sun was about to set.


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