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    Lu Wen had an affair with other men after he got engaged to him, and within a short period of time, he still couldn't completely let go of this matter.


    His mother and his family were so angry that if they continued to fight for a long time, they may not even be able to survive.

After three years of hard life, now that they just woke up, everyone in the family had smiles on their faces.

He also didn't want to lose money, so he moved the Lu family's things and sold them, at least for some money.


    But Du Hehua's swearing was too harsh, and Lu Daxiang slandered the innocence between him and Lu Gu in front of everyone, and he became angry from the heart, so he stopped holding back.


    Shen Xuanqing's thoughts gradually returned.

When she noticed Lu Gu next to him, he thought that his husband was now Lu Gu and had nothing to do with Lu Wen.

He felt a little better, and he felt a little bit better than when he saw Lu Wen, overwhelmed by disgust.


  On the way home, Lu Wen avoided crowded places and tried his best to keep his head down so as not to be noticed.

He lowered his eyes and pursed his lips slightly with an unhappy expression.

His mother went to do it, and never thought it would end up like that.


    But when he found out later, he wasn't too afraid, even if the Shen family really went to the county government, with the Li family around , nothing would happen.


    The reason why he didn't directly invite the Li family to come was because he wanted a face.

After all, his name was written in the marriage letter, and he wouldn't let it go unless it was absolutely necessary.

Besides, this matter was really disgraceful.

It would be a shame if more people knew about it, even the officials in the county.


    If he regretted it, he didn't regret it.

He was able to agree to the Shen family at that time.

Shen Xuanqing was really good-looking, handsome and tall, not to mention the countryside, even in the town.


    Compared with the villagers who planted food in the crops, the hunter was a business that earned money, otherwise the Shen family wouldn't have given out a dowry gift of twenty taels.

After a few years of hard life, he heard people said that It was ginseng that hung Shen Shunfu's life after being ill back then, but in the end he couldn't be rescued.

The Shen family owed a hundred taels or more to treat him.


    But no matter how rich the hunter in the countryside was, it was only a few copper coins , which was incomparable to the young masters in the town, especially the li family was still a wealthy family.


    If it wasn't for him living alone in the town, he would be gossiped about, otherwise he wouldn't come back, and blamed his family for being poor and having no good relatives in the town, otherwise he could stay temporarily, a former classmate's house for a day or two, It's okay, but it wouldn't last long.

Li Lang once said that he would buy him a house to live in, but he was so high-minded, how could he let himself lost the reputation because being raised outside, no matter what, he had to be the husband of Li family with matchmaker.


    It was not that he didn't know the gossip in the village, but It was easy to deal with.

As long as the country people got some benefits, they could talk to him like everything slipped through their fingers.


   This time Shen Xuanqing came back and stayed at home for three days, which was quite a long time.

He didn't go into the mountain immediately.

He sold the five-step snake to the medical clinic in the town.

The snake gall of the five-step snake was the most precious among snake galls, and that snake was big and good-looking, and after digging out the snake gall, it could be cooked and soaked in the medicinal wine.


    In the medical hall, he had just poured the fivestep snake out of his bag, when a fat man with a big head slapped the table and told him to let him go back and drank snake wine to strengthen his yang.


    In the end, he got two ingots of five taels of silver, which were heavy in his hands, and gave Wei Lanxiang one ingot after returning home.


    At noon that day, Wei Lanxiang took the chickens and ducks and asked Shen Yaoqing and Ji Qiuyue to look after the house.

She took Shen Yan, Shen Xuanqing, and Lu Gu to her natal home, paid off the ten taels of silver.

After eating a meal, they felt much lighter on the way back.


    hunters were richer than ordinary farmers, and they usually just sold some common prey and furs, earning small sums of money, which was not bad.

If you were lucky and came across a good thing on the mountain, you could sell it for a lot of money, but it all depended on luck.


    When borrowing money before, because ten taels of silver was not a decimal number, in order not to make mistakes, but also to let the family breathe a sigh of relief, Wei Lanxiang cautiously promised that it would be paid in May next year, they wouldn't have to tighten his belt.

Also, the winter wheat in the dry land could be harvested at that time, plus what they had saved during this period, it was enough for ten taels of silver.


    As soon as Lu Gu got up the next day, Wei Lanxiang called him into the room.


    She looked at Lu Gu, no matter how she looked at him, she felt that Lu Gu was much more pleasing to the eye than Lu Wen.

Not long after he got married, the family's bad luck seemed to be gradually disappearing, and good things came one after another.


    Although after what happened to Shen Shunfu, how many gods and Buddhas she worshiped and how many kowtows she kowtowed that year, but she didn't save her man, and she didn't believe in it in the future, but people were happy on happy occasions, and Lu Gu was obedient and well-behaved.

The smile would be bigger.


    When Lu Gu came out of her room and saw Shen Xuanqing in the yard, his heart began to beat.

Mother said that she would ask him to go into the mountain with Shen Xuanqing early in the morning, and said that they would have a good time.

After all, there were only two of them in the mountain.

No one else spoke.


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